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1. Soap&Skin - Me And The Devil | 2. Jo Blankenburg -  Valkyrie | 3. The Spiritual Machines - Couldn’t Stop Caring | 4. Delta Rae - I Will Never Die | 5. Karliene - Become The Beast | 6. Benjamin Wallfisch & Disa - New World Coming | 7. Nico Vega - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)  | 8. Archive - Bullets | 9. Position Music - Hellborn | 10. The Civil Wars - Devil’s Backbone | 11. Him - (Don’t Fear) The Reaper | 12. Tom Waits - Green Grasse | 13. The Civil Wars - You are my sunshine

i know not ‘seems’

21 unsettling, uncomfortable, subtly wrong songs for when entropy overtakes you

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cover art from circle of abstract ritual by jeff frost


Hey guys this is my second BoB fanvid! Hope you like it! XD

BGM: Bullets - Archive

Morphine (Oneshot)

Reaper and the Talon squad are a supportive bunch when one of them is injured.

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Bullets ricocheted off of the walls under the hail storm of gun fire, pinging along the walls and blasting through plant pots and dustbins. Reaper growled, misting around the corner of a wall in the small reprieve of fire as the goons reloaded and flicked the firing mechanisms of their semi-automatics. The operation was supposed to have been easy. Get in, steal the information about LumériCo’s clean energy cores, and get out without being seen. He’d brought Sombra along to help, the hacker useful for getting in and out by getting rid of the fire walls and security system. Cameras, drones and turrets were easily disabled and Reaper had slipped in easily through the air vents, quickly dealing with anyone who strayed in his path before accessing the data and burning it onto a drive.

The mercenary gripped the small, thin drive in his hand and growled as Sombra chattered in his ear, nonchalant despite the situation. She was safely a good mile away from the compound, and guided Reaper to the transport, or into a nice dead end. Glaring at the wall, Reaper hissed into his communicator, shying his mask away from the corner of the wall as bullets sent pieces of bricks flying.

“Sombra! This is a dead end!” Glancing around the corner, he caught sight of riot shields being prepped. Cursing he listened to Sombra’s nails tapping against a keyboard, ducking back around the corner, opening his palms to summon two shot guns from his pocket dimension.

“Can you teleport to the top?” Sombra’s voice quivered as she swipped through the screens of her computer.

“And make myself a bullet bag? Sure.” He drawled the last word and peered up at the top of the wall. If he went now he’d make it. “Fine.”

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Anyway since my love, Bullet, has archived his blogs.. you can’t exactly write with Grace right now. HOWEVER, she will be mentioned vaguely and only vaguely as I do not want to impose any development on her that Bullet wouldn’t want.

So if Bullet does return cool!!! If not, Jude’s sister remains a solid NPC.

UNTIL WE CLOSE OUR EYES FOR GOOD || a Gecko Brothers fanmix

Songs for brothers who’s only moral compass is each other. For jail busts and mental breaks wrapped in the dreams of blue agave and sunlit beaches. For prophecies whispered and eyes opened and the roads that lead only to the gates of hell.

001. “Hey Brother” - Andy Lange & Josh Golden;; 002. “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” - Cage the Elephant;; 003. “Hustle and Cuss” - The Dead Weather;;  004. “All Fired Up” - Interpol;; 005. “New Genious (Brother)” - Gorillaz;; 006. “Lonely Boy” - Matt Corby;; 007. “Long Way From Home” - The Heavy;; 008. “M.E.X.I.C.O” - The Kills;; 009. “Combat” - Flobots;; 010. “Wolf Like Me” - TV On The Radio;; 011. “Put Your Lights On” - Santana;; 012. “Red Eyes And Tears” - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club;; 013. “Fuck Tony Montana (Instrumental)” - La Coka Nostra;; 014. “Me And The Devil” - Gil Scott-Heron;; 015. “Bullets” - Archive

{ L I S T E N } || { dedicated to zombiescorp } || {FDTD MIXES}

A cyberpunk playlist for your adventures in the big city:

I Am The Night - Perturbator; Some Things Never Change - Devo;
Aurora Sogna - Subsonica; City Of Night - Miracle of Sound;
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Eurythmics; Evil Eye - Simon Viklund;
I Love My Computer - Bad Religion; Fight To The Top - Lazerhawk;
Bullets - Archive; Double Cross - M. Parker & S. Powell

I get skills for kills // Such a profitable life // I am rich biatch


i. 14 Ghosts II - Nine Inch Nails | ii. Lilith’s Club - Noisia | iii. Bullets - Archive | iv. Suit up - Blue Stahli | v. Get Your Fight On - The Prodigy | vi. Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix) - Nina Simone | vii. Derezzed (Remixed By The Glitch Mob) - Daft Punk || viii. X Rated - Excision | ix. Seven Nation Army (Remix) -  The Glitch Mob/The White Stripes | x. Stayin Alive (K Theory & Tyr Remix) -  The Bee Gees | xi. Gunslinger - Droptek | xii. Stylo (Microchip Remix) - Gorillaz | xiii. Dustup - Noisia | xiv. Shut Em Down - Celldweller | xv. Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix) -  Awolnation


the anatomy of cyberpunk ➝ do we own the machines or do the machines own us; [listen]

THE CITY || 1. bullets - archive 2. live for the night - krewella 3. save my night - armin van buuren 4. champagne glass - alphastates

1. nicotine - p!atd 2. save the world - swedish house mafia 3. just one last time - david guetta ft. taped rai 4. shatter me - lindsey stirling ft. lzzy hale

THE ESCAPE || 1. end of the line - daft punk 2. hear you scream  - hania lee 3. we all become - ashley barrett, darren korb 4. find you - zedd ft. matthew koma, miriam bryant


S.O.S // [listen]

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