Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Culture Collides in Striking Photographs by RK

Tokyo-based photographer RK explores the far reaches of Japan, as well as neighboring Asian countries, shooting images that capture both timeless and of-the-moment scenes.  RK often includes signs of life in his landscape images, whether a fisherman casting a line beneath a vibrant Japanese maple tree, or a carefree skateboarder cruising down a paved road with Hokkaido looming in the distance. The photographer also highlights the densely-packed nature of life in Japan, from masses of commuters forming a sea of umbrellas to shop owners surrounded by huge selections of neatly organized inventory.

Golden Bridge, Vietnam.

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge was chosen to outline the metaphor of bridge building for the interdisciplinary learning. People are walking over the bridge that is being supported by multiple hands- this outlines connecting two or more disciplines in order to advance understanding (the ability to pass).


Color Palettes From Cities Around the World 

The Mill Shop, a UK-based purveyor of affordable curtains, went on a tour around the globe, picking out the colors that exemplify some of the world’s most beloved cities. The results are a fascinating look at how the environment, local culture, and weather produce stunning color palettes that should inspire any designer.


Amsterdam Light Festival 2018 illuminates the city’s streets and canals

The seventh edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival has been officially opened today by the mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema. previewed yesterday, the popular event takes place from 29 November 2018 until 20 January 2019. Every year, luminous, high-end artworks co-created with (inter)national artists, designers and architects are selected by the jury to light up the city.


Casa BL Umwelt

Chilean architecture firm Umwelt has constructed a wood house and a black cabin for a young family, on a property overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The project comprises two buildings, titled BL1 and BL2, on a spacious plot with no trees in central Chile. Umwelt designed the residences for a young family who moved from the capital Santiago to the beach town of Cáhuil, seeking a more natural lifestyle.

The main residence, BL1, measures 1,399 square feet (130 square metres) and comprises a two-storey addition to an existing bungalow – forming an L-shaped plan and creating a triangular outdoor patio in between. The older east-west wing blocks the south wind to shelter the terrace, while a pergola shades it from the sun.