architecture in pakistan


I was asked to post more photographs of the B Type Mosque in Islamabad by Anwar Said [built 1981/ photographed 1987]. So here you go!

The mosque is designed for an urban community of 25,000 people which shares similar architectural features. It is comprised of three parts, organised symmetrically along a linear axis: the entrance hall, a courtyard surrounded by covered verandahs, and the prayer hall. The design is based on the repetitive use of square vaults in different heights.


“The legend of Anarkali – the beautiful courtesan who seduced the Mughal Prince Saleem only to be entombed alive in a wall for her transgression by Salim’s father, Emperor Akbar. The history of Anarkali, that heaving, bustling maze of congested streets and tiny shops located outside the Lohari Gate, can be traced back to colonial times. 

Lahore’s oldest surviving bazaar was once the center of culture and style; and remains a popular shopping destination even today… Vibrant and chaotic, Anarkali Bazaar embodies Lahore’s spirit of grandeur, contradictions and co-existence. Amongst shops selling everything from stationery to hand embroidered khussas to fresh nimbo paani, you’ll spot architectural styles derived from the various eras to have shaped the city’s cultural ethos – from Mughal to Sikh to British” -Destinations Magazine