okay, here’s a character that really interests me. Soleil. She’s rather old (had to go through archves of the old site to find her), and she’d fit right in with Siralos due to her design, and Siralos looked a lot more humble back then. At least they’re both… orangey. Probably scrapped like Death Pater.

see that pink thing? yeah, looks a lot like the older emblem of siralos (notice how he looks a lot blander)

and the mark on her chest almost looks like a mix of ivlis’s and (old) siralos’s insignias; siralos’s arrow design, ivlis’s structure

and the thing that really perks my interest how she looks more like a god than anything else. namely, her skin interests me. it’s white. yeah, a ton of funamusea’s characters have white skin; but the thing is, the only human-looking characters (no extra parts) with white skin are either (some) witches, paranormal, demons/vampires, or gods. paranormals typically have a darker underlying theme, like sinow (who probably got turned paranormal in wonderland) or evil (used to be a human, now looks like a vampire). demons are self explanatory, though some have skin color and others don’t. she does not look like a witch, at all; no hat, staff or anything. gods look just like humans, but have white skin and are a lot fancier. same as this girl here. so, Soleil. probably associated with siralos. might be a god of light or siralos’s bastard child. who knows.

new sexuality idenety thing

Hi its me, the Mogia Archve and this is my  new post where i advertise my nwe sexuality. Its called mathplatonic its were youre only friends with ppl who are good at math and everyone else cn fuck them selfs. Yes this belongs in the lgbt spectrum bc i say so. Like/reblog my posts and support my real sj shit bye


Photo by: Matthew Pock

311 – ARCHIVE Features Wide Range of Rarities from 1992 - 2014

Including 61 Previously Unreleased Recordings & a 60-page Book

June 2, 2015 – New York, NY – Legendary alternative rock band 311 will celebrate its milestone 25th year with a career-spanning Volcano Entertainment/Legacy Recordings 4-CD box set  311 – ARCHIVE, available everywhere on June 30th, and supported by a 30-show US tour. Fans are now able to pre-order the 4-CD set, bundled with a limited-edition lithograph and/or collector’s patch, from set is also available for pre-order on Amazon (

311 – ARCHIVE commemorates the multi-platinum band’s silver anniversary with an unprecedented four-disc 81 track compilation of unreleased songs, b-sides, bonus tracks, pre-production recordings, alternate versions & demos (see attached tracklisting). As if that weren’t enough, 311 – ARCHIVE also features a 60-page book filled with rare photos, flyers, memorabilia, and artifacts from the bands personal collection.

“In preparing to make this Box Set, we took a trip through our own history and the history of our studio recordings from Music to Stereolithic,” writes 311 in 311 – ARCHIVE’s exclusive liner notes. “We felt that we didn’t really need another ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation so we started searching for things we knew a true 311 fan would like to hear and see. While searching, it became clear that we were going to dive deep into the archives and uncover material that no one outside the band had ever laid eyes or ears on. It is our sincere hope that you will love this collection as much as we loved making it.”  

Meanwhile, 311’s US Summer Tour is set to get underway July 2nd at Scottsdale, AZ’s Talking Stick Resort and continue through early August (see attached itinerary). Highlights include a special 4th of July weekend concert event at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Beach (July 3 and 4) where the band will play their triple-platinum “blue” album in its entirety.  In addition, 311 will make headline appearances at a number of upcoming spring festivals and radio events. For more details and complete ticket information, please visit

* * * * *

From their very first show in their native Omaha on June 10, 1990 (opening for Fugazi), 311 have been on an incredible, unstoppable journey, fueled by an instantly recognizable, genre-defying sound, non-stop touring, and a fiercely loyal fan base. The band’s ingenious fusion of rock, reggae, hip-hop & funk – and tireless work ethic - saw them build an undeniable grassroots following.  Alternative radio and MTV soon followed.

1995’s self-titled third album proved 311’s breakthrough, earning RIAA 3x platinum certification while catapulting them to the forefront of alternative music. Since then, nine consecutive 311 studio releases – from 1997’s Transistor to 2014’s Stereolithic – have peaked within the Top 10 of the Billboard 200, with total album sales now approaching nine million in the U.S. alone. 311 is of course also responsible for a rightly renowned streak of radio hits, with nine singles reaching the Top 10 on Billboard’s “Alternative Songs” chart, including the #1 classics, “Down,” “Love Song,” and “Don’t Tread On Me.”

Now based in Los Angeles, 311 is widely regarded as one of alternative rock’s most inventive, entertaining, and hard-traveling live acts, earning them an incredible community of passionate and faithful fans.  Founded in 2004, the band’s annual “Unity Tour” is now a summer tradition.  And the band has branded legendary destination events with their “311 Day” and “311 Caribbean Cruise” experiences.

311 is: singer/guitarist Nick Hexum, singer/DJ S.A. Martinez, guitarist Tim Mahoney, drummer Chad Sexton and bassist P-Nut.

* * * * *

311 – ARCHIVE  Tracklist

Release Date: June 30


1. Transistor Intro (Transistor - Hidden Track - 1997) 2. Let the Cards Fall (Enlarged To Show Detail Bonus CD EP - 1996) 3. Outside (National Lampoon’s Senior Trip Original Soundtrack - 1995) 4. Gap (Enlarged To Show Detail Bonus CD EP - 1996) 5. Tribute (Enlarged To Show Detail Bonus CD EP - 1996)  6. Firewater Slo-Mo (Enlarged To Show Detail Bonus CD EP - 1996) 7. Blizza (Soundsystem– Japanese Release Bonus Track - 1999) 8. Dancehall (Enlarged To Show Detail 2 Bonus CD EP - 2001) 9. Bomb the Town (Enlarged To Show Detail 2 Bonus CD EP - 2001) 10. Will the World (Enlarged To Show Detail 2 Bonus CD EP - 2001) 11. We Do It Like This (Enlarged To Show Detail 2 Bonus CD EP - 2001) 12. Dreamland (Enlarged To Show Detail 2 Bonus CD EP - 2001) 13. What Do You Do (Evolver - Japanese Release Bonus Track - 2003) 14. Little Brother (Don’t Tread on Me - Japanese Release Bonus Track - 2005) 15. I Like the Way (Uplifter - Deluxe Edition Bonus Track - 2009) 16. Get Down (Uplifter - Deluxe Edition Bonus Track - 2009) 17. How Long Has It Been (Uplifter – iTunes Exclusive Track - 2009) 18. Sun Come Through (Uplifter – Amazon Exclusive Track - 2009) 19. Vape'n Away (Stereolithic – 311 Day Edition - 2014)


1. Summer of Love (Unreleased Version - 1994) 2. Juan Bond (311 Sessions - 1995) 3. Firewater - Normal Speed (311 Sessions - 1995) 4. Next (311 Sessions - 1995) 5. Grifter (Transistor Sessions - 1997) 6. Writer’s Block Party (Transistor Sessions - 1997) 7. Earth People (Transistor Sessions - 1997) 8. The Quickening (Transistor Sessions - 1997) 9. Everything (Transistor Sessions - 1997) 10. Old Funk (Transistor Sessions - 1997) 11. Space Funk (Transistor Sessions - 1997) 12. Lemming (Transistor Sessions – 1997) 13. Cali Soca  (Soundsystem Sessions - 1999) 14. Seal the Deal (Soundsystem Sessions - 1999)  15. Who’s Got the Herb (Unreleased Version - 2001) 16. Time is Precious (Evolver Sessions - 2003) 17. Into the Flames (Don’t Tread On Me Sessions - 2005) 18. Stealing My Girl (Don’t Tread On Me Sessions - 2005) 19. Week of Saturdays (Uplifter Sessions - 2009) 20. Simplify (Uplifter Sessions - 2009)


1. Welcome (Pre-Production Version – 1992) 2. Visit (Pre-Production Version – 1992) 3. Feels So Good (Pre-Production Version – 1992) 4. Paradise (Pre-Production Version – 1992) 5. Homebrew (Pre-Production Version – 1993) 6. Offbeat Bare-Ass (Pre-Production Version – 1993) 7. Six (Pre-Production Version – 1993) 8. Lose (Pre-Production Version – 1993) 9. Come Original (Pre-Production Version – 1999) 10. Freeze Time (Pre-Production Version – 1999) 11. Flowing (Pre-Production Version – 1999) 12. Livin n’ Rockin (Pre-Production Version – 1999) 13. Full Ride (Pre-Production Version – 2001) 14. Champagne (Pre-Production Version – 2001) 15. Sick Tight (Pre-Production Version – 2001) 16. How Do You Feel (Pre-Production Version – 2004) 17. Down (Demo - 1995) 18. Let the Cards Fall (Demo - 1995) 19. Random (Demo - 1995) 20. The Continuous Life (Demo - 1997)


1. Color (Demo - 1997) 2. Starshines (Demo - 1997) 3. Inner Light Spectrum (Demo - 1997) 4. Stealing Happy Hours (Demo - 1997)  5. Strong All Along (Early Title: Pass the Grass) (Demo w/Vocals - 1999) 6. Large in the Margin (Early Title: Forward) (Demo w/Vocals - 1999) 7. Mindspin (Demo - 1999) 8. Eons (Early Title: Stop Dat) (Demo - 1999) 9. Can’t Fade Me (Early Title: Kill) (Demo w/Vocals - 1999) 10. Sick Tight (Demo - 2001) 11. From Chaos (Demo- 2001) 12. I Told Myself (Demo- 2001) 13. You Wouldn’t Believe (Demo - 2001) 14. I’ll Be Here Awhile (Demo w/Vocals - 2001) 15. Seems Uncertain (Demo w/Vocals - 2003) 16. Give Me A Call (Demo w/Vocals) 17. Speak Easy (Early Title: Romantic Odyssey) (Demo - 2005) 18. Sun Come Through (Early Title: Rockin aught8) (Demo - 2009) 19. Jackpot (Early Title: New Thingy) (Demo - 2009) 20. Rock On (Early Title: Rock On Circus) (Demo - 2011) 21. Ebb & Flow (Early Title: Go!) (Demo - 2014) 22. Paradise (Acoustic Version - 1992)

* * * * *

311 - UNITY TOUR 2015


2 Scottsdale, AZ Talking Stick Resort

3, 4 Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay Beach

6 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom

7 Kansas City, MO Crossroads

9 Detroit, MI Festival*

10 Cincinnati, OH The Shoe at Horseshoe Casino

11 Chicago, IL Aragon Ballroom

12 Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theatre

14 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion

15 Cleveland, OH Hard Rock Live Northfield Park

17 Long Island, NY Great South Bay Music Festival*

18 Asbury Park, NJ Stone Pony Summerstage

19 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Festival Park

20 Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

22 Richmond, VA Innsbrook After Hours

23 Virginia Beach, VA Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach Amphitheatre

24 Charlotte, NC Uptown Amphitheatre

25 Jacksonville, FL Connection Festival*

26 Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live

28 Birmingham, AL Iron City

30 Lake Charles, LA L’auberge Casino Pool

31 Houston, TX Bayou Music Center


1 Dallas, TX Southside Ballroom

2 Austin, TX ACL Live at The Moody Theater

4 Omaha, NE Sokol Auditorium


19 DelMar, CA Kaaboo Festival*




【再掲】 “宇宙の法則は一つです。(…)解決できないとなれば、改めて考え直してみる必要がある(…)未来側から観る必要があります。” #347 「たんじゅん農」は田畑で行う生命科学の実験場


そして≪最も身近な「古代」=「自然」とは「身体」≫であり≪最も身近な「現代」=「欲望や思考」とは「(今までの)あたまの知識・情報」≫ではないかと 思います。その中で≪「学校」や「家庭」では今までそれから今も「現代」=「欲望や思考」の「知識」や「食」を詰め込んでいる≫と思います。




なぜなら≪「原発」「健康・医療」「社会制度」などの出来事・問題=全て「現代」の「思考と欲望」についての問題であるから≫です。つまり≪それぞれの出 来事・問題=全て「古代」の「自然の循環」から「人の思考と欲望」(=「現代」)が逸脱してしまったから≫と言えると思います。

そして、何か「大きな出来事・問題」が起こると≪目の前の「よく見える事柄」に気を取られて「その事柄の構造や解決までの方策」が見失われること≫がしば しばあると思いますが、それを防ぐためには≪今しっかりと「過去の歴史」「社会の構造」を学び「この先」を選んで行くこと≫が大切だと思います。

「過激な抗議行動」について、危惧することは≪あまりにも「感情」が昂り過ぎて「疲れ果てて抗議内容に長く関心が向けられなくなること」と「怒りや不安な どに振り回されて冷静な判断が徐々に出来なくなること」が起こり得るのではないか=「戦争」などに抵抗がなくなるのではないか≫ということです。

そして「本当の抑止力」とは≪豊富な「知識・情報」と相手の立場に対する「理解」など「知的で友好的な対話」ではないか≫とも思います。それから≪「最新 技術や科学」と「現代の思考と欲望」は「別のもの」で「古代の知恵と覚醒」があれば「もっと良くなるもの」である≫とも思います。



今までの「過去の歴史」の中では≪「行動」だけがあって「知識」が少ないこと≫が多く、それが≪「物質社会」(あるいは「権力社会」)の特徴≫とも言えま すが、これからは≪「行動」も「知識」も充分にある≫という≪「精神・霊性社会」(あるいは「市民社会」)の特徴≫が必要ではないかと思います。