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5:31 | b r e a k

Taking a small break to plan out the week ahead. When I feel organised I’m less anxious and positive that things will turn out OK :)

Also my birthday is just around the corner! :D


Japan by Jérémy
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17 November 2016

Have not been posting lately. Been so busy with school. There’s so much work to do and deadlines to meet, I’m so tired and stressed to the point that I don’t feel anything (anyone felt this way before?) hahahha. I’m so overwhelmed by the things I need to do and I feel so lost.

I just want to sleep.

A spread from my old architecture journal. Seeing this with fresh eyes has really inspired me, I am so many different things and creativity comes in many forms - unstructured and structured. I really love the mixture of personal memories, literature/philosophy and permaculture/site analysis informing an outcome. Remember that you are in control of what creativity is and what it means to you.