Ecocapsule Self-Sustainable Home

The Ecocapsule is powered by a wind-turbine and roof solar panels, so there is no need to worry about the lack of power as this amazing house has two efficient ways of generating its own power. It even has built-in rainwater and dew collection systems so your toilet, shower and kitchen sink are fully functional at all times.


Amazon is building these weird but totally awesome treehouse orbs 🌐🌳

This is WAY better than the cubicle life.

This treehouse orb being built by Amazon in Seattle, Washington will house 800 people amidst 20,000 plants. The pentagonal pattern of the building, called a Catalan, will repeat 60 times per sphere. 

Tbh our main concern is, will EVERYONE be able to see in? Will the outsiders witness our bowel movements through the glass? Will we feel as if we are fish in a very plant-y fishbowl? So. Many. Questions.

Intrigued? Check out more orb-y treehouse photos on our site.

(Images via NBBJ)


E. Fay Jones, a Frank Lloyd Wright protégé, designed a very simple, but fantastic modern chapel in the Arkansas’ Ozark Mountains. This June marks the wooden chapel’s 35th anniversary! Check out this amazing structure with over 425 windows that allow you to feel like you’re outside while inside.