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Having discovered the playback statistics button on the podcast addict app I can safely say I have a problem.

stydiagrounder  asked:

do betty and jughead have feelings for each other in the comics?? or something like that

Betty and Jughead’s relationship has evolved throughout the 75 years of comics history. In the earlier years, they have a hella ton of covers together where it shows how Betty is always coming on to Jughead, but Jughead is averse to all forms of human affections, particular from the “female species”. xD However, it also shows that they do go on dates together, but with Jughead’s main intention is to eat the food that Betty prepares haha…

More here >>

Once that era slowly phased out…their relationship evolved to a more close buddies/confidant roles…where Jughead and Betty are usually open to each other about their feelings and thoughts…especially when it involves Archie. Jughead is usually the one who consoles Betty whenever she gets ditched by Archie for Veronica…or the one who’s with her whenever she and Archie is on a rough break….

and that happens so frequently that over time…readers (and even the writers) realised that it’s usually Jughead who will console her or take her side whenever Archie mistreats her….and they expressed that they wouldn’t mind Betty and Jughead together. Even Hotdog loves Betty! hehe

In more than one occasion, Jughead expressed how Betty is the only one he’d make exceptions for, and that he has a soft spot for her in those comic panels.

It’s comic canon where he said she’d be the only girl he’d willingly kiss, and he always butters her up and praises her… 

He even asked her to marry him at the age of 14 lol….albeit for her food and cooking skills, but still….;) the comics are usually done for laughs and for comic intentions, so they wouldn’t really delve too deep into real feelings the main staple is still the Betty/Archie/Veronica love triangle, and they wouldn’t want to do something drastic to alter that. Of course there’s lots of other iterations of Archie comics universe….but i’m mostly referring to the classic archie comics.

I’ve got hella comic strips throughout the years of reading Archie comics that I could go on forever haha….but i’ll stop here. If you want, go back to my past archived posts where i’ve reblogged almost every Bughead related comic strip there is on tumblr lol.

Personally, i love this pairing based on how Jughead is Ace and that his only love in life is food, but knowing that he has a huge soft spot for Betty Cooper. Platonic or otherwise, as long as we get to see their close relationship, i’m contented with that. ;)

Guide to Symbols in Astrology

I thought this would be helpful. You can copy & paste them too, if you need to.




Sun:  ☉
Moon:  ☽


Eros: 💘 (close enough)
Psyche: Ψ


Trine: Δ
Quintile: Q
Bi-quintile: bQ
Trioctile: ⚼
Quincunx: ⊼
Septile: S - ➆
Novile: N -  N̲̅

There are 15 more aspects that I could not find copyable glyphs for.


New moon: 🌑
Crescent moon: 🌒
First quarter moon: 🌓
Gibbous moon: 🌔
Full moon: 🌕
Disseminating moon: 🌖
Last quarter moon: 🌗
Balsamic moon: 🌘


North Node:  ☊
South Node:
Degree: °
Retrograde: Я - ℞
Ascendant: AS
Midheaven: MC

it’s a small world plays while i contemplate that Roshone advised Elhokar to put Moash’s grandparents in prison, which led to Dalinar advising Elhokar to banish Roshone to a little podunk town as an alternative to killing or imprisoning him, which led to Tien getting sent to war, which eventually resulted in Helaran’s death and Amaram’s betrayal, which almost got Elhokar and Dalinar killed in the long run mostly because of Moash’s influence. fun times


The complete 3 hour recording of the Dinosaur Hunter ADAD Stream!

Content warnings:

  • A bit of foul language and dick-jokes
  • Headphone warning: Ryuu’s mic was a tad high, we advise you view/listen to this at 50% volume.
  • The actual game footage starts at 10:18
  • In the end we didn’t divide the recordings, so ignore the “youtube bye” and “youtube hello” moments
Erase My Regrets

holy shit the second chapter already!! i have so much time on my hands so i use it to write i guess, during the week i probably won’t post chapters frequently. school sucks. anyway, this chapter might suck because i kept procrastinating. enjoy anyway!

part one here

Jason Dean. Who was he? Veronica stared at the name written on the piece of paper that seemed the be wrinkled on the edges. She could’ve sworn there were tear marks. There were dots scattered around the paper where the color of the paper had faded from the tears hitting the paper. What was so special about this Jason Dean?

The young woman sat at her desk, her chocolate hues staring out the window and blinding herself with the bright sunlight shining through. IT was a beautiful day and Martha invited her over to go out and shop, possibly head over to the park and grab some lunch. She agreed to do so.

Veronica had turned down Harvard, Duke, and even Brown. She felt that it was best to go to a community college somewhere close to Sherwood. After everything she’d been through, she felt that maybe she didn’t deserve to go to a superior university.

They were accidents for fucks sake. She didn’t mean to give the cup to her best friend yet worst enemy, she didn’t know they were real bullets, she didn’t want to watch him blow up. Veronica curled up at night even ten years later from those accidents, shrinking in on herself and cursing her thoughts. If all that bullshit hadn’t happened, would she be happy?

Oh Martha. Veronica to this day still felt guilty for her wrongdoings towards Martha, her best friend since diapers. How would she do something like that? Veronica had craved to be like the Heathers yet to only kill the supreme leader. Although, she had forgiven Heather McNamara. The sweetheart stuck with Veronica during her rough times and Martha had soon come to love the Heather. They seemed to be the best of friends and Veronica, Heather, and Martha always tuned into the Princess Bride on Friday nights. Heather was busy today and Veronica couldn’t blame her. They were adults now. They grew up. Veronica’s regrets grew with her.

Her eyes looked down to the dozens of papers scattered on her desk. She tried her best to listen to her counselor who still believed that Veronica was merely affected by the ‘suicides’ and death of her boyfriend.

“You like to write poems right? Maybe writing down your thoughts and feelings will help.” Veronica’s counselor had told her. She must’ve thought it was silly how Veronica needed help even after ten years. Ten years. She tried to write poems but always turned to her diary. The poems reminded her too much of the ‘baudelaire-quoting-bad-ass’.

Instead, Veronica picked up her pen and slid one of the pieces of paper closer. She sighed and wrote the first few letters that she had written in weeks.

“September 1st, 1989”

The past three weeks were amazing for Veronica. The Heathers took her shopping but many snarky comments about Veronica’s wardrobe were thrown around. They had came over to Veronica’s house and threw out anything that “looked like an 80 year old woman’s clothing”, Heather Chandler’s words. Now her drawers and closet were filled with short skirts, revealing dresses, blouses, and blazers. At least they were some shade of blue.

She had nearly forgotten about the letter she was sent on the first day of school. It was when she was digging through her desk’s drawers and the crumpled envelope caught her eye. Veronica pulled out the first paper in the envelope and read the date.

“September 22nd, 1989”

“Oh yeah, it skipped the past three weeks,” Veronica said to herself as she read on. What would happen today? The sense of familiarity washed over Veronica as she read the first bullet point.

  • Today is the day Jason Dean walked into my life.

Veronica bit her lip and glanced at the other bullet points. He must be important if she had to point the fact out in her letter.

  • The Heathers ask you to forge a note from Ram Sweeney. It’s for Martha.
  • I let them give the note to Martha out of pressure. I was against the idea but Duke snatched it out of my hands.

She furrowed her eyebrows. Shit, she would forge a note in Ran’s handwriting? Martha has been crushing on the dickhead ever since kindergarten. Martha and Veronica weren’t exactly the closest of friends anymore due to Veronica joining the Heathers but she wouldn’t want to hurt Martha. It would crush her if she found out it wasn’t from Ram himself.

  • I want you to instantly tell Martha that it isn’t from Ram politely. If she feels bad about it, be there for her. One of my biggest regrets is hurting her, Veronica. Please. It will cause a lot less damage than what happened if I hadn’t told her.

The thing with these letters that bugged Veronica was the longing and curiosity of what would happen if she didn’t follow these requests. Her life probably would have gone the way it was supposed to. “No, you have to erase your future selves regrets,” Veronica reminded herself as she clutched the letter in her hands.

  • You’ll meet Jason Dean after this happens. You’ll also be going to Ram Sweeney’s homecoming party with the Heathers. I don’t regret going. Go and have fun.
  • You’re no longer a virgin.

Her eyes widened at the last bullet point. Holy shit, Veronica had never really thought of sex. Well, she had. Heather Chandler told her to consider it now that she was apart of the group that most horny high schoolers looked up to and fantasized about. Hell, her mother even suggested to have Veronica on the pill. She reluctantly allowed it just in case. The letter didn’t specify who she’d lose her v-card to, great.

It was a bit exciting to know, if she had to be honest. To be a part of the Heathers you should have fun and go wild at parties right? Hitting third base just might be the best thing she’ll ever experience. And it was.

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Theorists Den

We officially open the den, after too many days of work, glitches, errors, sleepless nights and more work.

This place, we hope will become a home for fellow JSE theorists like us, and be a place they can draw inspirations from.

We’ve created some sort of an archive with past posts from people from the community, divided into categories for easier access:

  • Theories - The long theories, backed up by research and facts.
  • Ideas&Hypothesis - All sorts of “what if"s and smaller ideas and thought dumps.
  • Evidence - Things we notice in the videos/posts and what they might mean.
  • Theory Masterlists - Just raw facts. What happened when and where.

and further divided by ego or time period.

We tried to make a diverse blog, with all sorts of point of views. All theories are valid. All ideas are appreciated. All observations are welcome. And all documentations are important. Never hesitate to tell others what you’ve come up with! You can never know where that idea might lead to.

Submissions are open, as well as asks & anon asks for people who are less comfortable with sharing their thoughts.

Also, we are always open to get more links of older theories and ideas that aren’t in the archive yet. Tag us in, mention us. Once we see your post we’ll either add it here, or explain why we decided not to (rare). We can’t ever have enough stuff in our archive.

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Photograph a Photograph

It’s a weird concept really but it is also the easiest (at least one of) forms of reproducing a photograph which already exists.

These were taken really quickly before my next tutorial. I also didn’t much enjoy looking at the photographs on screen. The edges curled too much and the contrast faded. Maybe its because I was in a hurry.

I was between shooting these and urbanscapes and figuring out what the “missing link” was. As well as working, travelling to and attending uni.

Faces are my main thing, well people. For me at least, it makes photographs more relatable/ personal. So including portraits would surely be my addition to the project. I say this because the album/ family images are from other people (although I included my parents family albums); then the urbanscapes were the community’s overall contribution. I just happened to be the person behind the camera. But the styling and addition of portraits are from me. Portraiture and documenting people, life and events is what gets me going so that’s my contribution.

A round start to a lifetime project. I believe I have found my calling…

Ecoute, elle est le genre de personne qui peut te transformer en poèmes. Elle mémorisera la sensation de tes doigts contre sa peau, les rides autour de tes yeux quand tu souris, tout tes froncements de sourcils quand tu te mets en colère, le bruit de tes pas sur le vieux plancher le matin, la forme de ta bouche, les battements de ton cœur quand elle attrape ton poignet.
Elle te regardera avec de grands yeux brillants et sourira comme si des milliers d'étoiles transpiraient de ta peau. Elle t'observera secrètement et te demandera si toi aussi ta peau brûle et ta poitrine s'enflamme quand vous vous touchez. Elle te regardera fixement, presque inconsciemment, car tu es comme les mots qu'elle ne peut pas s'imaginer écrire tout les jours.
Elle remarquera chaque soupir que tu pousses, chaque moue boudeuse, chaque fois que tu joues avec tes doigts ou tes cheveux, chaque gémissement, chaque rire nerveux ou éclat de voix, chaque geste de ton corps et elle analysera la signification de chacun d'entre eux. Elle t'aimera comme un poète. Alors, s'il te plait, sois gentil. Tellement de poètes meurent d'un cœur brisé.

Arenas Temporis - a Thor/Loki fic - now complete

Arenas Temporis (26163 words) by thorduna

Chapters: 14/14

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Additional Tags: Reincarnation, Past Lives, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Sexual Slavery, King Thor, Past Abuse, Rape Aftermath, Angst, Mysticism, Mystery, Infinity Gems, Healing, Happy Ending, well is it ending when it never ends for them, Complete


Thor Odinson suffers a curse.

Thor remembers many lives spent by Loki’s side. He is not going to accept that this life could be different.


Special shout out to @angeline-farewell for her amazing art

solarpotato  asked:

Twin suns is great, but is Ben really not gonna be a jedi knight? only an archivist? won't mace or plo koon see his real worth. That he is more then a weak and fragile body, that can and will achieve great things as one of them padwan?

“You are aware I could have you on active duty Ben?” Jocasta offered quietly while shelving, glancing down at her padawan who was on the other shelve with an armful of datapads.

“I know. I don’t want to. I like it here. I’m happy here.” Ben hummed.

“You could be a Jedi knight.” She moved down the ladder and turned, facing him with a small frown of worry.

Ben sighed. “Anakin’s been talking to you, hasn’t he?” He sighed and rolled his eyes before putting the datapads on the trolley beside him.

“He had a few points my padawan.” She smiled, walking over to him and resting her hands on his shoulders. “You may be week in body but you are strong in mind and soul. And you have a gift for the Force that few can claim with such clarity.”

Ben sighed and looked away, frowning ever so slightly before looking back up at her. “But…I…I won’t ever be able to go into a lightsaber battle.”

“You can still manage to pass the trials. I know you can.”

She squeezed those thin shoulders carefully even as he frowned in thought and looked away. “I…”

“Ben, I want you to use your skills and look to the future…and see yourself.” She encouraged quietly though sternly. “You see the galaxy in such a different way and in so many shades. You see potential and know what to do though you can’t control others actions. But your own…Ben, you can see your own actions.”

The copper haired teen sighed before closing his eyes, focusing slowly inwards.

He wasn’t sure he wanted to be a Jedi Knight, frankly speaking, the few memories he retained from Obi-Wan Kenobi’s life scared him. He tried to let go of it, but some of it was just so…

‘Breath in…breath out…’ He unconsciously reached up and held onto his master’s wrist, gathering support. Cautiously he tried to see himself.

And promptly dug his nails into his master’s wrists while throwing his eyes open, gasping sharply as a blooming pain exploded across his temples, to the back of his brain, down his nape and traveling his spine to every limb.


Ben knees folded underneath him as blood poured out of his nose, down past the corner of his mouth, over his chin and along his neck to stain the neck of his tunic. Only Jocasta’s strong hands on his shoulders kept him from fully collapsing. Another jab of pain and Ben’s mech hand dug into his master’s wrist, tearing skin and drawing blood.

Jocasta hissed then swept Ben into her arms as she got over her horror, the skinny teen folding in her grasp as she sprinted out of the Archives and past other shocked Jedi.

Their shock turned to dread at the sight of blood coated face as suddenly Jocasta Nu of all people running through the Archive.


“I just…don’t understand.” Anakin held his brothers hand in his lap, looking lost and confused as he sat on the others bedside. “Ben looks into the future a lot. He’s never done this before. Even on Tatooine when he was at his sickest.” He looked at the Healers and Masters.

“A concern this is. Happened it should not have.” Yoda offered grimly.

Qui-Gon rested his hand on his padawans shoulder, knowing how much Anakin cared for his brother. And seeing Ben completely still in the bed with his eyes wide open and unseeing at the ceiling was disturbing.

They had tried to close his eyes but had been unable to, the healers forced to give him eye drops to prevent his eyes from drying out.

“Anakin, could you reach him?” He questioned and sighed when Anakin shook his head.

“We tried that once, I got thrown in the wall and almost cracked open my skull. The Force gave a clear warning, what Ben sees is just for him to see and decide with.” The blond part of the twins whispered, looking down at his brothers pale face as green eyes stared at the ceiling.

It was eerie how quiet and still Ben and Anakin swallowed back bile as the thought ‘still as the grave’ entered his mind.

Ben was not dead, not yet.

“Ben, you need to wake up.” He whispered as Jocasta, Che and Yoda started to discuss what to do. Qui-Gon stayed by his padawans side, resting his hand on the young mans shoulder.

“It will be alright Anakin.” He whispered.

“How can you be so sure?” His padawan asked quietly.

“Because he wouldn’t leave you.” The older man offered surely, feeling the Force agree with his words. Ben would not leave Anakin, not like this.

glamour-and-lifting  asked:

How do I find the comic?! You took it off your bio 😢😭

I didn’t and had my husband double-check. I know it disappears on tumblr-mobile for some reason but it should be there on the desktop version. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Unfortunately since it’s a separate page on tumblr, I dont really have a work around besides to just paste the archive for you. 

I sent Tumblr support an email about it and am hoping that they can give me a decent solutionso its easily accessible. Fingers crossed >_<.

Desire (Easter Egg NSFW)


The Roshar Project


Located in eastern Roshar, Alethkar is more exposed to the highstorms than many lands further west. It’s culture is based heavily on class and Vorinism.  War and honor are considered a way of life to the Alethi.