Learning on the River | Oliver Partington
Location: Thames, London, UK | The Bartlett School of Architecture, Unit 22

The network of floating structures not only provides new spaces for the city’s younger generation but also tries to reignite the wider civic connection to the river.  The Thames is London’s largest open space and can now be used to house vast areas of new public space and community owned institutions.  These will focus on community built structures that embody the needs and culture of a given district.  This in turn allows the river to become a vast buffer zone that transcends formal geographic connections and starts to bridge the widening social and economic disparity in today’s city.


Artist Uses His Architectural Skills To Paint A Fantasy Warsaw Hidden With Surprises At Every Turn

Tytus Brzozowski graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology. Both architect and artist, he incorporates his passion for the urban landscape of Warsaw with his love for austere Nordic art.

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東京都 - Tokyo Metropolis, Illustrations | Alexander Daxböck

- Tokyo Metropolis - Series of Architectural Illustrations. Using the medium of manga to visualize and promote a fictional project situated in Tokyo, Japan. These are only 2D-images, no 3D-software/model was involved.

Coloring Book For Adults is Full of Intricate Urban Cityscapes

In an attempt to make pastimes more enjoyable and intellectually productive for adults, Chronicle Books has published a stress relieving or stress-inducing (whichever way you  look at it) coloring book titled Fantastic Cities, featuring intricate architectural illustrations of the most famous cities around the world. With 60 cities to fill in, from New York to Istanbul, Amsterdam to India, the activity requires a keen eye and good deal of patience on the part of painter.

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