arco contemporary architecture


The proposed interior for the store located in Polanco ILO maintains the same goal of finding the balance between the new image and concept in a modern and innovative design.

This space is also used the idea of the skein of yarn as a driver in a warm, classic and very elegant. As a retail space that sells high quality home, we selected a palette of earth colors to harmonize and enhance the quality and warmth of the products.

The box area was located at the center of the store, taking advantage of continuity with the second floor through the double height, also generated a large wall covered with Venetian mosaic. The modulation of the material marked the sense of remaining space, playing with the vertical, horizontal, and the resulting intersection points, were generated spaces where he subsequently placed the furniture exhibition. In this space the most attractive are the high ceilings.

For the sketch of the very attractive space remained the same height of all display elements. Designed a single module is stacked according to the needs to generate the display furniture and combines two different finishes: natural and lacquer to enhance the texture. Porcelain, laminate flooring, Venetian mosaic and painting achieved the right atmosphere for this shopping experience.