It's Halloween,Everyone's Entitled To One Good Scare

As Halloween 2011 comes to an end, I can only sum it up by saying that it truly was an experience.  There I was, dressed as Michael Myers, in a parade, being watched by thousands of people who were lining Broadway, 5th Avenue and Spring St in the Soho area of New York, as though it were something I do everyday.  And when people starting chanting my name, I thought “this can’t be real”, but it was.   It’s not often you can say that an NYPD cop stops you for a photo, but I can.  The costumes by the rest of the guys in the parade were imaginative, inventive and completely in a class of their own, in particular, an impressive E.T. and Family Guy float caught my rubber-clad eye.  Plenty music, plenty dancing (not me - I was in character - I just did a scary stare) overall its safe to say we had a ball taking part in something that its pretty unique.

New York for me is a hard one to get to grips with. There is almost TOO much to do, that you end up getting stressed thinking about which to do first.  Now that the parade is over, we are picking up our New York City Pass book, and just get fired into it. 

As well as the touristy stuff, I’ve been writing loads, and have plenty ideas and info for articles, stories and scripts.  “JourneyMan” graphic novel needs dialogue, but waiting to see what The House of ArcSirc comes up with, and the script needs put into actual script format.  Will be sending out some emails to various friends to get feedback on it when I get back.

3 weeks left.  Finish off NYC, then Washington for a week, then Walt Disney World.