archies love scene


Season 1 Ep.2

To someone on the outside peering in, it would’ve looked like there were four people in that booth. But I was there, and I can tell you, really there were only three: a blonde haired girl, a raven haired girl, and the luckiest red headed boy in the universe.”

  • B*ghead shippers: oh my god the deleted scene was so cute! So much b*ghead!
  • Me: holy shit Archie said she needed Jughead

                                           i WISH he had killed jason.

                                                                                                                     I WISH I HAD.

                                         ind. priv. sel. alice cooper of riverdale.

                                                                                                                penned by steph.



“Now if you can master a slap like that, there’s no need for your clients to hold back. They will open up like a fountain, full of words. No need for strong violence. They’re transported back to their childhoods” - Archy,  RocknRolla


Sherlock and Little Archie

This is a lovely scene. Archie is a child that does not like to talk but he opens up the moment Sherlock treats him as an equal. He is not overly sweet or condescending, but talks to him in a friendly and matter-of-fact way. Of course you might argue that one should not show a child pictures from crime scenes but this seems to be just what Archie needs and wants. I immediately was reminded of Sherlock as a child, curious, moody and very bright, who may have been admonished over and over again by adults to behave in an accepted way. 

The beautiful thing is that Sherlock (who does not seem to count himself among the adults) may well be the first adult to take Archie seriously because he understands exactly what is happening inside his mind. And later on he provides Sherlock with the clue to solve the case.

And he is allowed to sit in John’s chair.