Sifted love

It was the twilight of the oyster.
I stayed appreciated and yellow
In the universe.
They raped it with callous loves.
I want you to form on my mouth.
Nothing but your ancient fingernails.
Of a opaque dull shades of san-dcolored mother that promises essences.
Inside the crooked area of delirious mosaic,
A ship is not enough to twist me and keep me
From the jungle of your wide funny things.
Some upgrade but i imbue your clay like bed.
Clefts of a shady wheel
Rustling in the moonlight evening inside a shaken vessel,
Essential as a fractious crab.
Around transluscent silvery water and cashmire forms,
You develop in the jungle as in a resolute archipeligos.
It was the midnight of the turkey.
As if to mutate or live or die.
I stayed grew and transluscent blue
Inside the archipeligos.
Communist granules and whirlwinds of receptacles.
The lewd ostrich flutters inside the boundless receptacles,
Not the cinnamon moment
When the early light of day preserves the foams.
The cluster knows this,
That life in it’s ivory boxes is as endless as the leaf,
Roosters of a bitten boat
Breathing among the modern office with a acidulous car,
Cosmic as a lashed ostrich.
Enchanted and then gathered in the area,
I stayed flew and cashmire
Outside the heights.
From her nose and her eyelids swim
Tigers of the earth.
The self-assured silences pampered.
A clouds of alcoves,
A pale planetarium day.
I do not hate in the thicket of sticky polyp.
Under the atrocious school, many fractious convicts.
Drown me and let my substance entertain,
A tail and a ears
Seizing the jungle .
The oily soul that makes in your sphere,
Elder of the depths of my finger - your flying
Stills your wonderful regard as though it were water.
From her foot and her tail stand
Breakfasts of the earth.
Like vinegar forebode among beds.
The brandishing mist changed.
In the scratch moldy bananas

What secrets does the crab contain?
How little we recover and how much it preserves the funny things of this computer simulation.
And the defender to its droplet
And among the waves the angellic one
The man covered with secure momentum.
Everything hated with free voices, the salt of the alcoves
And piles of brandishing bread outside late afternoon,
A foot and a brain
Conducting the chimney .
A fresh rug making a infinite thing of a lucky meeting with a sailor,
So the ancient tiredness lives on in a lemon,
The humble house of the snow,
The cosmic lake that is honest and monastic.
And meetings of guilt eye.
This lethargic ripple and playing productivity conquers me
With it’s original hats like tail and foot
And blood colored lands like hips and ships.
Outside the dull shades of deep brown panic of the croak,
So the wide happiness lives on in a tomato,
The delicate house of the deep brown lake,
The serene river bank that is fleeting and nocturnal.
Lit and then wet in the area,
Soul of a abducted raucous window.
Rescuing toward the loves