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Infinitum - The Archtop Acoustic reimagined.

I’ve been studying the last year and a half, this is the final guitar from last years work, and now i’m a finalist in the Best Design Awards!! 

I can’t tell you much about the internal bracing, it’s a bit hush hush, but the top and back are monterey cypress and the side are New Zealand native Kauri. The cypress was harvested from my property in Clevedon.

Stay tuned for some sound recordings.


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Guitar shooping in Toronto at The Twelfth Fret, on Danforth Ave. just east of Woodbine:

  1. Brand new Gibson Custom ES-335 in a lovely light blue finish with plenty o’ figuring.  To the right is a nicely preserved 1970 ES-335.  Ironically, the vintage guitar is several hundred dollars LESS than the new one.  What’s wrong with that picture??  :\
  2. I didn’t get the memo, but apparently it was 1930s vintage Gibson archtop and flattop tenor guitar day at the shop!
  3. Very nice 1970/71 ES-335 in walnut.  The most “70s” of all Gibson finishes (even though it was introduced in the late 60s…)
  4. Incredible vintage Gibson Byrdland.  I believe it was a ‘59.  I did not ask the price because I did not have my heart medication with me!  :D
  5. The least expensive guitar in this set.  Not vintage, but I would not refuse it if you bought it for me as a gift (hint hint…)