architect paris

The Rome apartment of Italian architects Patrizio Romano Paris and Patrizia Pietrogrande features low slung custom furniture of the architect’s design mixed with pieces by Mies van der Rohe and Saarinen. Photographed by Carla de Benedetti, 1983. “Noble simplicity and quiet grandeur” – Winckelmann

Cité Curial-Michelet Housing Complex, Paris, France.

(Arch. André Coquet, 1966-69)

Photo by Carlos Traspaderne with Hasselblad 500 C/M & Kodak film.


Inside Rick Owens & Michele Lamy’s Paris Home:

Photo I: Sculpture by Horst Egon Kalinowski in the meeting 

Photo II:  In the library, the couch, triangular stool and shelving all designed by RO

Photo III: A daybed covered in suede with a sable blanket, both by Owens, whose designs are sold through Salon 94 in New York City and Gallerie Pierre-Marie Giraud in Brussels.

Photo IV: An installation of objects on Owens’s desk includes a skull and Roc crystals.

Photo V: Owens’s minimalist shower

Photo VI: A brass-topped table by Owens

Photo VII: The Owens-designed bed is pine plywood covered in cashmere felt.

Photo VIII: Owens leans against a concrete sink in a bathroom he designed.

Photos by. François Halard


Small space: in this studio apartment in Paris, the architects from Batiik Studio   they decided to isolate the night area with a multifunctinal structure

Tour Totem, ParIs, France.

(Arch. Michel Andrault & Pierre Parat, 1976-79)

Photo by Carlos Traspaderne with Hasselblad 500 C/M & Ilford film.

Logements Jeanne Hachette, Ivry-sur-Seine, Paris, France.

(Arch. Jean Renaudie & Renée Gailhoustet, 1970-75)

Photo by Carlos Traspaderne with Hasselblad 500 C/M & Ilford film.