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Another cosplay from this past weekend at the D23 expo! ✨

My father and I decided to cosplay as Jane Porter & her father Professor Archimedes Porter from the Disney movie Tarzan! 🐒🔍🌴

It was so much fun to share a part of my life with my father he had and absolute blast and swears that he will be cosplaying again next D23 expo! 😅


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Jamie Dornan as Tarzan; Felicity Jones as Jane Porter; John Cleese as Archimedes Q. Porter; Tom Hardy as John Clayton

Ruth Negga as Kala; Chiwetel Ejiofor as Kerchak; Danielle Brooks as Terk; Jason Segel as Tantor

Rose Leslie as Tarzan’s Mother; Clive Standen as Tarzan’s Father; Levi Miller as Young Tarzan


In the late 1880’s, a small ship wrecks off the coast of Africa. The sole survivors are a young couple with their infant child. John (Lee Pace) and Alice Clayton (Amy Adams) soon decide to build a small tree house in the dangerous rainforest, hoping that the small home will be enough to protect them from the dangers. However, their hopes are crushed when a leopard attacks them, killing both John and Alice. Their son surprisingly survives and even more surprisingly, is adopted by a female gorilla who has recently lost her infant to the leopard.

This small baby grows up in the African rainforest with gorillas. He learns their ways and is even able to communicate with them. He lives what he believes to be a completely normal life, but he always feels like something is missing. He knows he isn’t a gorilla, but he doesn’t really know what he is.

When he is assumingly in his late twenties, a ship sails into the harbor of his home. A small group of explorers begin to venture into the unexplored rainforest, hoping to learn more about the animals living there. He becomes entranced by a beautiful young woman named Jane Porter (Jenna Louise Coleman) and isn’t sure how to approach her. After a few thoughts, he makes an appearance and she is completely shocked to discover this wild man in the forest. Her father, Professor Archimedes Porter (Jeff Goldblum) and their guide, Cecil Clayton (Michael Fassbender) both are wary of this strange man, but allow him into their camp. Jane begins to teach him the English language and he soon begins saying Tarzan (Eoin Macken), which is the name he has given himself.

After gaining their trust, Tarzan takes the Porters and Clayton to visit his family of gorillas. The Porters are completely enthralled by the animals and take notes on their habits. However, Clayton has worse intentions in mind. He kidnaps the Porters and Tarzan and shoves them into the ship while his men go and hunt the gorillas so they can earn riches for the beasts. It’s up to Tarzan to escape and save his family and his new friends.



Elsa: somebody had fun this morning, mh?

This post struck me. 
Thanks to metaphoricalbutton that suggested the super cute third page yesterday during the livestream.
And thank to everybody who was there, it was fun as always is.
I hope the short isn’t going to break me tomorrow, cause I have so many ideas in my mind recently.
Also, as I said in the livestream, this should be part of an idea of mine that I even used for two other drawings (this and this), in this modern AU Elsa and Anna are sisters and Elsa is a student of Archeology at the San Fransokio University and Anna goes to live with her when she goes to college. The house they live isn’t hers, but property of Professor Archimedes Q. Porter (I adore him) whom she works with. The best part I think is the mess, ‘cause Elsa was usually very clean and neat, but I love to think that when she followed professor Porter to an archaeological excavation somewhere, for two years, she became more… well, carefree (at least with certain things…).
Sorry, it’s all in my head… it’s complicated, also I don’t want to spoiler much. At least not now. Even because I already said the best part of this story during the live stream :P
I suggest to you to pay attention to all the little details and read, of course, all the labels Anna put everywhere.



🎶I wanna know, can you show me
I wanna know about these strangers like me
Tell me more, please show me
Something’s familiar about these strangers like me

…I wanna know 🎶

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Son of Man, look to the sky
Lift your spirit, set it free
Some day you'll walk tall with pride
Son of Man, a man in time you'll be