Honest to god Wade is me

If this bullshit keeps going, I’m leaving all of the fandoms I’m in, severing all ties with any other fans and just enjoying the show on my own.

You all are completely ruining it. Completely destroying my enjoyment of anything with these ship wars and trash talk of characters and attacking the actors and being absolute assholes to anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

I had to unfollow over 75 accounts already because everything was just drama. Are half of you still in middle school or something? Just. Stop.

You’re toxic and problematic and have become the very thing you claim to be against.


Added more prints of Bluegrass to the shop. Plus, I put together a whole new video for YouTube. Check the links in my profile❗️
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Anyone Else?

You ever read a summary so good you’re honestly kind of confused but super excited and you have no idea how many words it’s gonna have and you’re guessing like at least 10k and then you see 560?

Like, how can a summary that good be attached to a story that’s less than 1,000 words?

In case you need comfort right now...

I don’t have the right words for anyone who needs comfort right now, I’m in need of it too due to a situation at home with my family, and the fear of things transpiring that harm my loved ones and fellow peoples abroad. 

But here are some stories that I’ve written that could maybe help you, either distract you or possibly make you feel some love in your heart. It’s not a lot, it’s not good, it’s not enough, but it’s all I have to give anyone. So here are some stories to hopefully make you feel better or loving or loved. 

The Legend of Korra



Red Vs Blue

Steven Universe

Mass Effect (Franchise)


Enjoy which is essentially my entire archive of fluff and feel good writing on AO3. Please, if this helps you, feel free to comment! And stay safe my friends. 


Kylo Ren/Rey + TV Tropes