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Re: the picture with the long hair, I've always seen that captioned as being from his college days--but who knows. Also, some people think the tall person next to him might be Joe M.

Oh, nice! I’ve only ever seen this pic via the tumblr post, so I’ve never had any real context. Thanks!

He’s wearing the same Michael Jackson shirt and has similar hair at this event in 2004:

But like you said, who knows?! If anyone DOES know, feel free to let me know! Curious minds! :D

It’d be easier to pinpoint the year of his pics if he aged like a normal human being…lol.

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Top 5 White Collar headcanons. :D


  2. ok so peter tends to forget his and elizabeth’s anniversary rIGHT so during that 3 year long chase with neal, peter got a phone call each year from neal and neal would be like “REMEMBER IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY WHAT ARE YOU GONNA GET HER” and peter would be like dAMN IT I’M SUPPOSED TO BE ARRESTING YOU but they sit and gossip and neal helps him pick out a gift bye
  3. sometimes mozzie and neal just stay up late watching stupid movies (aka mozzie’s favorites) and neal doesn’t care for the movies but he does it anyways because he wants to spend time with mozzie
  4. JONES TEACHES NEAL BASIC SELF-DEFENSE MOVES. like in some eps neal does some fancy defense maneuvers and like u kNOW jones or diana or someone taught him that ok.
  5. lmao we talked about this already BUT IF PETER AND ELIZABETH EVER HAD CHILDREN neal and mozzie would be their silly uncles who teach the poor kid how to pick locks and lift wallets much to peter’s frustration. AND VICE VERSA if neal ever had a kid, peter would teach his kid how to play baseball and football and all that fun stuff. wEH.

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Hi! Your sidebar gif is actually from the season 2 gag reel. It's from when they were filming episode 2x3 (Copycat Caffrey), but in the actual episode it cuts away before he pulls the hat down with his adorable grin. :)

I thought it was from Copycat Caffrey! I downloaded the episode and I realized he wore the same outfit, but I saw that it cut to another scene, so I was like “whaaa?” haha, thanks so much! :D 

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omg, I love this. Laughing so hard. How on Earth did you notice them in some of these clips?? :D            

I’m good at spotting/finding them and once I realized where they were sitting it was easy. Also they were in a camera friendly place. 

I had smaller gifs in Simon tag from when this aired but today I was rewatching the ceremony in HD (I saw this way too many times XD) and decided to make the gifs again :)

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Top 5 "My Heart Is Being Ripped Out Of My Chest" White Collar moments. GO! :)

  2. also “you’re the only one who saw good in me” fuck thAT
  3. season 3 finale can we nOT 
  5. “if anything were to happen to him i don’t think i could live it with it”

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Where could i find the wc season 5 blooper reel? I've been seeing gifs of it and am dying to see it but its nowhere to be found?

If you actually do mean the season 5 gag reel, you can find it here:

If you actually mean the season 6 gag reel (the most recent one), you can find it here:

I know someone also uploaded it to youtube and vimeo, but I don’t have the links and don’t feel like searching for them. So if my links don’t work…sorry!

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Top 5 Neal Caffrey traits

  1. whlkdsjhgs his playfulness and his childlike behavior ;w; i always get sad when i think about the later seasons and how he’s wasn’t as chipper and acting like a 5 year old like he was in season one bc those were the days
  2. HIS KINDNESS. he’s always a gentleman and he’s devoted to his friends and keeps them safe and does his best to never hurt anyone.
  4. him being a hopeless romantic like baby pls how many times have u fallen in love on the show it’s so cute
  5. his impulsive behavior because it always leads to fun times and nearly gives peter a heart attack every time he jumps off a building or whatever and it’s good fuel for angsty fic lmao

my favorite thing about your blog: EVERYTHING??? when i need my white collar fix i dont even go into the tags anymore i just go straight to your blog. you make the BEST gifs in the fandom and are always reblogging the pretty things. 

what fandom i associate with you the most: WHITE COLLAR OF COURSE.

what i think of your url: it’s tru. archivists DO rock.

if i follow you and why: YES OF COURSE!!!! you’re one of my favorite people and i have like 8 million of your gifs stashed in my drafts waiting to be posted. <333 you are my fave and i will never ever unfollow you no matter what :3