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“Pierce’s Palace Hotel, 1880 Prospect Avenue, (Buffalo NY), opened 1878. Considered the jewel of Victorian-era architecture in Buffalo, this “fabulous confection of a sanitarium” was built by Dr. R.V. Pierce to host tourists and invalids who traveled here to receive Pierce’s cure for their ailments. Pierce was a world-renowned peddler of patent medicine who became a millionaire selling bottles of Doctor Pierce’s Favorite Prescription, Dr. Pierce’s Smart Weed and Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets, most of which contained opium. His Palace Hotel burned to the ground in 1881, three years after opening, and D’Youville College now occupies the site. Pierce later built an Invalids’ Hotel and Surgical Institute at 665 Main St., which drew patients from around the world, before leaving town and losing his fortune in an unwise attempt to tunnel for gold and coal in California."  (photo and text from the Buffalo News)


From Left to Right: 

Frank O. Gehry, Fish / Chester A. Sanborn, United States Patent 85,006, Design for a Building, 1930-1931

Claes Oldenburg, Building in the Form of An English Extension Plug, 1967 / Saul Steinberg  


From Left to Right: 

Chris Burden with Nancy Rubins, A Monument to Megalopolises Past and Future, 1987 / David Michaels, United States Design Patent, 507,058, Design for a Building, 2004-2005 

Eduardo Paolozzi, Thunder and Lighting, Flies and Jack Kennedy, 1971-1975 / Hans Haacker, Beach Pollution, Six Hundred Feet of Beach Cleared of Debris, Carboneras, Spain, 1970 


From Left to Right: 

Kos Minar, Near the Railway Station, Lahore, Pakistan, Early 17th Century / Benewah Dairy, Spokane, Washington, 1980 

John Portman, Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, Georgia, 1985 / Richard Pritchard, United States Patent 154,875, Design for a Building, 1947-1949 


From Left to Right: 

Emile Ratier, The Eiffel Tower / Chris Burden, Another World I, 1992 

Caricature of Gustav Eiffel and The Eiffel Tower / James C. Everett, United States Patent 180,686, Design for a Building, 1956-1957