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Anyway this troll is Arctis Tignyn, based off The Thing. Due to Incidents™ in the Wriggling Chambers she accidentally fell under the care of a highblooded lusus, who proceeded to ignore her after she pupated into her proper rusty adolescent body. During a psionic incident in her third sweep of life, she was forced to put her lusus down, who went wild and attacked her. Ever since then, she had been perfecting the art of disguise, finding highbloods with caring, loving lusii, murdering them, and then stealing the attention of their custodians for as long as she could.

If you’re a new follower you won’t be aware but on my last blog I had stuff about the Horror Trolls, which was this lass and the rest of her session. I had a story planned out and everything, but it didn’t pan out (because I deleted everything). Long story short, Arctis is the Seer of Heart due to a glitch, and was supposed to be the Seer of Space, but the time player was dead before the session had even begun. Eventually, the “Canon Arctis”, who’s session never glitched, comes and rescues Büjorn after he kills everyone else in the session of the askblog.


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the arctic monkeys are one of those bands that are good at any time, you know? cleaning your room? arctic monkeys. a hot summer day spent poolside? arctic monkeys. feeling blue at 11 pm in the dead of winter? arctic monkeys. driving home from the club on your own on a friday night with eyeliner-tinted tears streaming down your face? arctic monkeys. the apocalypse is in full swing and there are lizard people emerging from the ground as the skies turn blood red and rain meteorites while fox news is still investigating something obama did 73 years later? arcti

Paladins fan champions :D

Arcty,The Cursed

The time in the mine was easy for Arcty ,until his dad found an arctefact and showed to everyone . When his dad touch it , a fallen god woke up and destroy the relic he was trapped in. Then he throw something at arcty’s dad . Thinking it was going to kill him arcty push his dad and got hit at the shoulder . The the fallen god told it wasn’t something to kill but a curse that will make arcty his slave. The fallen go then ordered arcty to kill his father , he try to resist but couldn’t and turn into a monster and killed him . Then , when arcty turn back to normal and cried, the fallen god decide to put him away from the last thing he cheered the most , his little brother . Before arcty could say anything his new master teleported him away.

Type : Flank

Health : 1900

Size : Two time the size of Ruckus


Left Attack : - Dark Orbs -

Throw shadow orbs that deal 350 damage every 0.4 seconds .He throw them with 1 of his 2 hands and switch hand at each shot.

He don’t have amo and can shoot infinitly ( like meave , sha-lin and grover).

Right Atack : - Death Strike -

Create a shock wave in front of him that go always more faster than him and deal 500 damage. For each enemies touched the damage rise by 10 % stack until 30 % . The wave is stop by walls and shield.

9 sec cooldown.

Q : - Cursed Blessing -

Increase your dammage by 10 % , movement speed by 20 % and gain 15 % damage reduction for 6 seconds.

15 sec cooldown.

F : - Shadow Dash -

Dissappear and make a dash ,while dashing you see in black and white ,you are invisible and untargetable, you reapper 0.5 seconds after the dash.

dashing through an enemy deal 400 damage to the enemy. Dashing through multiple enemy deal 400 damage to each enemy.

11 sec cooldown

E (Ultimate) : - Power of the Fallen God -

increase movement speed by 50 % and gain 4 big dash that deal 1000 damage each for 7 seconds. If others enemy are is touched by a same dash the damages increases by 10 %.

Unable to use any ability during Power of the Fallen God.


If you get killed (exept in ult) , Birdy will target and deal 350 damages to the enemy who killed you.


Strong Power :

Now Power of the Fallen God grant cc imunity and gain 20 % damage reduction.

Extra Curse :

Cursed Blessing now heal for 500 health and every advantage form it raise by 10 %.

Circle of Death :

Now Death strike create a big circle and stun the enemies for 1 second.

Birdy to the rescue :

Birdy now also strike if you die in your ultimate and deal 150 more damage


Selection :

« Arcty :Arcty…

Birdy : ship ship !!

Arcty : aaand Birdy heh »

Introduction :

« Another mission…another victim… »

« * sigh * i hate violence….but i have no choice… »

Mounting up :

« wooow this is fun heh »

« Birdy : ship shiiip !

Arcty : don’t worry i won’t keep it ! »

Skills :

Shadow dash :

« poof ! »

« I’m not there anymore »

Cursed blessing :

« …My strenght is growing.. »

« …b-better… »

Death strike :

« Jump or die… »

« hum be careful … »

Power of the fallen god (Ultimate) :

« I’m coming for you~* histerical laugh* »(enemy/self)

« Heh heh heh~Stay out of my way ! » (ally)

Item purchased :

Defensive Items :

« Could use one of that… »

« Better be safe »

« Isn’t that too big for me ? »

Offensive Items :

« I’m obliged to use that ? »

« Why using that … ? »

« Really Birdy ? »

Ability items :

« Interesting… »

« It’s really going to help me ? »

« …I like it »

Status Related :

Attempting to use ability on cooldown :

« I-I can’t »

« D-don’t use me ! »

Taking damage :

« I-I don’t want to hurt you ! »

« Birdy:chip chiip !

Arcty:Birdy I-I’m fine »

Burning :

« Hot , hot, hot ,hot ! »

Stunned or frozen :

« Wooow… »

« Huff ! »

Leaving combat with low health :

« Wow…that was close »

« P-please i don’t want to go back ! »

Being healed :

« Thanks for that… »

« You are great teammate… »

Death :

« I’m going to suffer… »

« Why can’t it end ? »

Kills :

First blood :

« I-I’m sorry ! »

Kill assist :

« Thanks for killing him at my place »

« I didn’t kill and i’m happy with it »

Kill streak :

« Ugh…I lost count… »

« So much death by my hand… »

« I don’t want to kill anyone ! »

Kill taunt :

« My master still refuse to work with you ! »(Khan)

« You are even more a monster than me ! »(Khan)

« I-I’m so sorry !! »(Ruckus)

« N-no…R-ruckus…»(Ruckus)

« Birdy really like you »(Inara)

« You are a great person »(Inara)

« I understand your fate… »(Terminus)

« Y-you are controlled too ? »(Terminus)

« Your hunger will destroy you like it destroyed my master »(Androxus)

« …Another cursed huh ? »(Androxus)

« I can take care of Zigs for you if you want »(Cassie)

« I think Birdy is getting jealous heh »(Cassie)

Kill an enemy using a skill :

Birdy(death) : « Really Birdy ?? »

« I dream or you got killed by a bird ?? »

Shadow dash : «  You got..pouf ! »

« You got killed by a shadow »

Objective :

Capturing a point :

« Hope nobody got hurt… »

« pffftt…that was easy…i guess ? »

Enemy capturing a point :

« W-wait , we had to stand on these ?? »

« Oh-oh.. »

Match end :

Victory ; « Mission acomplished…sadly »

« * sigh *… »

Defeat : « So much people killed…for that ? »

« I’m going to pay for that… »

Miscellaneous :

Taunt : « I wonder if i shouldn’t break your neck ! »

« Wish you were at my place ! »

« I think my master want me to kill you… »

Jokes : « Sorry i’m terrible with jokes… »

« I live in the cold, but it’s not ant-Arcty-qua * nervous laugh * »

« What’s green and dead inside ? Meeee… »

Thanks to @provaife​ for drawing the ability and Kuly ( discord) for helping me to do a better text :) 

sadly i couldn’t put more pic , so it miss 2 pic