archimedes tf2

Bonus Secret Santa! Archimedes insisted on delivering another present to the person who did the most for the event, but couldn’t participate themself. This one’s for you @kritzelkrams, you shouldn’t be the only one without a gift :) (I hope you like it and this makes up a little for all the stress you’ve gone through)

I’m afraid the box is empty, though. I saw him rip it off of some Smissmas decoration earlier. But if you grab him fast enough, you can still get a free dove out of this. That’s something, right? 

Thanks so much for sacrificing your free time to organize this event. Hopefully you can participate in the next one. Merry (late) Smissmas (und gute Besserung für deine Hand)!

here goes my gift for @mis-mis, who wanted to see medic & archie in christmas clothing! (i also added a coupla other pigeons as a bonus :p)

hope u like the nerd n his birds,, n merry xmas to ya!!

(also great thanks to @kritzelkrams for organizing the secret santa event bc it was hella fun!!!)