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We finally reached 10,000 followers!

Hey kids, I just wanted to say thank you for following the blog. After my first tumblr blog was murdered by Tumblr, it was a hard hit. I’ll probably never get back to 217 k followers, but I am truly grateful for reaching this milestone.

In case we haven’t been introduced, I’m Paxon. I work as a naturalist at a nature center in Houston, TX. I’m cis male, queer as fuck, and interested in a variety of leftist political philosophies. Feminist, vegetarian, antifa, anti-racist.

Welcome to my science - natural history - wildlife - conservation blog (with some politics, philosophy, scifi, and cats).  :3

I’ve worked in wildlife science and environmental education since I was a senior in High School (1993). My field experience includes bird surveys, small mammal surveys, deer counts, amphibian call counts, bayou fish surveys, reptile and amphibian surveys, insect surveys, Loggerhead sea turtle monitoring in Virginia Beach, Piping Plover monitoring on Long Island, shark surveys in Florida Bay, King Eider surveying on the Arctic tundra of Alaska, Bluebird and Prothonotary Warbler nestbox surveys.

I’ve worked as a guide and naturalist here in Texas, Corkscrew swamp in Florida, and at Sacha Lodge in the rain forest of Eastern Ecuador.

My outdoor/nature interests and activities include ornithology and birdwatching, herpetology, snakes,salamanders, entomology and butterfly watching, moths and beetles, spiders, malacology and seashell ID, felids, paleontology, deep sea fishes, cephalopods, mycology and mushroom ID, wildflower ID, and native plant gardening for wildlife, succulents, hiking, and prairie ecology.

If you wanna chat, get animals identified, or ask questions, I’m here for you.

Ciao and mille grazie,