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58,61 plzz for archie andrews

58. “You smell like a wet dog.”

61. “Welcome back. Now fucking help me.”

Rolling over in your sleep, your nose crinkles up as you find yourself pressed against Archie’s chest. You sneeze, causing both of you to wake up, staring at each other before realizing how close you both had gotten. It was always hard to keep yourself away from him when you had your weekly sleepovers, but tonight was far different. Your face twists in disgust as you shimmy away from him, pulling the sheets with you.

“You smell like a wet dog.” Archie blinks a few times, raising his arm to his nose and sniffing.

“I don’t smell anything,” he states, shrugging his shoulders and reaching out for you. Smacking his hands away, you shake your head.

“No way, smelly. Go take a shower before you even think about touching me with your dog hands.” You move further away from him on his bed when he attempts to reach for you again. Squealing, you kick your feet a little, arms pin wheeling as you fall off his bed and onto the floor with a loud thump.

Archie’s head pops over the side of his mattress, eyes wide in shock as he looks down at you. “Oh my god, are you okay?” Huffing, you rub the back of your skull, wincing at the slight bruise that you can feel already forming there.

“Yes, I’m fine. Go shower, would ya?” Archie nods, disappearing again as he practically runs to the bathroom. Rather than try and get up, you sit on the ground, rubbing gently at your head while muttering about stupid boyfriends smelling gross. Within minutes, Archie is back, hair dripping a little as he stands over you.

“Welcome back. Now fucking help me.” At his raised brow, you sigh softly. “Please, Arch? My head hurts.”

Taking pity on you, he picks you up off the floor, kissing your forehead and laying you down on his bed again. He dries out his sopping hair, fixing the sheets before climbing in beside you and snuggling against your side. “Better now?”

You inhale deeply, smelling only his pine body wash and something like vanilla. “Yes, much. Thank you for not smelling like a wet dog.” He leans up to kiss your jaw, smiling.

“Anything for my favorite person.”

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Archie leaned a little closer and Jughead’s eyes flicked in a curious but uninterested way towards his lips. Archie licked them, watched Jughead’s Adam’s apple bob. “Jughead,” he said, soft, “can I kiss you?” “If you have to.” Archie leaned in to press their lips together, disappointed by the feel of it. He thought... he didn’t know what he thought. That maybe kissing Jughead would feel as illicit and dangerous and naughty as jacking off together did. But it was just a

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“Oh Archie! A word?” Hand pressed over the boy’s shoulder, she makes sure to stand tall against him. Big, suspicious smile over red lips, the remaining Blossom twin is in a need for a private conversation with the other redheaded boy in town now that Jason was gone. In fact, it was ALL related to Jason in one way or another. “So I heard a little rumour about your EXTRA classes with Miss Grundy, it’s very interesting really I mean  she REALLY to take care of her students.”

The shunning of Archie Panjabi

The final press release for season 6 (episode 22) of The Good Wife is now out in the world. Despite the fact that the Kings have promised some sort of boffo Alicia/Kalinda scene, and despite the fact that Bishop’s lawyer Lester will spend the episode hunting Kalinda down, once again the name “Kalinda” is nowhere to be found in the episode synopsis.  That’s 0 for 22–Kalinda has NEVER been mentioned in a season 6 press release.  In the year she, a series regular, an Emmy winner, a breakout fan favorite, is leaving the show!  Consider the endless “Farewell to Cristina” commercials building up to the departure of Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy.  Consider the Will-centric episodes (reflected in the official press releases) that preceded Will’s death last season.  There’s something fishy going on, and it runs very deep into bowels of the show.  I don’t know why CBS thinks it’s perfectly fine to treat Archie this way, but from my little fan-based perspective, it’s not fine.  AT ALL!!  

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“all this secrets and lies, you have to stop doing it, Archie.” It worries Fred that that whatever happened during the summer made so much of a drastic change on his son. Even more, he hates that they no longer have the confidence they used to. And he knows that there is more to it than just a new passion for music and Jason Blossom’s murder. A sigh escapes the oldest’s lips, frown forming on his forehead as compassionate eyes look up at at similar ones on his son. “What happened this summer? Talk to someone, be it me,Jughead, Betty   but tell someone, son.” And worry slips through his lips, hand going to press against Archie’s shoulder. “Do you need me to call your mother?”
Once Upon a Time: Your Guide to the Magical Residents -- Real and Fairy Real!
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THROWBACK:  October 21, 2011

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