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Hi there! Sorry if you've answered this before (my computer takes forever to load archives), but what canvas sizes do you tend to use in Krita? I use Krita as well but when I do paintings nothing really comes out as "crisp" as your paintings do, it's all kind of fuzzy and low-res. Thanks in advance!

I usually use 5″x7″ or 8″x10″ at 600 dpi. Hope it works for you! :)


It was so much fun! Currently I’m in a car, making my way to Chicago to visit for a few days and then it’s OFF TO TROTCON! 10 hour drive means a lot of sleeping and… a lot of Pokemon Go WHAT.

It was SO MUCH FUN meeting all you lovely people! Thank you so much to everyone who attended the panels I was on, who made the time to visit my booth, and who tracked me down as Blank Canvas to say how much they enjoy my work, aaaaaa. <333 Definitely going to go back next year! WAAAAAHHH

also yes i drew this while in a car and stopped at a mcdonalds to post it. class.

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Betta Fish Swimming the Galaxies.

Acrylic painting on non-archival 9x12 canvas board, varnished, and embellished with pink and white ribbons for hanging. I made this for the monthly art challenge over at Lachri Fine Art. It follows the surreal marine-life-in-space aesthetic of my jellyfish painting.

Available on Etsy! (Sold!)

Update: Prints are now available on Etsy!