18/09/18 6:45pm | 15/100 days of productivity

My head has been so overcrowded the past few days, I’ve had bits of incomplete thoughts floating around not quite making sense. Today I took myself outside and just sat in the stillness and journaled. It really helped me figure out what my priorities are and redirect myself. Take some time for you today, you deserve it 💛

concept: walking out of that exam hall, head up high, cheeks flushed because it’s over, it’s finally over. breathing in fresh air, eyelashes fluttering and you know that all the late nights, the caffeine overdoses and the tireless hours spent studying, haven’t gone to waste and you’ve done your very best 

Never neglect yourself for even a second. I hope you find this helpful. There should be something for everyone here.


  • a hot bath with salts and candles
  • gentle stretching
  • take a quick shower
  • closing your eyes and being quiet for a few minutes
  • chamomile or peppermint or jasmine tea


  • call a close friend & chat about nothing in particular
  • write a letter or postcard (I’m talking snail mail)
  • write that email you’ve been putting off
  • unplug yourself from social media for a bit
  • go out for coffee or tea with a pal


  • make a to-do list for when you’re feeling better
  • set priorities so as not to overwhelm yourself
  • clear off your workspace for when you’re ready
  • clean out your closet and/or drawers
  • sort through your papers for school


  • try some yoga poses (learn some from youtube)
  • go for a walk, long or short, just so long as your heart gets pumping
  • play outside with your dog if you’re lucky enough to have one
  • somersaults, jumping jacks, push ups, cartwheels, etc.
  • dance vigorously to your favorite music

Skincare & hair care

  • please try a face mask (heavenly)
  • use that bath bomb you’ve been saving
  • moisturize your body with a lovely smelling lotion
  • look up a recipe for a homemade hair mask
  • learn a new hairstyle from youtube or pinterest


  • remind yourself that you are beautiful, always have been, always will be
  • give yourself a mani-pedi (try fun colors!)
  • do your makeup as if you’re going out, just to feel glamorous
  • treat yourself to something small, like a new mascara or lipstick
  • get a free makeover from a store like sephora

Mental health

  • if applicable, make sure you take your meds. always.
  • curb the negative self talk as much as possible
  • get it all out in morning pages or a journal
  • find a counselor through your university or healthcare network
  • just share what you’re going through with someone, anyone


  • you will feel better if you get at least one thing done, just a small thing
  • make a list of all the assignments you have to do then put it out of sight for a while
  • call a friend or contact a classmate if you need help (or your teacher/professor)
  • get some new stationery, even just one pen to make you smile
  • refresh your organizational system, to start over


  • bake something for yourself or someone you know’s favorite dessert
  • bite into a crisp apple
  • avoid mindless snacking so you don’t regret it later
  • but you can indulge a little in your favorites
  • eat fresh, home-cooked meals


  • herbal tea and fruit tea (nature’s tranquilizers)
  • water infused with lemon or cucumber
  • fresh juice
  • never underestimate a big cold glass of water
  • avoid alcohol because it is a depressant


  • put on a favorite (preferably funny) movie or show
  • put on your favorite music or soundtrack
  • reread a favorite book
  • find a new book at the library you just can’t put down
  • walk around or go about the house listening to an audiobook


  • delete apps you no longer use
  • organize your digital files
  • donate clothes that don’t fit or you haven’t worn in 6 months
  • go through your belongings and ask if something really brings you joy
  • purge your fridge of uneaten foods and condiments


  • if you have them, diffuse some essential oils (lavender and chamomile)
  • get into a fresh headspace by changing your locale (the library, a coffee shop, etc)
  • light some candles
  • use soft, warm lighting
  • spruce up your space with some low-maintenance plant friends (succulents)


  • make your bed
  • do a load of laundry
  • change your sheets (they will feel crisp and awesome when you go to bed)
  • sweep the floor
  • do a quick wipe down of counters


  • put on a fluffy rope or a roomy hoodie
  • slippers or big fuzzy socks
  • pants with an elastic waist  
  • perch yourself on the couch or snuggle in bed
  • deep breaths


  • wash your face
  • shower
  • wash your feet (if you can’t bring yourself to shower)
  • change your underwear
  • put on an outfit that makes you feel like a warrior

Day trips

  • the lake
  • the beach
  • a hiking trail
  • museum (don’t forget your student discount!)
  • a new part of town you’ve never explored


  • learn a new skill
  • start studying a new language (like you’ve been meaning to)
  • take a twenty minute nap
  • practice gratitude
  • play a video game

Things not to underestimate

  • hugs
  • hearing “I love you”
  • saying “I love you”
  • cuddling with a pet
  • alone time

Things to remember

  • you are not alone
  • you are loved
  • you will get through the worst you could imagine
  • this is all temporary
  • I believe in you

Hey everyone! We wanted to take the chance to thank you guys for helping us reach 17K followers. When we started this blog as a way to motivate one another despite our ‘long distance friendship’, we never dreamed that it would become so big! We can’t even begin to express how much this means to us 💖


We’ve recently been getting a number inboxes asking for suggestions to a perfect studyblr starter kit. So we’ve decided to brainstorm, and compile a beginners list to some basic/typical studyblr stationary ^_^ 

The list doesn’t include ALL the stationary the studyblr community uses, but simply the stationary that we personally love and use, and would 10/10 recommend for anyone 🌟

🍁 Reminder: it is okay to write messy notes, it is perfectly fine to have shadows on your studyblr photos, it is okay to not be productive for a day because you are too tired, it is okay to take a break when you feel overwhelmed. You have done great and you have survived so much. I am proud of you and you should be proud of yourself too. 🍁

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“In March I’ll be rested, caught up and human.” - Sylvia Plath

Time sure flies fast - feels like it was yesterday when 2018 started aND NOW HIXTAPE IS ALREADY DROPPING TOMORROW (i’m ready to be slayed and for my heart to be destroyed - someone prepare a shovel for me please because THE FEELS)

edit: it has dropped now and it’s a work of art - bless the time difference here in germany. i’m not okay because it’s AMAZING.

How to Be Productive During the Weekend

The struggle is real: even though we have a wonderful 48 hours to get everything we need to done, time somehow slips through our hands. Here’s how you can best utilize the weekend, so you can manage to fit in your work, some fun, and much needed rest.

1. Address your needs first

  • Did you miss out on a lot of sleep over the week? Use that first night of the weekend to fully recharge. You’ll be useless to yourself if you’re tired.
  • Are you just crazy burnt out from the week? Take some R & R time for yourself. Unwind with a few episodes of your favorite show on Netflix, read, take a bath, meditate, or go out with your friends. Do whatever it is that revitalizes you. You’ll also be useless over the weekend if you’re still burnt out.

2. Make a plan

  • As with anything you want to execute successfully, you need a plan. This is where you whip out the bujo, planner, or a bunch of sticky notes if that’s your style.
  • Write down a list of everything you need to get done over the weekend. This is only the essentials, the top priorities. Example: study for A.P. Bio exam, write reading response, do laundry.
  • Next, take each item from the list and break it down into steps. Example for reading response: 1) Read chapters 1 & 2 of Jane Eyre; 2) brainstorm response ideas; 3) make a brief outline; 4) write response draft; 5) edit
  • Don’t let seeing so many steps overwhelm you! The point is that you’re breaking down the larger, tougher projects into smaller, manageable tasks. You can check them off as you’ve completed them for a delightful sense of accomplishment.

3. Schedule, schedule, schedule!

  • Scheduling allows you to make necessary social engagements or allocate chill time for that highly important balanced lifestyle. 
  • If you need to break down your day into hours or even half hour units, then do it if it works for you. Allocate a realistic (generous) amount of time for each task. And stick to it.

4. “Easier said than done, Carolyn,” is what you may be thinking, and that’s totally fair. Here are some tips to make all of this easier:

  • Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself if you need to. We are all human and subject to imperfection. That’s just how it is, and that’s okay. Please don’t beat yourself up if you don’t follow your schedule or feel like you’ve accomplished every task you set out to do. It’s okay, alright?
  • Put away your phone! In the other room! In a drawer! Have a friend hold on to it! Or just download Forest, which is a great app that incentivizes staying away from your phone.
  • Download the app SelfControl for your computer and block sites that tend to suck you in (like tumblr, for example!).
  • Stay well nourished and HYDRATED for maximum mental functioning.
  • And I’m dead serious about this balanced lifestyle stuff: if all your needs are being met, then you’re more likely to stay focused and driven.
  • Finally, reward thyself. You’ve earned it. Bath bomb time!

Milk tea and a croissant. 

Went to the library today and decided to get some roses after. Have been listening to songs from Nicki Minaj’s new album the whole day.

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You sent your CV and got a call back? Congratulations. But now you’re facing the most frightening part of the job: the interview. 

No honestly, I’m joking, this isn’t as bad as we were told. And here’s what I learnt from it.


You almost have the job. Don’t try to impress them too much, just stay faithful to who you are. Wear casual clothes, not a lot of make up, tie your hair (or at least brush it) and if you are wearing nailpolish, check that it isn’t cracked. Honestly, wearing cracked nailpolish during an interview just says that you’re messy and not organised. Don’t forget to smile, no one would like to hire someone always grumpy!

2. Do your homework

Remember the description of the job? Well that’s very important, state all the criterias that was asked in the description and make sure to tell your interviewer that you’ve got all the qualities the job requires. 

Learn about the company, when was it created, do they have other shops, what do they sell/do, what are the prices and what type of people will you have to face. Google is your best friend for that.

3. Get ready to answer questions

It’s D-Day, you’re sat at the table and the interviewer is here. Get ready for the questions. Nothing exciting to be fair. “Why do you think you’ll be good at this job?” “What brought you to apply to this job?” “Did you know about *the company* before?” 

And then they will ask you about your skills. Learn your CV and don’t hesitate to repeat it and add more details. For exemple: “I know how to work in a team very well because ….*add previous experience*”. They sometimes ask you how people would describe you or what are your flaws/qualities. Be honest. 

If you don’t have any experience, put everything on your skills and link them to school. Interviewers know if you have experience or not. They will also understand that you’ve been focused on your studies and that’s okay. Don’t try to hide it, be proud of it.

4. Interview your interviewer

Your interviewer will ask you a lot of questions but at some point he will ask you if you have any questions. And now, honey, it will be your time TO SHINE. Fire away, honestly it’s very embarassing to have nothing to say, it’s a bit like “oh well, just taking the job, not really fussed about anything”. Find something! Are you allowed nailpolish, do you have a uniform, what time do they open, are they closed during holiday, what will be your salary, do you have days off, will you have a training session, etcAsk everything on your mind, it will show your interviewer you’re at least interessed by the job.

5. Don’t rush anything

The interview is almost over. The interviewer might ask you when you can start. Never say “right now”. Say “tomorrow” or “next week” instead. Wait a bit, talk to your family/friends about the job to make sure you’re making the right decision. If you can, wait until you can have at least a glimpse at the contract because sometimes the interviewer doesn’t tell you everything about the job (how many hours, how much you’re paid). Wait for them to call you back. And when leaving, you can mention “that you’re looking foward to hearing from them again soon”!!!

I hope this masterpost was helpful and that you’ll nail your interview. If you have any other questions, you know where to find me! Reblog to help your fellow friends if you thought this was useful

Check out my other masterpost on how to improve your résumé or my masterposts.

- Aly xo


4-7/100 ~ {6.7.2017-9.7.2017}

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting in ages but I’m back continuing with the productivity challenge.

These days I’ve been studying for my chemistry exam and started taking an online course about public health which is very interesting! I also finished my physics lab report on time! 

Hope you’ve been all doing well and having a good time ✨


We’ve just finished our 30 icon requests in celebration of our 20K milestone! And we’re so glad that so many of you guys participated ^_^
Making these icons ended up being a lot of fun, so we decided to make a couple extra ones for everyone to enjoy <3

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Floral,summer inspired notes🌸

More notes from my self-studying (of the gender topic in psychology) over the summer🌞. I experimented with some doodles and I really like how it turned out🙌🏼.

•green and red mildliners
•light green,pink and black 0.5 zebra sarasa clip pens
•tombow ABT dual brush pen in asparagus
•pentel touch sign pen black