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4.3.17 // (16/100) carrel (n) - small individual study area in a library.

Studying in my local library for the first time! I love the mix of gorgeous victorian architecture with modern touches from when it was refurbished several years ago. 🏫

Also, I’m doing my grade 8 piano this term help me pls and I’m really nervous, but all I can do is keep practising. 😬

“Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest.”
- Lady Bird Johnson


Deep Dive Into Networking in Swift

Swift has a bunch of cool features that can make networking a lot easier, more expressive, and safer than in Objective-C. Learn about how Tumblr embraced Swift in our networking code and about the architecture of our new networking library.

Kenny Ackerson (pearapps) is a Senior Engineer at Tumblr.

Perch Rock Lighthouse.
After not leaving the house for a few weeks due to being poorly, I felt that some time at the beach would wash away the cobwebs so to speak. After looking on various weather apps and tide times, I decided that a trip to New Brighton on the Wirral, England would be the best bet, plus I really like this beach as it is clean although there is the odd jellyfish to watch out for! As it was the school holidays and very hot weather, we decided to visit later on in the afternoon when the crowds had died down and it wouldn’t be quite as hot. When the tide was coming back in and it was nearly time to leave, I set up my camera and tripod and captured this image in two separate frames so that I could fit in all of the foreground and to ensure that I could use a long enough focal length so that the lighthouse didn’t seem tiny in the final picture. I captured this image then moved to my left when I took the image that I posted just before this one. After this is was time for icecream and a drive back home.
Editing the two images was quite straight forward. I selected the two frames in Lightroom and stitched them into a panorama using the very easy to use stitch function. I then sharpened the image and cropped it into this composition before desaturating and slightly adjusting the contrast.


I posted something about server tickrate a little bit ago. Here’s a couple of Blizzard’s network engineers from about two months ago talking about their networking systems and how they handle latency and server tick rate. Note that they call it “client update rate”, which is probably more accurate. The server tick rate is the rate at which the server does its internal game calculations. The “client update rate” is the rate at which the server sends out all of the current world state to all of the connected clients, which isn’t necessarily tightly coupled with the server tickrate.

On a side note regarding Overwatch specifically, it also appears that Blizzard’s designers were pretty generous with the size of the bounding boxes on the character models when determining hits. In the game, you can still hit an enemy with most weapons by aiming slightly outside of their bodies and heads, which means that you can actually hit a target who is just behind a corner if that invisible hit box protrudes a little bit out around the corner regardless of tickrate or latency. It appears that actual fired projectiles (such as Hanzo’s arrows and Genji’s shuriken) have a bigger collision box than they are visibly too, making them easier to hit with.