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Beijing got its first snow of the season today, and social media is abuzz with photos from this morning’s snowfall.

In this photo posted in The Palace Museum’s official Weibo account, the snowflakes seamlessly contrast with the colorful architectural marvels of the Forbidden City, creating picture-perfect images. In less than three hours, the photos received more than 90,000 comments, some admiring and others comparing the Chinese guardian lions, the golden roofs and the ancient red gates to a winter wonderland.

One of the most famous monuments in all of France, the Arc De Triomphe was built to honor the fallen soldiers of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (and not the host of L'Apprentice, Donald Triomphe). It’s an impressive, Roman-inspired architectural marvel with an opening large enough for a suicidal idiot to barnstorm an airplane through.

Beneath the Arc is a WWI tomb for unknown soldiers, whose ghosts probably feel pretty thankful that they weren’t forced to spend eternity underneath another of the proposed designs for the monument: a monstrous, water-spewing circus elephant.

6 Iconic Monuments That Almost Looked Completely Insane

A letter to my home

My dear home,
How are thine?
I hope you are fine;
For in a terrible position is currently I;
Ever since I left you behind.
I miss you outright;
To which not at all I am lying;
For I sit and contemplate all night;
That how this place is anything but mine.
The streets here are wide;
And there is so much of light;
Rustle and bustle remains all the time;
Nobody seems to take a break, not even for a while.
And this to me only reminds;
That how to peace this is not a domicile;
And so much of light can sometimes burn your eyes;
Leaving you asking for a shred of darkness downright.
The marvellous architecture does come to my sight;
But even it makes me sick from inside;
For then I realise;
That you don’t have buildings so high.
An argument to me you could provide;
That here I can visit the sea side;
Which inspires me to write;
And so why not use this opportunity and be wise.
But to you then I must reply;
That ships sailing in that sea so wide;
Becomes symbolic of the distance I need to cover duly;
To fill this gap which as physical I must imply.
And my heart is carrying a weight out of the scope it could comprise;
Maybe that’s why;
Pulled down towards the earth is my body so lithe;
Because of which no longer I glide.

“So I hope at least you in all good health lie.”

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In the late 1970s, Grand Central Terminal’s owners faced bankruptcy and, figuring they had a solution, nearly slapped a 55-story office tower on top of the revered architectural marvel. The terminal was saved by the Supreme Court’s decision in Penn Central Transportation Co. v. New York City, “in which the Supreme Court upheld for the first time the principle on which landmark preservation laws are based,” wrote Paul Goldberger in The Times in 1990. William Brennan figures as the hero in Mr. Goldberger’s tale, having written the majority opinion that prevented the terminal’s owners, Penn Central, from developing on the landmark and thereby securing its status as a structure of public good. Justice Brennan believed, like many others, that historic buildings and other structures “enhance the quality of life for all.” Photo: Keith Meyers/The New York Times

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contemplating a journey

this smothering snowfall carries with it
shiny dreams of escape
of turning away from
the impassive world
beyond the window glass
and traveling to somewhere

the expedition begins here, perhaps, between the swell of your calf
and the slope of your thigh
around the corner from your useful knee
in a place better suited for
more frivolous pursuits
than locomotion
a place where tickling has been known
from there the road to a tourist’s
favorite destination
is straight and quick
although there are a few attractions
along the way
well suited for lingering kisses

so it may be that a better place to start would be just here
behind your left-hand ear
where the hairs are short and brisk
and you shiver
when a tongue forges
a new and warm trail

from there, choices abound
there is the possibility of visiting
the architectural marvel
of your collarbones
behind the fine curtain
of your skin like honey
and wine

or stopping to rub a longing cheek against
each springing hair
on the verdant plain of your chest
with some attention paid
by gentle teeth
to any nipples that
may be found there

more alluring still is the idea of a short
to your belly
where avaricious hands may
gather in your vital heat
enough to thwart
the stinging cold
of this day

even your wrists left and right
are a pair of tempting markers
to taste
and touch
with fingernails
both amiable and barbarous

this wondrous face holds far too many marvels
to take in
on a single visit
straight lines, gentle curves
all overshadowed by
the joyous spark
behind your eyes

so many places to visit and all day and night to make the trip
when the journey is complete
the mind’s
insatiable scrapbook
will overflow with souvenirs
memories of friction
and fervor
soft cries
sweat and salt
and lingering ecstasy

little wonder that the traveler in this land
becomes a nomad
never wishing to
stop exploring
all of you


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