U of Westminster Predictions on Future Cities 

As the title suggested, their predictions include super-deep basements, floating cities, fields for grazing animals on top of skyscrapers, underground stadiums as well as roads that curve into the air. Additionally, homes will be created using 3D printer along with what’s called the spaceports that help people’s journey from Mars to Moon or vice versa. 

These ideas have been feature on a new series of Impossible Engineering on TV channel in 24th of May. Such an idea comes from the increasing population density in cities such as London, Beijing and much more. In addition to the rising awareness to sustainable design, urban farms idea has been mentioned to perhaps reduce the influences of environmental conditions with global warming and rising sea levels. 



Elii 067 Didomestic: Every Home is a Theatre

This short video by Imagen Subliminal showcases the innovative designs of Elii, a Spanish architecture company.

They take us around the daily life of a minimalist home. Inspired by the tricks of a theatre stage, the space is reconfigured for different uses throughout the day.


Lin Huiyin (1904-1955)

Art by Summer Comfort (tumblr)

Huiyin is considered to be the first female architect in modern China.  One of her chief interests was the restoration of Beijing’s historic sites.  While working with her husband Liang Sicheng, Huiyin climbed to the roof of the Temple of Heaven.  No woman had ever walked on the emperor’s temple roof before.  Huiyin also discovered the main hall of the 9th century Foguang Temple.

After World War II, Huiyin became a professor of architecture at Tsinghua University.  While there, she was involved in the design of national icons such as the National Emblem of the People’s Republic of China and the Monument to the People’s Heroes.  

In addition to her work as an architect, Huiyin was a writer.  She wrote fiction, poetry, and essays.  She also served as a literary translator.  In 1924, Huiyin and Xu Zhimo served as translators for the Nobel Prize winning poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Maya Lin, the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, is her niece.

Spinwell Global Vacancies - 28/05/2015 06:20

Spinwell Global Vacancies – 28/05/2015 06:20

VAC-11339 Project Manager – Regional Networks VAC-11338 Vice President (Generation Engineering) VAC-11337 Junior Engineer (Generation Engineering) VAC-11336 General Manager – Hydropower and Dams VAC-11335 Design Team Leader – Hydropower VAC-11334 Civil Design Engineer – Flood Protection VAC-11333 Construction Manager VAC-11332 Construction Manager (Earth Works) VAC-11331 O&M Specialist VAC-11330…

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Proof That The Airport Is A Really Beautiful Place…

Presenting: JFK Airport, LAX Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport


Masculine & Full of Details: FvF Portrait of Martin Rein-Cano, Berlin

Martin Rein-Cano is the founder of landscape architecture firlm TOPOTEK1 and believes in work without stress or conflict. With his architecture firm he strives to solve the conflicts in urban spaces.

We visit Martin at his Berlin-based office and apartment, where he has lived for over 20 years, to find out more about the recurring theme of occupancy in his work and why Berlin’s architecture is so conservative, on Freunde von Freunden.

For the second part of the story and further interior details, head over to Personalities by USM.

Thank you, Achim Reese & Matthias Weingärtner!


Perkins + Will’s Nature-Inspired Museum in Shanghai

In April 2015, Shanghai Natural History Museum has finally revealed its wonderful facade. The design was down by international firm Perkins + Will. Some key features of this building is the spiraling green-roofed structure curves around a sunken garden and pond, as well as shifting technic plates. 

The museum is around 480,000 square foot and contains exhibition spaces as well as a 4D theatre and housings. The geothermal system where the sunken pond collects rainwater from the vegetated roof regulates the building temperature through evaporative cooling.