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Name of your muse: Steven “Steve” Grant Rogers

One picture that you like of your muse’s FC:

[See what I did there??]

Two headcanons about your muse that you have never told anyone:

  • Steve can play the piano. He might not be athletic and very sickly in his younger days but her mother taught her how to play when they spent time together.
  • Steve wears a pair of dog tags that he keeps hidden when he’s on missions. But when he’s just lounging in the tower, he usually wears them around his neck.

Three things your muse likes to do in their freetime:

  • Jog in the morning
  • Sketch in Tony’s workshop
  • Ride around town in his bike

Eight people your muse admires/loves:

  • Tony Stark
  • Peggy Carter
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Natasha Romanoff
  • Sam Wilson
  • Clint Barton
  • Thor Odinson
  • Bruce Banner

Three fond childhood memories:

  • Reading his first book with his mom
  • Playing hide and seek with Bucky (and getting scolded for playing)
  • Riding on his father’s shoulders and pointing to an army poster saying “I’ll be a soldier just like my dad!”

Two things your muse regrets:

  • Letting Bucky fall from the train
  • Not telling Peggy how he really felt about her

One thing your muse would go through Heaven/Hell to change:

  • Nothing. Even though he had to go through a drastic change after sleeping in ice, he loves his current friends equally as how he loved his friends in the past. He’s convinced he’s home, and he’s happy with that.

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so i have finally seen the avengers

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  • so first of all (I AM RESTRAINING MYSELF NOT TO USE CAPSLOCK ALL THE TIME) what i liked the most is that they were all VERY passionate about each other.

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Even though he’d been in the Tower for a few weeks, Bruce still wasn’t used to it.  He had a room to himself that was quiet, everything was clean, and high tech gadgets of all kinds were everywhere.  The other thing that kept entering into his mind was the habit of being ready to run, but he didn’t have to run for a little while.  Instead of being relaxing it made it difficult to sleep.  So, he did the only thing he knew that relaxed him.  He got up went into the common room and brought up an episode of ‘Star Trek: TNG’ to watch on the large television.  Then he got himself a cup of tea.  He found it helped a little, but adding a tablet so he could start working on an idea he had for an invention actually settled his nerves.

He felt an itch in between his shoulder blades and it made him look around.  It surprised him a little to see that someone else was awake though he couldn’t quite see them.  “I didn’t wake you up with the tv, did I?” he asked.


Ryan hadn’t been able to sleep, it was too hot and humid for sleeping, so being the little minx that he was - a trait he definitely got from Tony- he decided to sneak downstairs and to the kitchen. After a few moments of trying to climb the counter he managed to sit on it and grab his cup and some milk from the fridge, also raid for some cookies, before hopping down and moving to look out the window.

Ryan wasn’t a fan of thunderstorms, he was sure it was the noise because he found the lightening really pretty when it was on its own. Just after settling with his cup and cookies, the loud noise crackled across the city, making the boy leap up and speed off to his fathers room, cup and cookies still in hand as he dove under the covers.

tonystark-arcangel continued from here

Bruce was relived when Tony woke up and started talking. He figured it was pointless to tell Tony to be careful or take it easy so he didn’t waste his breath when Tony went to sit up. The only thing he figured he could do was stick close until he figured out what had happened in case Tony lost consciousness again.

“I don’t know what happened. I came in and you were laying on the floor,” he said. “When was the last time you slept or ate something?” He didn’t ask the question with any hint of judgement. All he cared about was figuring out how best to help Tony. “Have you been feeling sick?”

peter ‘hey i stole some of your tech and regret nothing’ parker.

        he was giving himself a bad rep,
        but it was so worth it.
        finally his hands were on some
        quality stark tech. pretending to
        interning and touring the stark tower

               with another small group worked for
               him as he asked question upon question,
               annoying the guide till he was
               abandoned by the group. finally.
               that woman had some tough skin,
               but he’d finally gotten alone with the

( I can’t wait till we get to play with it!!

       ‘ Same! ‘ Peter replied, looking over his
              left shoulder minutely. sometimes the
              yellow box had a point, and now was
              one of those times.

( are you giving me credit ??? senpai has noticed me !!! )

[ how can’t ignore us, we’re in his head. ]

       ‘ If you two don’t keep quiet, I’m gunna
               get caught. So shut up, we’re almost out. ‘
               so maybe he was speaking a bit too loudly,
               but with the boxes chattering in his ear, it
               was hard not to try and talk over them.
               they were deafening.


Now, you can say no, but how do you feel about a thread where Tony messes up an experiment and somehow de-ages Ryan to being like 4 or 6 again? During in a thunderstorm… And little Ryan is scared… And we can have lots of cuddles… And Tony doesn’t want to turn him back because he is adorable. ADORABLE!

| this is the rhythm of the night |


          Matt’s heard Stark’s high-tech armor flying above Hell’s Kitchen several times, and of course he’s heard him on the news. The Incident, his house in Malibu being destroyed, gathering the Avengers again to fight an invasion of killer robots. (He’s still not really clear on the details of that last incident, but stranger things have been known to happen. )

         So yes, he knows of Tony Stark. Who doesn’t these days? But hearing of someone and actually meeting them are two entirely different things. 

         And of course, he has to meet Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, in the middle of the night when he’s wearing his full mask and costume, with both of them trying to prevent the same crime. Matt assumes that’s what Tony’s here for anyway – him being here for the lovely scenery of the run down docks and grimy warehouses seems just a little unlikely. 

         But there he was, the whine of his repulsors, the turning of gears unmistakable. Without another moment of hesitation Matt jumped down from where he’d been observing from the roof of the next warehouse, now in full view of both Stark and the men. 

         There was no use in hiding now – the men transferring the cargo from the truck to the back of the boat had already shouted a warning. Might as well surprise them by giving them two heroes to deal with instead of one.



“Actually, I slept all day. Sleep debt catching up to me, probably. Anyway I just woke up and noticed you working, thought you might need a pick-me-up.” He offered a smile, taking a sip of his own mug of coffee. It was an uncomfortable, dreamless sleep that left Tony feeling restless, but sleep was sleep, and he felt a bit better. When he actually lay down to go to bed,- which was rare, he was often more concerned with work or tinkering- his more troubling thoughts got the best of him. 

Tony figured that if those things meant that the only sleep he got was when he practically passed out on the sectional in his office, well then so be it. “What’re you working on?”

Bruce was used to Tony’s rather erratic sleep schedule, but that particular day he had been so caught up in his work he hadn’t contacted him. Not that that was unusual. “I appreciate it,” he said taking a sip of coffee. “Wow, this is really good.” It might have been just the fact he hadn’t drunk regular coffee in a long time or maybe Tony bought very expensive coffee. either way it tasted fantastic and it was going to be hard to limit himself to one cup.

Bruce took off his glasses to answer Tony’s question. “When I was running I used to get all these ideas about inventions and innovations. Things I could make if I ever got the chance,” he said. “I had an idea a long time ago about a cold pasteurization process that would be a significant leap in helping fight world hunger.” He sighed. “That’s my theory at least. It’s proving to take longer to make a prototype device than I hoped it would.” After setting his glasses on his desk he sat back in his chair. “It keeps me from getting too obsessed about trying to find a cure.”