Barn House in Fahndorf

The expansion designed by Propeller Z complements the available floor area of ​​just under 60 m2 by providing a living space and kitchen, that meets the needs of modern times. The new volume, following the edge of the site, is pushed into a section of the roof geometry of the yard without touching it. The shell of the new building constructed from ready-made panels in just one day opens with a generous glazing to the south and east, while the west and north sides remain almost completely closed.

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the-island-of-dawn  asked:

I love your blog. It's brilliant! As a young architecture student I'm getting a lot of inspiration from here. May I have a request: Portuguese tile architecture.

Thanks! As requested here are some examples of Portuguese tile architecture:

Porto Residence

Igreja Matriz de Santa Maria de Válega

Palace of the Marquesses of Fronteira

Metropolitano de Lisboa

Capela das Almas Church

Palace of Sintra


Good wood - minimal and perhaps a tad brutal from the outside but an oasis of calm on the inside. This heavenly concrete house with wooden accents has been built into a steep slope in the Eisack Valley, South Tyrol, Italy, by local architect Andreas Gruber.