archies girl

  • Archie: from now on, we will be using code names! You can address me as Eagle One
  • Archie: Kevin is Been There Done That
  • Archie: Jughead is Currently Doing That
  • Archie: Reggie is It Happened Once In A Dream
  • Archie: Veronica is If I Had To Pick A Girl
  • Archie: and Joaquin is...
  • Archie: Eagle Two
  • Joaquin: thank fuck
  • *when JB gets to Riverdale*
  • Cheryl: Jesus Christ is that a fucking gremlin?
  • JB: No I'm a third grader!
  • Cheryl: Whatever. Just no one feed that fucking thing after midnight.
  • Jughead:
  • Betty:
  • Archie:
  • Veronica:
  • Jughead: Cheryl what the fuck?

Riverdale & Skam Packs

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