S.N.A.F.U. [Situation Normal All Fuc*ed Up] drawing by David Raschka. From my Spring 2015 graduate comprehensive studio, “Domiciles, Nests & Drawers,” #architecture #drawing #art #archistudent #uwm #sarup #sarupmilwaukee #corneliusstudent #mylar #architecturerepresentation #archi_students #topological #superarchitects #instaarch #instaart #art #archiporn

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Funniest thing we’ve gotten in our inbox! Thanks stayill0gical!

1. “Are you seeing someone? Why not?”

Amazingly, I get this question at least once a week. It’s fun to turn the question around to the asker.

“Why are you in a relationship?” “Because I’m in love!” “Right, I’m in love with autocad and 3d max for 10 : 15  hours every day “lol”.

2. “Have you tried online dating?”
Online dating? What is this new fangled thing you speak of? ya ya you mean because i am setting on laptop all the time
(Of course we’re online dating!)

3. “It’ll happen when you least expect it.”
The problem is, if you’re single and actively looking, then you’re always kind of expecting it ,but the trough that i am single because all of architecture girls have relationships .

4. “Oh my god, can I wing for you? I am such a good wing-man.”
If you’re single for long enough, you become sort of a toy between your friends , and called you archsingle, a pet project for your coupled up friends. They like to parade you out to bars and insist on winging for you, which is really just a way for them to vicariously experience the “thrill” of picking someone up at a bar. The problem is that for them, it’s all about the hunt, and not at all about finding someone with whom you would actually be compatible in the long term (or even just in daylight).

5. “You need to put yourself out of architecture some time!”
Out where, exactly? [Whenever some helpful soul suggests this to me, I immediately picture myself in the middle of some crowded piazza, waving my arms around, saying “yooo-hoooo!”]

6. “Why don’t you join a group?”
It’s a common misconception for people to think you’re single because you just don’t have enough hobbies.

7. “You just need to ______.”
Flirt. Make eye-contact. Go out. leave Autocad ,Leave 3d max , Make you hair, Cut your hair,Wear brighter colors. Tone it down. Talk more. Talk less. Dress sluttier. Act more grown up. Meet more people. Shave your beard. Stop talking about comic books. Stop talking about your cat. Be less self-deprecating. Be less intimidating. Let them see how awesome you are. Drink more. Don’t get so drunk. Make the move. Don’t shy away.

8. “It’s better to be single than to be in the wrong relationship.”
Well, yesssssssss…but it’s best to be in the right relationship, no?

9. “Wow, I am so glad I never have to be single again.” 
Yes. Fabulous. I am so happy for your good fortune.

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