archie: the married life

It’s gotten under my skin. The moment she claimed to build yours and hers relationship. It made me think that it is more serious than you lead me to believe. I’m hurt, and she is still a huge part of this. I trust you, I do even after all this. I have a right not to trust someone who knew that I existed, and even after a conversation told me she wouldn’t stop trying to pursue you. I have a right to be scared. I have a right to bring this up again. I need you to understand how invalid she makes me feel. The fact that you didn’t initiate sex with me before I left made me feel unwanted. The fact that you didn’t kiss me, made me tear myself down and criticized myself from what is on the outside to what is on the inside.

While we were dating that first year I noticed that you had the eyes the color of each season. When we first met in the winter your eyes were a cold dark brown and, you held a look of being lost. By the time that the spring had come they were a warm brownish green and they were kind. When the summer came you had eyes that were deep greenish brown and were carefree. When summer was done and autumn had come your eyes were a hazel like green with flecks of goldish brown and, your eyes were caring. When winter came the next year your eyes shone a bright greenish brown and were full of love.
—  Love changes us. //cat

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On the whole Jughead thing, I hate how everyone keeps saying he is canonically ace cause it's only in those new comics. In classic/regular comics he is not, which is where most bughead shippers come from. He's also canonically married to Midge in the "Life With Archie" comics? Yeah, so the hate on bughead is really annoying.

Yes and yes!

I’ve never read the comics, but from the few I’ve seen online, the stuff I’ve read (like these things you pointed out) and the conversations I’ve had with other Bughead shippers, seems like there are many versions of the Archie comics for stories and characters. But you know, it’s Tumblr, they’ll not only want what they want, but they will demand it agressively, as if the show creators/writers owed them something, or as if everyone else was obliged to agree with them.

And just to add to the things you said, let’s not forget Betty was pretty much the relationship exception to Jughead in the comics, and he’d say things about her like “if I ever fall in love it will be with her”, or “all this time Archie is going after the wrong girl” or “if I ever get married it will be to Betty”. Not to mention the cute parts of them kissing, dancing together, with little hearts floating around them… (image credits to @truegryffindorforever2 – I wish I could place them next to each other but tumblr is not letting me lol)


Reggie called Jughead ‘Honey’

I am all for Jeggie 🙈💙💚

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You seem pretty familiar with Archie lore. Where do you recommend starting on the comics/When did the current run start?

hey pal! the way i started reading archie was that growing my mom would buy me a double digest every time we went grocery shopping so i’d pick up a random one each week w no particular order to them lol. but if you want a good starting point here are some more recent ones:

  • jughead (2015)
    • this is part of the new riverdale run and it’s probably the most popular archie comic right now? or at least on tumblr. this is the one where jughead’s confirmed as asexual and the majority of the posts you see on here about the comics are most likely about this series. also it’s so funny and ridiculous and i love it so much omg
  • archie (2015)
    • this series kicked off the new riverdale verse and it’s so good??? archie’s a bit dumb but that’s kinda expected, and all ya favs feature pretty prominently here too. a lot more dramatic than jughead, it’s lit
  • reggie and me (2016)
    • aight this is also from the new riverdale verse, but its newer than archie and jughead so there’s only two chapters out right now. read this if you wanna focus more on riverdale’s favorite asshat 
  • betty and veronica (2016)
    • i tragically haven’t read any of the new b&v comics (they’re at the top of my comic stack tho, i’ve just been busy!) but same concept as jughead, archie, and reggie and me: new riverdale, new me. can’t say much about it other than read it bc betty and veronica deserve all your love. 
  • afterlife with archie
    • god, after life with archie is so good. i was a bit skeptical about it at first bc it’s a horror series and i didn’t think that would mix well with archie but holy crap….. it’s so so so so good. hot dog and jughead become zombies and brings on the start of the zombie apocalypse. it sounded awful to me at first but like, there are parts that genuinely freaked me out. bit different than the traditional archie gang we know, but worth a read.

that should give you a pretty good start into the archie comics world. like i said these are all fairly recent but you should give some of the older comics a go if you find that you like them! some honorable mentions worth checking out are veronica #202 (bc it introduces kevin and like, who wouldn’t wanna see him), archie marries veronica/archie marries betty, life with archie: the married life, archie marries valerie (hoe marries so many ppl smh), and like…… anything involving jughead, to be honest.

once you become more familiar with that universe, you’d honestly be just find picking up any random digest/double digest and delving in lmao. there’s hella stories out there and they’re all (for the most part) v good!! 

  • me reading books: i can relate this to sonic shipping
  • me watching tv shows: okay but i could use this in an au sonic
  • me sitting on a train: this is now the start of a sonic adventure
  • me in an exam: okay but imagine if sonic were here
  • me: okay but sonic

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Like that one anon pointed out, one of the things that pisses me off most is people acting as if Archie is all one universe. In the "Married Life" series from 2010-on, there are two different universes and in one, Jug married Ethel and in another, Midge. In the Time Police series, he's clearly in love with January. The main version of Jug created in the 60s hates girls/romance because all he cares about is food and sleep. He also hates working, exercise, and anything that gets him off his ass.

Plus, at the time the comics were created (1941/1942), being a “girl hater” was heeelaaarioussss, also entertaining to the target audience of 8-11 year olds and intended as direct contrast to Archie’s girl obsession

The Married Life

Psycho delic had fallen into the most comfortable of routines. He and Carmen were just as compatible as they always had been. The hyenas hadn’t minded the transition to living in their place either. He’d been working under the radar for a bit. Wanting to get used to having a wife and living in such a way. Today he was in his office. Gloves off, he looked down catching the glint of his ring. A smile most would deem cruel pulled and curled at his lips. Yes it had been a very hard decision with all the risks of having such a close companion that could be used against him, but damn it had been a good one.



one of the best Pixar movie scenes of all time