I have recently received some criticism regarding the political posts on ARCHatlas. This post gathers some of my favorites quotes regarding architecture and politics in response to this recent message: 

My problem is I followed an architecture blog not a political blog. I despise some of your views but that shouldn’t matter. BECAUSE YOURE AN ARCHITECTURE BLOG.

ARCHatlas is my blog, the work of one person, and that fact grants me the freedom to post whatever I want (like you all have the freedom to unfollow or block me). Thanks for following!


I’m taking portrait commissions for 60$!
They are 30 less than my normal full bodies, and half the cost of my more detailed background commissions.

I want to practice my backgrounds and composition, as well as take quicker commissions before I go to school in a week–at that time is when I will open for full bodies and my regular commissions.

Requirements -
Environmental/does not include architecture
I will take 2 slots!

Shoot me an email at if interested.

He Mistook Me As Greek

Remember when you told me
that my body is one of ancient Greek architecture
I thought that was a compliment.
Standing extravagantly in thought and the like,
but didn’t it succumb into disarray
at the sight of the Roman Army?

I asked you who the Roman Army was.
You said it was a metaphor for my heart disease.

I was never good at running away
I tried
I did
I tried
I ran
but my legs are made from matchsticks
and my heart is a bonfire

I was never good at standing up to you
I tried
I did
I tried
I brag
but I have a mouth full of humble.
And my ego a crushed tablet under your heavy thumb.

Remember how you used to hold the pillars
of my heavy philosophical building
in your hands?
You dunked my ideas into your tea
and watched me soften and crumble
into nothing between your fingertips.

You must know I’m not all ivory tower 
and curled ribbons piled on my head
I am not a present for you.
You tried to drain me of my tears
building your Roman aqueducts
to fuck with my Greek architecture
you were wrong
because my body is built on Barbarian structure

my matchsticks and bonfire
have since burnt you into the backpages of history.