archie: the married life

  • me reading books: i can relate this to sonic shipping
  • me watching tv shows: okay but i could use this in an au sonic
  • me sitting on a train: this is now the start of a sonic adventure
  • me in an exam: okay but imagine if sonic were here
  • me: okay but sonic
While we were dating that first year I noticed that you had the eyes the color of each season. When we first met in the winter your eyes were a cold dark brown and, you held a look of being lost. By the time that the spring had come they were a warm brownish green and they were kind. When the summer came you had eyes that were deep greenish brown and were carefree. When summer was done and autumn had come your eyes were a hazel like green with flecks of goldish brown and, your eyes were caring. When winter came the next year your eyes shone a bright greenish brown and were full of love.
—  Love changes us. //cat
Betty Blue Eyes

There will be age changes in this fic, so make sure you see which age they are at at different points. This fic is long, so I added a continue reading. I hope you like it! :)

Age 5:

Jughead, Betty and Archie were sitting on the swing sets at their local playground. Jughead had his famous beanie on, Betty had her blonde locks tied up into pigtails, and Archie’s red hair was falling over his eyes like a mop. They we’re all swinging on the rickety swing sets, thinking about what they all wanted to do when they got older.

“I’m thinking something like a writer. Or a journalist. All I know is that I want to write” Little Jughead said, pushing his feet against the sand that was underneath the red swing. He was pushing off of the ground to swing just a little bit.

“I want to work with kids. Or write for my parent’s newspaper. Depends on if I have the same interests when I’m older.” Little Betty said, swinging lightly.

“I want to be a police officer. Or an astronaut. Or a firefighter. Or an artist. Or a football player. The only thing I don’t want to do is be a musician. There stupid.” Little Archie said, trying to swing as high as he possibly could, unlike the other two kids.

Archie jumped off of the high swinging swing, and landed flat on his blue sneakers. He looked at his watch and told the other two kiddos that he had to head home for dinner. His mom wanted him to be home at a certain time. He waved at Jug and Betty before racing home, as fast as his little Archie feet could take him.

“Well, we better be getting home soon too. I told my mom I would be home before dinner. I don’t really know what time that is. I don’t have a watch and I don’t know how to read a clock.” Jughead said, making Betty giggle at his early sarcasm. Jughead hopped off the swings and turned to Betty, waiting for her to hop off as well.

But Betty didn’t have the same balance that Jughead did. She tried to hop off as gracefully as Jughead, but ended up landing on her ankle and falling on her knees. She was sitting on the grass clutching her ankle, salty tears coming out of her eyes. Jughead rushed to her side and wrapped his small kid arms around Betty. He rubbed her back and tried to wipe the tears away.

“Hey Betty, it’s okay. I’m right here. I’ll walk you home and your mom can put some ice on it.” Jughead said, trying to cheer the little blonde up. When she didn’t stop crying, he adjusted his position so he was looking straight at her. He wiped the tears away again, and pulled up the jean leg so he could see the bruise that was forming on her ankle. “Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay. It will heal Betty blue eyes.” He said, smiling.

Betty looked up from her ankle to the small boy that was sitting in front of her. She sniffled and gave him a small smile. “My eyes are green Jughead, not blue.” she said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Not from here its not, your eyes are blue.” Jughead said, helping her up and letting her put all her weight on him. They walked all the way to Betty’s house and Jughead gave her to Alice, explaining what happened to the poor little Cooper girl. A week later Betty’s twisted ankle was healed, and it was the start or Betty blue eyes.

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Reggie called Jughead ‘Honey’

I am all for Jeggie 🙈💙💚

Jughead Jones & Asexuality

Now I think everyone knows that I love Bughead on Riverdale. I have always been a fan of the Jughead and Betty dynamic in the comics and with the love triangle being very played out, I was glad that the show decided to leave those issues for the pilot and then dropping it. 

That being said there is a lot of controversy about the relationship because of Jughead and his asexuality.  So I wanted to just discuss the history of Jughead’s character and how it has led us to this point. 

[There is a video for this that will be posted seperate]

(1) Jughead’s Comic Book History: 

Forsythe Pendleton Jones III aka Jughead was created in 1941 by Bob Montana. From the beginning his main character traits were that he was sarcastic, really clever, creative, nonconformist and really, really, really love food and his dog, Hotdog. He also never showed an interest towards girls. Mainly because he felt like it made the guys around him stupid and he preferred food. 

(2) His Relationships With Women: 

Jughead’s early relationship with women initially could be seen as slight misogynistic he would say very rude things about women. Nate Butler made an issue called “Lass From the Past”, which was meant to say that Jug got his heart broken when he was younger and that’s why he swore off women. He did overall have nice things to say about Betty and I think if he ever would have liked any girl it would have been Betty. In the 80s and 90s, they soften it up a lot and he did have romantic interests, kinda. There is one issue where they introduced Debbie and Joani who had feelings for Jughead. Also Ethel was often sort of put with him in a one-sided pair the spare thing. In the more recent “Life With Archie” series, Jughead ends up getting married to Midge, who is usually a Reggie/Moose love interest.

(3) The Question of His Sexuality Pre-2016: 

Now, despite having some romantic relationships depending on the writer, in general it was not a part of Jughead’s character and that led people to guess that Jughead was a gay man. Now in my opinion this stems from the assumption that anyone who isn’t interested in obvious romantic relationships is gay. There is no strong indication that Jughead canonically likes men. His only really strong male bond is Archie but he openly mocks his stupidity. Nor does his irritation at Archie’s lovesick behavior read as a deep-seated sexual attraction. He just seems to find it annoying and bothersome that his best friend acts like an idiot over one woman who clearly jerks his chain and just being a poon hound in general. This sort of disinterest in romantic relationships over leads the reading for Jughead as sexual which was made canon in 2016. 

(4) 2016 Asexual Jughead:

In 2016 Jughead had his own comic book run as part of the revamp of the series. In the version of the character as writen by Chip Zdarsky (Sex Criminals) the character was written to be an aromantic asexual character. This is part of the “New Riverdale” series of relaunched Archie Comics titles. There is even a “Road to Riverdale” comic, which is for people who have entered the Archie universe through the show, but it does not take all the diverstity hints of the show. This version of Jughead has been very sucessful, because the writing is amazing and also it offered something to an audience of people who really needed representation. Which is why they were looking forward to…Riverdale.

(5) Riverdale & Bughead: 

Cole had made multiple interviews/statements saying that he really wanted there to be an asexual Jughead on the show which made a lot of people unnecessaryly excited, because it became clear fairly quickly that Jughead and Betty (Bughead) was becoming a thing. Now the rational given to us by the writers and the cast is that this version of Jughead is not Chip’s from this new comic. It is there own version of Jughead Jones. Okay. So why not just say that from the beginning? They waited until several episodes in to confirm that Jughead was a non-queer character, knowing that it was something fans were interested in. It’s a queer baiting that I can’t stand because there are people who came into the Archie fanbase because of that diversity. If you are going to ride the coattails of that success you have to own why it’s doing well. Also, as much as I like Bughead as a couple, a relationship between two straight white people is not interesting, exciting or new—no matter how cute or well-written it may be or the chemistry between the actors. Not to mention, Riverdale has modernized so much of what the source material gave is. From racebending characters to even adding another gay character (Moose). Yet, asexuality is just too complicated for them because the CW runs on sex. 

(6) Asexuality: 

-What is Asexuality? The lack of sexual attraction to anyone/ or low or absent in/or desire for sexual activity.
-Some asexual people have sex despite lacking that desire, either for their partner, the desire to have children.
-Many different times of asexuality: aromantic, demisexual aromantic, homoromantic, etc.
-Some masturbate, some are disgusting by sex and there is just a very vast spectrum of how certain people feel about sex on an individual level.
-At the end of the day however, you can be ace and be in love and have healthy romantic relationships. 

(7) Sex =\= Relationships:

I was at an event and a woman mentioned said that when she tells people she isn’t interested in sex they ask her “so what are you interested in?” her answer, “everything else.” Relationships are not just about sex they are about cultivating relationships that can last through bonds. On the CW, pretty much everyone is in love or in a love triangle or sleeping with someone they shouldn’t. They don’t know how to make a relationship where the end doesn’t go with someone fucking because that’s what a relationship is to most people. Which is sad because anyone whose had sex will tell you that good sex does not mean you are in a good relationship. 

(8) Conclusion:
Asexual people have every right to be annoyed and frustrated that their big shot for representation on a teen show like Riverdale was snatched away. It would be a great thing to have a show like this feature a character who was asexual and have it treated like a normal thing. You could have even had Bughead be a could and have it deal with being an ace relationship. It would have require work, but it would have been great. Jughead may not have always been ace, but he’s always been a queer character for a lot of people. I may like him with Betty, but that doesn’t rule out other options. Riverdale made the easy choice and even though I like the show and the couple, I can’t help but wish they had just actually chosen to make Jughead as different as he’s always going off about being.

anonymous asked:

You seem pretty familiar with Archie lore. Where do you recommend starting on the comics/When did the current run start?

hey pal! the way i started reading archie was that growing my mom would buy me a double digest every time we went grocery shopping so i’d pick up a random one each week w no particular order to them lol. but if you want a good starting point here are some more recent ones:

  • jughead (2015)
    • this is part of the new riverdale run and it’s probably the most popular archie comic right now? or at least on tumblr. this is the one where jughead’s confirmed as asexual and the majority of the posts you see on here about the comics are most likely about this series. also it’s so funny and ridiculous and i love it so much omg
  • archie (2015)
    • this series kicked off the new riverdale verse and it’s so good??? archie’s a bit dumb but that’s kinda expected, and all ya favs feature pretty prominently here too. a lot more dramatic than jughead, it’s lit
  • reggie and me (2016)
    • aight this is also from the new riverdale verse, but its newer than archie and jughead so there’s only two chapters out right now. read this if you wanna focus more on riverdale’s favorite asshat 
  • betty and veronica (2016)
    • i tragically haven’t read any of the new b&v comics (they’re at the top of my comic stack tho, i’ve just been busy!) but same concept as jughead, archie, and reggie and me: new riverdale, new me. can’t say much about it other than read it bc betty and veronica deserve all your love. 
  • afterlife with archie
    • god, after life with archie is so good. i was a bit skeptical about it at first bc it’s a horror series and i didn’t think that would mix well with archie but holy crap….. it’s so so so so good. hot dog and jughead become zombies and brings on the start of the zombie apocalypse. it sounded awful to me at first but like, there are parts that genuinely freaked me out. bit different than the traditional archie gang we know, but worth a read.

that should give you a pretty good start into the archie comics world. like i said these are all fairly recent but you should give some of the older comics a go if you find that you like them! some honorable mentions worth checking out are veronica #202 (bc it introduces kevin and like, who wouldn’t wanna see him), archie marries veronica/archie marries betty, life with archie: the married life, archie marries valerie (hoe marries so many ppl smh), and like…… anything involving jughead, to be honest.

once you become more familiar with that universe, you’d honestly be just find picking up any random digest/double digest and delving in lmao. there’s hella stories out there and they’re all (for the most part) v good!! 

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm asking because I never read the Archie comics but I hear b*rchie stans say that it's canon in the comics yet I also hear that Archie always chooses Veronica, so how's that work?

Hey Anon,

It’s complicated to explain. 

The thing with the comics (and the digests in particular) is that there is very little continuity. Most stories are stand alone, while some stories run for a couple of issues and then the story retcons or changes completely. It’s kind of like the Simpsons. Each episode is a capsule that may occasionally call back to what happened in previous episodes, but in general, no prior viewing of the series is required to understand. Essentially, it all depends on whoever is writing at the time, and because Archie Comics plays so fast and loose with its storylines, canon is whatever storylines and incarnations of the characters you prefer.

That being said, it IS true that in the vast majority of the comics, Archie chooses Veronica. Although there aren’t as many, in some stories, he does choose Betty (usually with prodding from Jughead or help from Veronica herself, but occasionally out of his own volition). And then in some stories, he chooses neither Betty or Veronica and chases after some other girl (usually Cheryl or Midge) leaving our two leading ladies high and dry.  

The ‘Archie Marries ______’ storyline back in 2010 was hyped as the penultimate story where Archie finally makes his choice between Betty and Veronica. Initially, Archie Comics published “Archie Marries Veronica” which was technically the ‘canon’ choice, but after fan backlash, it was revealed that it was ‘all just a dream’ and that this issue was part of a series that explored the hypothetical ‘happily ever after’ scenarios for the characters (that unfortunately, weren’t so happy after all). The follow-up to “Archie Marries Veronica” was  “Archie Marries Betty,” and then there was a spin-off, “Archie Marries Valerie” and “Life with Archie.” 

So technically Archie never really made a “true canon” choice between Betty or Veronica after all.  Since the “Married”  issues have wrapped up, the digests have gone back to status quo and the love triangle between Betty, Veronica and Archie is still very much in play. 

In the rebooted series (New Riverdale), there is a bit more of a continuous story arc. The story starts in the aftermath of Betty and Archie’s break-up, which is a mystery to everyone, and Archie feels an instant attraction to and gets with Veronica shortly after she arrives in town. As far as I’m aware, Archie and Veronica are still a thing in the most recent issues.  But who knows? The fate of New Riverdale is very much up in the air; it hasn’t been selling very well and apart from the Archie and the Josie and the Pussycat issues, all the other issues (including Jughead’s) have been cancelled. The last I’ve heard, Archie Comics is looking to go back to the digest format.

To sum up: 

There is no real canon in the comics. There are multiple canons and multiple incarnations of the characters and even, multiple universes

Riverdale is a self-contained universe and apart from the names and general appearance of the characters, the characters themselves don’t resemble their comicbook counterparts.  Although Riverdale may occasionally wink at or draw inspiration from the digests, there is no guarantee that what happened in any of the digests will happen on the show, so really, what is or isn’t ‘canon’ (in the loosest sense of the word) in the comics is kind of moot. 

I hope that explains things? 

Pieces of my Heart - Part 22

Read the entire fic at A03


WARNING:  Smutty Smut….cause I was in a mood haha


Jughead leaned against pillar of their apartment and watched Betty mingle with their guests.  She looked beautiful tonight.  She wore a stunning green dress that ended mid thigh and flowed around her like a cloud.  The color made her eyes look like brilliant emeralds.  The look of excitement and joy in her face when people asked to see her ring made his heart smile.  He didn’t know it was possible to love someone this much.

“She’s so wonderful, J,” Jellybean said softly, coming to stand next to him.  “I understand now why you love her so much.  Well, maybe not all the reasons why,” she said laughing.  “But she really is wonderful.  I feel happy around her.”

“Me too, JB, me too.”  Jellybean walked over to Betty and was greeted with a hug and Jughead smiled.  She had enough love for everyone and he felt honored that she reserved the best for him.  At that moment she looked up and met his gaze and her happy smile was dazzling.  She made her way to him and stopped just a breath away, smiling up at him.

“Enjoying the party?” she asked, brushing his curl off his forehead.

“I’d enjoy it more if we were alone,” he said with a warm glint in his eyes.  “I missed you this week.”

“I missed you,” she breathed and leaned up to give him a sweet kiss.  He wanted to deepen it but then he’d have to carry her to the bedroom and he didn’t think that would be appropriate with all their guests.  She read the intention in his eyes and let out a little sigh.  Veronica came over at that moment and dragged her away to talk to another guest.  Jughead shook his head laughing and went out on the terrace to have a smoke.

His week had been swamped and he’d been too tired to do anything most days except come home, eat the dinner she forced him to swallow half asleep, shower and pass out in bed.  He was all caught up now and had a week off to enjoy the holidays with her and God he missed being in her arms.  Yes, it had only been 3 days since their fun in the tub, but he craved her like an addiction.  An addiction he didn’t ever want cured.

“There you are,” Archie said with a sigh as he joined him outside.  He pulled his jacket tighter around him against the chill of the winter air.  “I swear, if one more person asked how I proposed to Ron; I mean, we’re married already, why the hell does that matter?  Shouldn’t they be wedding questions now?” he wondered in annoyance.

“Which version do you give them?” Jughead asked laughing.  “Didn’t you propose a bunch of times?”

“Fuck off,” Archie said with a laugh.

“Married life good?” Jug asked, taking another drag.

“Can’t complain,” the red head said smiling.  “Its mostly just nice that she’s not so angry anymore,” he admitted.

“Sorry about that,” Jughead said with remorse.

“No worries, it’s all good,” Archie said leaning on the railing.  “You know all those people?” he asked, nodding toward the party.

“Most of them.  I don’t know if I’d call them friends but they are acquaintances and clients and what not.  It made Betty happy to have a party and show off our place and it makes me happy to show her off, so it all worked out,” Jughead said smiling.

The party went late into the night and by the time everyone had gone home, Betty was exhausted.  She fell asleep on the couch as Jughead helped the last guest out the door.  He walked over and picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.  She never even stirred as he slipped her out of her clothes, and tucked her under the covers,  brushing his lips over her forehead. But as he got undressed and settled beside her, she immediately rolled against him and cuddled close.  He wrapped his arms around her and breathed her in as he drifted off to sleep.

The following afternoon, Betty was sitting with Jellybean at the table doing a puzzle and her eyes kept wandering to Jughead, reading on the couch.  He caught her gaze at one point and winked at her and her body started to hum with need.  She had meant to have naughty good times with him after the party and had woken up that morning in bed, having no idea how she had gotten there.  Jughead got up and went out on the terrace to have a smoke and she turned to Jellybean.

“So I heard V ask you yesterday if you would come stay with her for a night or two while you’re here,” she asked, trying to sound casual.

“Yes, she did,” JB said, a smile twitching at her lips as she glanced out at the terrace where Betty’s eyes were glued.

“Think maybe you could do that tonight?” Betty asked, a slight blush appearing on her cheeks.  JB gave her a knowing smile and picked up her phone to text Ron.  The ‘yes’ came instantly and she put the phone down.

“No problem,” she said smiling.  Betty smiled back, her blush intensifying.  Later that evening, after the dinner dishes were put away, Jellybean grabbed her stuff and Jughead got ready to drive her to Ron and Archie’s.  

“Try to get some sleep,” JB whispered with a wink as she headed to the door.  Betty grabbed her arm.

“I’m gonna get Archie to stall him for about an hour, make sure he doesn’t come back right away,” she said smiling.  JB nodded and winked.  Betty grinned and stood still until the door closed.  Then she sprang into action.  

She shot off a quick text to Ron, asking her to get Archie to stall Jughead and when she got the wink emogi in reply, she went and made sure the fire was burning steady, then she ran to take a shower.  Afterward she dried and combed her hair until it shimmered in a cloud of curls around her shoulders.  She decided to forgo the makeup, knowing Jughead preferred her looking natural.  She headed to her closet and looked through the things her and V had picked out just a few days earlier.  The white, baby doll lingerie gown was perfect.  The bust pushing her breasts up slightly and the lace panty leaving nothing to the imagination.  The sheer material of the gown opened just below the breasts and hung to mid thigh, allowing her bellybutton to peek through.  

Just as she was finishing up with some candles and bedding, she got a text from Ron that Jughead had left and she knew he would be home in 10 minutes, so she went to the living room to wait for his key in the door.

When Jughead opened the door to the apartment, his body hardened in such a rush, it was almost painful.  The place was lit only with candles and the roaring fireplace and Betty stood, like a golden goddess, in front of the fire.  The flimsy material of the lingerie she was wearing hid nothing from him as the fire behind her illuminated every curve of her body.  Her hair glowed like fire around her and he could barely breathe at the look on her face.  She wanted him.  Need. Desire.  All matching his own.

He barely kept his balance as he dropped his jacket and kicked off his boots.  She giggled as he reached over to let his keys drop on the island, only to miss it by a foot cause he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.  They landed on the floor and he barely noticed as he walked over to her.  He stopped a hair away from her and he dared not touch her yet, cause it would be over too fast then.  He needed to get some breath in his lungs first.

“Is this why Archie wouldn’t shut the fuck up about his and Ron’s Christmas decorations?” he asked gruffly.  “I’ve never known him to give two shits about decorations.”  She giggled.

“Maybe,” her answer came out a breathless whisper.  Jughead noticed his hand shook slightly when he raised it to touch her face.  

“You are so perfect,” he whispered.  When she began to protest the word he covered her mouth with his fingers.  “No, you are perfect,” he insisted.  She let him win as his hand moved to cup the back of her head, and his mouth settled over hers.

Betty trembled, her arms wrapping around his neck, the feel of his clothes against her almost naked body rough and arousing.  She stood on her tiptoes, pressing herself closer, as his tongue nudged her lips and she was only too happy to open them for him.  His hands moved down her back, sliding over her backside, lifting her against the aching hardness in his jeans.  She whimpered at the pressure and he caught it with a groan of his own.  His hands squeezed and hers pulled at his shirt.  He stepped back and pulled the shirt over his head and was going to grab her again when she laid her hand against the skin over his heart.  He stilled and waited. She felt it pounding furiously and she lifted her eyes to his, saw the desire.

“I love you Juggie,” she whispered.  He touched her face, his thumb stroking over her bottom lip.  She swept her tongue over it and he swallowed at the action.

“I love you too,” he said softly.



She reached for him then, her hands in his hair, her mouth devouring his.  Jughead’s hands moved to the delicate laces at the front of her gown and could barely undo them with his shaking fingers.  When he managed to get them undone, the material parted, he lowered his gaze and he gently cupped her breasts.

“You always do that,” she whispered hoarsely.  

“What?” he wondered, his thumb brushing over her nipple, causing it to harden.

“Look at me like you’re seeing me for the first time,” came her shy reply.  He lifted his eyes back to her face.  His eyes were dark, smoldering with heat.

“Because you’re so fucking beautiful and I still can’t believe that you’re mine,” he said, his voice low and gruff.  His hand cupped her face, lifting her chin, and his mouth dropped to the wild pulse at the base of her throat.  He sucked on the skin and moved lower, bending slightly as his mouth moved over her breasts, his tongue raking over her nipple and she moaned and clutched his head as he took it in his mouth and suckled at her.  After long moments of licking and gentle biting, he moved to the other, before slowly sinking to his knees in front of her, kissing his way down her smooth stomach.  His hands ran down her legs, before slowly stroking back up.  He sat back on his heels, one hand slowly running up the inside of her thigh, and she clutched his shoulder when his fingers brushed over the front of her panties.  His thumb found her clit and she whimpered when he started to gently circle it.  

“Juggie, please,” she gasped, craving more.  He smiled up at her, his hands gently tugging on the lace, pulling it down her legs.  She stepped out of it and his hand returned, his mouth pressing a kiss on her stomach as he brushed over her, parting her and he growled against her skin as her desire dripped over his fingers.  He lifted his eyes and held her gaze as a finger, then two slid inside her, his thumb rubbing gentle circles around her swollen nub.  He moved then, his tongue replacing his thumb and her knees buckled.  His hands quickly caught her thighs and he lowered her gently, laying her back on the sheets and pillows she had laid on the floor.

He knelt between her knees, looking down at her, the wispy top she was wearing still on her, her body shimmering in the light of the fire.  He leaned over her, bracing on his hands, taking her mouth in a searing, tongue thrusting kiss and she moaned, arching up towards him.  His hand returned between her thighs and he stroked her, and when he felt her tremble and tighten on his fingers, he moved down quickly, catching her release with his mouth.  

Betty shook, her hands gripping Jugheads hair as his tongue stroked lazily over her flesh.  He didn’t let up, his fingers curling inside her and she gasped and moaned as he once again brought her release.  He gave one last gentle suck and moved up, kissing and biting at her skin until he found her breasts again, taking his time to drive her insane with his tongue.  He braced himself over her, smiling down at her with an arrogant smirk as her hands fumbled with his jeans and she pushed them down with his boxers.  Her feet taking over, she got them to his ankles and he kicked them off.

He settled between her legs, his thick length laying against her.  He kissed her, and she wiggled against him as he started rubbing against her.  He laughed softly as her nails dug into his back, her hips pressing against his.

“Dammit, Juggie!” she exclaimed with a moan.

“What?” he teased, stroking his length over her again.  She reached down between them and wrapped her hand around him and squeezed and his body jerked violently at her sudden move.  She stroked him and guided him to her core.  He hissed in a breath and eased inside her, finally giving her what she wanted so desperately.  When he was fully embedded, she wrapped her legs tightly around him and stilled his movement.  He lifted his head and stared into her eyes.

“Mine,” she whispered.  “You’re mine!”

“All my life,” he whispered gruffly and took her mouth in a desperate, wet kiss.  He couldn’t hold back.  He pulled out and thrust back in, hard and fast, again and again.  His hand tangled in her hair, moving her head to the side, his mouth latching on to her neck, sucking hard on the skin as his other hand reached down to stroke her and then felt his orgasm rip through him seconds before he felt her body grip his in her own wild release.

Jughead collapsed on top of Betty, too spent to keep his weight off her.  She didn’t seem to mind as she continued to cling to him.  When he found the strength to lift himself, he braced on his elbows and looked down at her, finding her eyes full of tears.  

“Hey, what’s this?” he asked gently, wiping the tear that escaped with his thumb.  “Did I hurt you?” His voice laced with worry.  She shook her head and then, unable to help herself, she began to cry.  Jughead rolled to the side and gathered her in his arms and let her cry, worried and anxious when she didn’t stop for long minutes.  She finally hiccupped to a stop and took a deep breath.  He eased her back and studied her.  

“I’m sorry,” she said.  

“Tell me,” he said gently.

“I just for some reason remembered all the craziness that happened over the last few months and then I realized everything was alright and we were here and safe and together and you weren’t in jail, but here in my arms and I just felt so grateful and overwhelmed, I couldn’t stop crying.”

“So that was happy crying?” he asked, his forehead furrowed in confusion.

“Yes,” she said with a laugh.

“Well, fuck Betty, then next time smile when you do it.”  His demand was so ridiculous that she burst out laughing.  He smiled, his body relaxing once more.  He kissed her, long and hard and when he leaned back again, her eyes were shining with happiness instead of tears.  

“I really like this,” he told her, fingering the wispy cloth that barely covered anything.  She looked down at it.

“I’m still wearing it?” she asked laughing.

“Sort of,” he smiled.  “It’s basically only on cause you didn’t lift your body to pull it off.”  She smiled and did just that and he pulled it off her shoulders, and tossing it on the couch.  He settled beside her and pulled her close.  

“Let’s rest a few,” he suggested.  She looked at him in amusement.  “What?” he said smiling.  “I hope you weren’t expecting to sleep tonight with this whole set up.”  She giggled and cuddled closer.  

“No, I actually wasn’t,” she said softly, pulling a sheet up over her breasts.  Jughead leaned up on his elbow and stared down at her.  

“Is this my Christmas present?” he asked teasingly, leaning down and flicking his tongue over her lips.  She bit his lip in return.

“No, it’s mine,” she said coyly.  He laughed and settled down on the pillow.  She rolled into him, resting her head on his chest.



“What were the reasons you went to jail?”  He sighed and rested an arm behind his head.

“Not tonight love, I don’t want to spoil this with talk of stupid shit I did.”  

“Ok, then I have another question.”

“What’s that?”

“Who are the few close people you want at our wedding?”  Betty asked.

“Well, Archie and Ron obviously.  My dad.  Your parents.”  She sat up quickly and stared down at him.

“You want my mother there??” she asked in surprise.

“Well, only if you want.  Knowing her, she would show up anyway.  That women has weird ways of finding shit out.”

“The last time I saw her, I slapped her twice and told her to get out of our apartment.”  Jughead stared up at her.

“You slapped her? When was this?”

“When you were in jail.  She called you trash and a loser.”  He raised his eyebrows, and his eyes narrowed.

“She’s not coming.”  Betty laughed at his pissed off tone.  Her hand moved slowly over his suddenly tense muscle, trying to sooth the temper and she licked his jaw.  

“Let’s go take a shower,” she suggested seductively.  Jughead moved quickly, standing up in a flurry of sheets and grabbed her, throwing her over his shoulder.  

“Put me down,” she laughed and he squeezed her ass in reply.  Once they were in there, he took great pleasure in soaping her up.  

“This shower is spectacular,” she said for the hundredth time since they moved it.  “You could have a freaking party in here.”  Jughead laughed and handed her the soap.

“There’s a spot on my back I can’t reach,” he said with a wink.  She moved behind him and ran her hands over him, down over his hips and back around the front, brushing lightly over his hardening flesh.  He grabbed her hand and turned around, his eyes heated.  She pulled her hand from his and wrapped it around him and with her eyes smiling up at him she lowered herself until she was kneeling and took him in her mouth.  His groan aroused her and she felt the heat pool between her legs.  After a few moments, he reached down and pulled her up.

“No, Juggie,” she protested.  “I want….” Her voice trailed off when he lifted her and sucked a nipple into his mouth.  His hand dipped down between her legs, fingers finding her ready and slipping inside her.  He thumbed her swollen, silky nub and she moved against his hand.  Jughead moved back until he felt the tiled bench of the shower and sank down on it.  She moved quickly to straddle him and he stilled her, shaking his head.  

“Turn around,” he said gruffly.  She did as he told her and he adjusted her until her back rested against his chest, her legs hanging over his.  She gasped when she felt him probe at her and she lowered herself, feeling him fill and stretch her like never before.

“Oh God,” she moaned, her hands grasping his arms that were around her waist, nails digging into his skin.  The position didn’t allow for quick heavy movement and the slow lifts of his hips was almost agonizing.  She helped him, moving her body and his hand moved down her front, finding her silken folds, stroking his fingers over her.  Betty couldn’t stop the shattering release that consumed her, her head falling back on his shoulder as she cried out his name.  She shuddered, and in her haze felt his quickening breath and the clench of his hands on her hips and feeling a primal raw desire come over her, she quickly slipped off him, his gasp of surprise in her ears and she turned and dropped down in front of him, and wrapped her lips around his thick length, catching the orgasm that he couldn’t stop in her mouth.

“Fuck!” he gasped, his hand clenching tightly in her hair.  Betty didn’t release him until he finished and then he stared at her as she slowly raised her head and moved to sit across his lap.  “You didn’t have to do that,” he said quietly, studying her face and she shyly tucked her face in his neck.

“I wanted to,” she whispered with a small smile.  “Was that ok?”

“Yes,” he said simply, unable to wipe the smile off his face.  

“Why have we never tried that position we were just in,” she said breathlessly, remembering how completely he had filled her.

“Cause I like to look at your face when we make love,” he said with a smile.  "But I was feeling extra frisky today.“  She laughed at that.

They got up and once again cleaned themselves and soon found themselves back in front of the fire.  Clothing optional, of course.  Betty sat next to him on the sheets and pillows, a sheet up around her breasts, eating ice cream.  He just lay against the pillows, hands behind his head, enjoying watching her.

“Do you ever wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t moved.  If your mother hadn’t done what she did and life had just been normal?” she asked, taking a bite of the chocolate ice cream.

“Sometimes,” Jughead said with a shrug.  “It’s hard to imagine.  I’m guessing life would have just been normal, blessedly boring and drama free, hopefully,” he added with a laugh.

“We’d probably be married already,” she said smiling.  He smiled at her.

“You ever think stuff like that back then?”

“I don’t know,” she said with a shrug.  “Sometimes.  I remember once my parents had this awful fight and I sat there and all I could think was, ‘when Jughead and I get married, we will never be mean to each other’; it didn’t even seem like a weird thought to me, just something I thought and accepted.”

“I love you,” he said softly, a warm glint in his eye.  She smiled warmly.

“What about you?  You ever think into the future at 16.”

“I thought about the future all the time,” Jughead said smiling.  “At 12 I had my proposal planned.  At 13 I decided we’d get married after collage.  At 14 I decided we’d have 6 kids.”  Betty stared at him.

“That was all before we even dated,” she said laughing.

“What can I say? I like to be prepared,” Jughead replied with a grin.  He watched her lick ice cream off her spoon and his eyes darkened.  “Can I have some?” he asked.  Betty held out the spoon and let out a shriek when he grabbed the bowl and she suddenly found herself on her back.  He took a spoon full and pulled the sheet down, leaving her chest and stomach bare.  

“Don’t you dare,” she gasped, reading the intent in his eyes.  

“But I think it will taste better if I lick it off you,” he said with a grin.

“Juggie no! It’s too fucking cold,” Betty said, grabbing his wrist.

“Mmmmmm, I like it when you say ‘fucking’,” he teased, lowering the spoon more.

“Jughead….” His name sounded like a warning. He put the spoon in the bowl and set it beside her.  She relaxed and he grabbed her hands and held them above her head.  His eyes had a wicked glint and she struggled, laughing.  “Please don’t,” she pleaded half-heartedly as he grabbed the spoon again.  

Jughead ignored her pleas and slowly lowered the spoon to the skin between her breasts.  She hissed in a breath at the icy touch of the ice cream, which was immediately warmed by his tongue.  When the ice cream touched her nipple, she reacted with a violent jump, almost making him drop the spoon.  His mouth lowered and his tongue swept over the tight peak, sucking up the ice cream and replacing the ice with fire.  Betty moaned, arching into his mouth.  He suddenly released her and lay back.  

“I was right, it does takes better that way.”  She lay there for a second, trying to breathe and turned to glare at him.  He was trying not to laugh.  

“Really? You’re now just going to lay there?” she asked in an aroused huff.  He shrugged and she sat up.  She grabbed the spoon from the bowl and before he could even react, had placed it over his abdomen.  His muscles contracted violently and he let out a surprised grunt.  She giggled at his reaction and leaned over him, running her tongue along the grooves of his muscle where the ice cream melted and ran.  His breath hitched and his hand tangled in her hair as she cleaned up the sweet mess.  He reached down and grabbed her, pulling her up and over him.  Betty braced her hands beside his head and smiled down at him.  Her hair curtained them and he reached up and brushed it back, wanting to see her beautiful face.

“Payback,” she said, biting her bottom lip when she felt him stroke over her.  She lowered her mouth and ran her tongue over his lips, dipping inside his mouth, curling around his.  He groaned as her kiss consumed him and he eased slowly inside her.  Betty moved slowly on him, sitting up, bracing on his chest.  His hands moved over her thighs, between them to stroke her and her head fell back as she shuddered.  Jughead moved then, rolling them so she was on her back and thrust hard into her.  She wrapped all around him and they were soon caught in the rush of release.

“Dam, you feel good and soft and smooth and wet and…..” Jughead’s voice muttered against her ear and she laughed in delight.  He was as flustered and shaken as she was.  He rolled to the side and she curled into him, his arm coming around her.  

“We should sleep,” she whispered with a yawn.  

“Go ahead and nap,” he said smiling.

“Nap?”  Betty laughed and snuggled closer, pulling the sheet up on them.  He nodded, already drifting off the sleep with her.  It was she who woke him before dawn with her mouth nibbling kisses across his chest and he let her spin her magic over him once more.

Christmas passed in a glorious whirlwind.  Jughead gave Betty a beautiful eternity knot necklace and she gave him a new detail package for his bike.  He was thrilled and she giggled at his excitement.  Jellybean had all sorts of cute presents for them and when the holiday was over, Betty was sad to see her leave.  She promised to be back soon and Betty hoped that she was.  Things settled once again and soon the icy chill of January settled over them, which Betty didn’t mind.  She had a fireplace and a sexy man to keep her warm.

A few weeks after the holidays, Jughead was in his studio, going through the pictures he had just shot with a couple, when his phone rang.  He hit speaker.


“Is this Mr. Jones?”  Jughead straightened up and put the phone to his ear.


“This is Dr. Jenkins at the county hospital.  Elizabeth Cooper has you listed as her in case of emergency.”  Jughead froze, fear coiling in his stomach.

“Mr. Jones, there’s been an accident……”

The Married Life

Psycho delic had fallen into the most comfortable of routines. He and Carmen were just as compatible as they always had been. The hyenas hadn’t minded the transition to living in their place either. He’d been working under the radar for a bit. Wanting to get used to having a wife and living in such a way. Today he was in his office. Gloves off, he looked down catching the glint of his ring. A smile most would deem cruel pulled and curled at his lips. Yes it had been a very hard decision with all the risks of having such a close companion that could be used against him, but damn it had been a good one.


#The Married Life
  • Me: I need you to get me up with you tomorrow. I have to be at work early.
  • Husband: Okay, is this like all the other times where you ask me to wake you up early? Where I try and then you just keep telling me 'five more minutes'?
  • Me: No, if I do that you tell me to get my bitch ass out of bed, because I have a conference call with a judge at 9am and judge's don't give you five more minutes.
So PA and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary this week

And as we were sitting at Boston Pizza, munching on wings and watching the Raptors lose horribly, we were reminiscing about some of our favourite moments 

PA remembers our first date, where we literally made out on a park bench in front of the Tulip Festival 

I remember the time he was moving in, and things went sour with his ex-roommate, so instead of moving in slowly over a couple weeks I came home from work to find all of his stuff in what was now “our” living room. 

The first night we got the dog 

The night he proposed, waiting until we were home from the restaurant because he wanted that moment to be private

But our lives are not just made up of the happy snippets. I realized this as I realized that PA and I have now been together longer than my parents were (prior to their first split which lasted the better part of two years). 

I remember him comforting me as I sat on the floor of our kitchen crying, another rejection letter from law school clutched in my hand. 

I remember the day his dad was diagnosed with cancer. 

I remember the worst fight we ever had, where he offered to pack his stuff and leave that same night. 

The morning our cat popped his stitches after his surgery to remove the tumour in his neck, and we woke up to blood everywhere 

Our lives are not just made up of the happy moments, or the picture perfect moments that show up on Facebook. But I think that’s what people forget; my partner is not just my partner for the good stuff. We’re there for the bad stuff, the ugly stuff, the awful life-changing stuff. 

If there is only one constant left in my life, I’m happy it’s him. 


one of the best Pixar movie scenes of all time