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Enough branches had been removed from the roof to leave a smoke hole; I could see the evening stars, as I cuddled against Jamie and listened to him criticize his workmanship.

“Look at that,” he said crossly, lifting his chin at the far corner. “I’ve gone and laid in a crooked pole, and it’s put the whole of that line off the straight.”

“I don’t imagine the deer carcasses will care,” I murmured. “Here, let’s see that hand.”

“And the rooftree’s a good six inches lower at the one end than the other,” he went on, ignoring me, but letting me have his left hand. Both hands were smoothly callused, but I could feel the new roughnesses of scrapes and cuts, and so many small splinters that his palm was prickly to the touch.

“You feel like a porcupine,” I said, brushing my hand over his fingers. “Here, move closer to the fire, so I can see to pull them out.”

He moved obligingly, crawling around Ian, who—freshly de-splintered himself—had fallen asleep with his head pillowed on Rollo’s furry side. Unfortunately, the change of position exposed new weaknesses of construction to Jamie’s critical eye.

“You’ve never built a shed out of logs before, have you?” I interrupted his denunciation of the doorway, neatly tweaking a large splinter out of his thumb with my tweezers.

“Ow! No, but—”

“And you built the bloody thing in two days, with nothing but a felling ax and a knife, for God’s sake! There’s not a nail in it! Why ought you to expect it to look like Buckingham Palace?”

“I’ve never seen Buckingham Palace,” he said, rather mildly. He paused. “I do take your point, though, Sassenach.”

“Good.” I bent closely over his palm, squinting to make out the small dark streaks of splinters, trapped beneath the skin.

“I suppose it willna fall down, at least,” he said, after a longer pause.

“Shouldn’t think so.” I dabbed a cloth to the neck of the brandy bottle, swabbed his hand with it, then turned my attention to his right hand.

He didn’t speak for a time. The fire crackled softly to itself, flaring up now and then as a draft reached in between the logs to tickle it.

“The house is going to be on the high ridge,” he said suddenly. “Where the strawberries grow.”

“Will it?” I murmured. “The cabin, you mean? I thought that was going to be at the side of the clearing.” I’d taken out as many splinters as I could; those that were left were so deeply embedded that I would have to wait for them to work their way nearer the surface.

“No, not the cabin. A fine house,” he said softly. He leaned back against the rough logs, looking across the fire, out through the chinks to the darkness beyond. “Wi’ a staircase, and glass windows.”

“That will be grand.” I laid the tweezers back in their slot, and closed the box.

“Wi’ high ceilings, and a doorway high enough I shall never bump my heid going in.”

“That will be lovely.” I leaned back beside him, and rested my head on his shoulder. Somewhere in the far distance, a wolf howled. Rollo lifted his head with a soft wuff!, listened for a moment, then lay down again with a sigh.

“With a stillroom for you, and a study for me, lined with shelves for my books.”

“Mmmm.” At the moment, he possessed one book—The Natural History of North Carolina, published 1733, brought along as guide and reference.

The fire was burning low again, but neither of us moved to add more wood. The embers would warm us through the night, to be rekindled with the dawn.

Jamie put an arm around my shoulders, and tilting sideways, took me with him to lie curled together on the thick layer of fallen leaves that was our couch.

“And a bed,” I said. “You could build a bed, I expect?”

“As fine as any in Buckingham Palace,” he said.

—  Drums of Autumn (Outlander series) - Diana Gabaldon

the (mis)Adventures of Jamie the Architect #1
Reading architectural theory can be difficult

I love reading and I especially love reading theory but even for someone like me who enjoys it, it sometimes gets difficult to decipher. 

It takes me forever to get through a chapter, let alone a complete book. I’m finding myself having to read a required book by September and two other ones I want to finish before I start thesis. But I have to say that it’s taking me longer than I expected with not only because work and life gets in the way but because I constantly have to stop and keep re-reading things over and over to fully grasp the meaning.

A co-worker gave me a really great tip today that I’m going to start doing and I wanted to share with you all in case you have difficulties with reading theory as well.

Read the whole chapter in one go. It’s like watching a movie for the first time, you’re not going to pause and re-wind constantly… you’re going to keep watching. With reading in one pass, you grasp the overall message of the chapter, you understand the arch of the message.

Then re-read the chapter. The second time around allows you to pick up the details that you missed, just like in a movie. This saves you a lot of time compared to when you constantly stop yourself and keep re-reading sentences over and over again. 

كانت تلك الأيّام أيّاماً سعيدة، وكما هو شأن كلّ الأيّام السّعيدة، فإنّها لن تكون موضع تقدير إلّا إذا انتهت ولم تعدْ تتكرّر.
—  إليف شافاك ، الفتى المتيم والمعلم

But where. in the visual rather than literary sense, did the vision come from? That is the mystery of genius. From antique sarcophagi, from a few gems and reliefs, and perhaps some fragments of Aretine ware; from those drawings of classical remains by contemporary artists which were circulated in the Florentine workshops, like the architects’ pattern-books of the 18th century; from such scanty and mediocre material, Botticelli has created one of the most personal evocations of physical beauty in the whole of art, the Three Graces of the Primavera.Kenneth Clark, The Nude.

Beautiful artbook for Disney’s Big Hero 6

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A tome not to be missed!!
This is an awesome art book for those into not only digital and traditional art mediums but for designers and graphic artists/designers and architects also! This book not only delves into the process behind making the movie but style changes in drawing and development of characters and sets as well. This book includes the sketches from even the brainstorming/thumbnail stage where nothing was hashed out just a small idea on paper sketched out in a matter of seconds. Then the evolution from there is defined and explained at each step all the way up to CGI modeled finished product images. It shows a ton of art from behind the scenes which some books well “art of” books have neglected over the last few years. This book surpasses the art of the guardians of the Galaxy ( a book that I loved btw) and is almost on par with the first art of iron man movie book (which to me is top 5 in art of movie books due to the depth of information and photos and most important production art the makers included in their book). This book is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it. As an artist myself it is very inspiring to see processes of development such as was included in this book because you can see areas which show the inner workings of the artist mind, the hurdles they face in creating art for a big company like Disney and this part is key, the way that even the upper echelon professional artists still have to work out kinks in their work by going back to basics and working on fundamental art skills to get perfect work. This book shows that it is a long arduous process no matter what stage artist or what kind of artist you are. Five stars all the way.
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Definitely Not A Disappointment
Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve already read it cover to cover three times, and I have yet to see the movie! If you’re afraid of spoilers, that’s okay because this book has little to no spoilers in it, so it’s perfectly okay to read before you see the film. The art is absolutely stunning, and the format is like a comic book. For this being my first art book, I don’t regret my decision at all.
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It is a great book for anyone interested in the movie or just …
My family loves this movie! My son is really excited over this book. It allows you to dive deep into the details of the movie’s environments and how the director arrived at his decisions that ultimately became the final movie. It is a great book for anyone interested in the movie or just as a reference to gain insight and inspiration for your own concept art.
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The book arrived in perfect condition. It’s really beautiful and filled with amazing …
The book arrived in perfect condition. It’s really beautiful and filled with amazing drawings, concepts and process. The backgrounds, buildings, environment and interior design were covered very well. However, it could have been improved with some more pages for character designs. There are also some spelling mistakes, so it seems a bit rushed. The price including shipping was quite expensive.. but Amazon was the only place I could buy it from. I loved the movie and had to have this book in my collection! For fans of Big Hero 6 or even fans of the art style, I would definitely recommend it!
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I enjoy collecting art books for inspiration on my own artwork & the good people at Disney & Pixar have made that possible. Stunning artwork & concept designs along with excerpts from important people who worked on the feature. A+ in my book.
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Love the art but..
Absolutely beautiful concept art especially the environment sets. Detail descriptions of thoughts of making the scene but I have to agree to some of the reviews that the layout of the digital version is messy (Main reason!). Also some pages are in low resolutions. I thought it could be the size of the window that I had (It was on full screen of a 27" monitor) so I shrunk it down to a size of a book. Still blurry. I need it ASAP so I am keeping it but would definitely consider getting the actual print for my next art book.
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Five Stars
Five Stars
Good for animators
Five Stars
Great book!
Five Stars
Five Stars
A great buy and excellent pricing
I really like this book i wish there was a few more …
Five Stars