Dietrich UntertrifallerStadthalle Hall F, Vienna 2006. Located directly adjacent to the 1957 Roland Rainer design, this expansions pays its respects to the original by developing a somewhat unused portion of the original master plan. The new hall adds additional theater and administrative space, and constricts inward in plan while the Rainer butterflies up in section. A large, glazed wall reflects the original structure, and pushes circulation and lobby spaces to the perimeter to allow views. A new public plaza is created in the area between the two halls, directly under the impressive structural members of the 1957 building. Photos © Bruno Klomfar.


St Mary’s Ontario ~ Canada ~ Architectural Work of Art “Lionvale” 236 Jones St E by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Via Flickr:
Architectural Work of Art “Lionvale” 236 Jones St E in perfectly preserved Victorian Heritage town of St Marys (pop 6,600) . Circa 1880. Second Empire Italianate style, 5 bdrms ) Sold for approx &700. 000 The historic Lionvale in St. Mary’s Ontario Canada is for sale. St. Marys is a town in southwestern Ontario, Canada. It is located at the junction of Thames River and Trout Creek, southwest of Stratford and surrounded by the Township of Perth South. It is in the Perth census division but is independent of Perth County. The town is also known by its nickname, “The Stone Town”, due to the abundance of limestone in the surrounding area, giving rise to a large number of limestone buildings and homes throughout the town. St. Marys Cement, a large cement producer founded in the town, capitalized on this close feedstock, and grew to be a major producer of cement in the province of Ontario. St. Marys is home to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.


28.09.16 Two hour study session in the library! Making sure I’ve got all the books I need in a list so I can go get them later, but I’ve already picked up Marx’s theory of history. This library gives me chills and also I feel like I’m at hogwarts. I hope it never wears off. I played quidditch today for the first time too! Really fun - I scored a goal and tackled two people to the ground! Bake off tonight and then to the pub! Xxxxx emily