architecture of life

Him. He’s the one I want by my side when celebrating good times, and he’s the one I want helping me through the hard times. He’s the only person I want to wake up snuggled next to, the only one that consumes my late night thoughts & my dreams. There’s no one else that makes my heart soar and my mind race and my hands tremble like you do. It’s you, and only you. There’s nothing else I can say, no other words that would be true. You’re the one, why can’t you see that?
—  the words I failed to say around you//

There are so many Tumblr blogs devoted to explaining - at great length - why every development in home architecture in the past hundred years is the work of the Devil, I’ve resolved that if I ever become rich, I’m going to live in a huge, featureless concrete cube. They’ll still hate it, of course, but at least they’ll have a really difficult time hitting their minimum word count.