arctic apples

2.3.15 // 12:17 PM

I am so unbelievably exhausted from this weekend; I went home from school (a 3.5 hour venture) to get there safely before the unforgiving winter storm. Monday morning all schools within a hundred-mile radius were closed, but we still managed to arrive to my 8 AM neurologist appointment. I’ve got to schedule my MRI, EEG, RA, and blood work soon (as well as my hip MRI, CT, and surgery… oops). the neurologist confirmed my trigeminal neuralgia, which is kind of scary because he said it is sometimes indicative of MS… :( anyway, my mommy was kind enough to drive me all the way back to school! my medicines I picked up though are really making me sleepy, making it incredibly hard to function for a full day…

I’m continuing to study for my anatomy exam on Thursday. current setup: 

  • 13” MacBook Pro, complete with a marble case and mortar & pestle sticker monogrammed with my (grad) school colors.
  • iPad mini with a Bluetooth keyboard (I’m sorry I don’t know the brand, my sister was nice enough to let me borrow it). 
  • Jawbone UP band currently charging so it can fully prepare for all of the fantastic activities I have planned for this week. 
  • Victoria Secret PINK backpack. 
  • Vela Spiral Notebook. 
  • A pretty cool folder I found at Walmart. 
  • Vander’s Human Anatomy & Physiology, 13th Edition + McGraw Hill LearnSmart. 
  • Forever 21 pencil case holding Stabilo pens as well as some Target Dollar Section items. 
  • Blueberries from Meijer that are about to go bad. 
  • Cactus, Aloe, and unknown plant. 
  • Wood dining table which is way more exciting than any of you are aware! I finally got a table into my apartment yesterday after not having a dining table for 10 months!! 
  • Arctic Monkeys Pandora station playing from the TV.