archie: the married life

  • me reading books: i can relate this to sonic shipping
  • me watching tv shows: okay but i could use this in an au sonic
  • me sitting on a train: this is now the start of a sonic adventure
  • me in an exam: okay but imagine if sonic were here
  • me: okay but sonic

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Bomb Pops & Squirrel Nuts

I don’t know why I love being in nature so much. As a kid my parents took my sister and I camping almost every weekend it seemed like. We camped pretty simple. Back then there wasnt much technology. I did have a game boy and a Cassette player but it seemed like the batteries were always dead when I went to use them while camping. I think that was God forcing me as a kid to not be lame and enjoy the adventure of having nothing and being in the middle of no where. I give a lot of credit to those camping trips. I think thats where I found my creativity and my calling in life.

“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

Whenever I travel to the woods or ocean it always gives me this reassuring feeling and motivation to keep on hustling and to keep following my passion

 When all you have are trees, pine cones, and some squirrels nuts you make up your own world to live in. Over the years I have really become to love technology. It is so creative and interesting to me. The internet and smart phones. I think it is all wonderful and can be used for great things. But sometimes I miss the old days. It seemed a bit more peaceful. Less distractions. 

Just felt more alive and less robotic at times.

It’s funny because I find my self retreating to the woods every time I need to focus or re charge.

As I get older and grow as a father I hope I continue to take my kids to the woods and let them experience the gift I got to experience from my awesome parents. I want my kids to love the solid earth more than the unseen digital space. I hope when they get older they use technology for the good enlightening people that theres more to life than a screen and everyone needs a healthy balance of tech and real life experiences. Feels funny typing that because I love my computer and iphone. 

But I think I can love both.

They say everything can be used as a blessing and a curse right?

I’ll choose the blessing in technology.

A healthy balance.

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Louis Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, and Albert Einstein.”

So this past week Britt was wanting to paint Ashers room. 

Which gave me a excuse to pack up for a couple days and take Asher up north. 

It works out great now that my parents are living up there I can let my mom and dad spend time with Asher while I shack myself away in the office and work while I periodically check out the pine trees.

Got to take my mini lunch breaks with Asher and eat some bomb pops.

I forgot how good they are. 

As my dad says. “They only have like 70 calories and 6 grams of sugar. Why don’t you just have a couple more. Like 5” 

I admire my dad and his positivity and love of life. I am beyond grateful to have a dad like him to learn from.

I hope I can pass those traits on to Asher.

I cherish the mornings I get the chance to wake up to this

Coffee and Pine Trees are pretty high up on my list of Things that are way rad and so awesome I need them often list.

Asher helping my dad put out food for the Elk.

My dad has a bunch of motion censor Elk cameras on his property.

Sometimes I like to run past them pretending to be a wild centaur.

Up north was awesome like always. I got a ton of work done and was able to re-focus on what needs to get done.

I feel fresh.

So fresh and so clean.

Got home later in the week. 

Back to the hot AZ sun where my nipple sweat 24 hrs a day and where I have to sleep with nipple ice packs at night or else they get sweaty and rub on my blankie and start to chafe.

If anyone read last week and wondering what my surprise letter/gift was to Britt well….

I got her 10 passes to a local yoga studio and I got her a second 10 passes so she could bring a friend with her. 


A mom deserves her own time. 

Since Britt is a workout machine I thought it would be awesome for her to take a class here or there with a friend while I watched the kids. 

She’s way to good to me. 

If I could I would buy her a unicorn and bath her in rainbow rain drops like a mythical princess. 

Feels kind of weird I just typed that…

Cant erase it now. I don’t make edits to these blogs. 

I guess you could say im a live blogger. 

It was nice to get home and see my little girl Eden.

Shes the sweetest thing on earth. 

I’m worried.

How do you say no to such a beautiful girl?

My boy Rob hooked me up with some suite tickets to the Cardinals game this past weekend.

So I got the chance to take Stefan, Britts brother and grub on some food and chat with some of the coolest Red Bull cats in town.

Every week I always try to do one rad thing for Britt.

Whether it is getting her flowers or cutting her toes nails (I know. She loves it tho.) Or movie nights etc.

I try to change it up. 

But you know us guys its more times then often we are pretty predictable. Although last weeks yoga surprise was defiantly on the more creative side for me.

I’ve been patting my self on the back for that one since last monday.

On Sunday I decided to take her out to True Foods

We used to go to that spot quite often before Asher was born and when he was a baby. 

Stefan watched Asher and the date was on.

A date with my girls. Not much else beats that in life.

I defiantly don’t remember the kale salad giving me the weirdest smelling farts the last time I devoured it.

Defiantly the first time i’ve farted and it actually smelled like an entrée from True Foods.

Britt says we can’t go there for a while. 

Guess I kept her up all night sleep farting again.

I told her.

 At least it just smelled like someone had delivered True Foods. 

We must have different smelling perceptions because she said it smelt more like salty bacon.

I’m just impressed she nailed it down to Salty Bacon.

She might be able to make some money smelling farts. Maybe do some fart research projects.

Make a couple bitcoins

Lots of potential there.

I could help her practice at night.

I’m looking forward to this week. Another week to adventure and conquer. Try my best to be a great dad and husband.

I’m all in.

See ya next week.

- @timmyham 

since hayes & i only have one day a week to spend together, the rest of the time is spent communicating via texts and “love” notes we leave for each other while the other is away from home. like, we both live in the same house, in the same room, sleep in the same bed, it’s just at different times. so even though aren’t we’re in each others presence (we’re more like ghosts) the room gets filled with our void in our absence. it’s strange to think about, but we make it work. i kind of like it cos it gives off like a romantic novel spin, “two lovers torn apart by opposite schedules, their desire thickens as each day passes, they live in solitude with the ghosts of their other half, waiting to be reconnected, if only for a few short hours.” you know, it’s kinda like that…in my head…


So Addam and I were just having sex and purrsephone usually gets off the bed when we start but she did not want to get off! So yknow were doing our thing and she’s laying on the corner so she ends up starting to fall off so she DIGS HER CLAWS ONTO THE BED AND IS HANGING ON FOR HER LIFE (it was literally just her paws and head still on the bed) and Addam and I just start fucking laughing so hard and she just does her baby ass mew like help me and I’m still laughing so hard about it. It was the best laughing moment during sex ever 😂😂😂

Dinosaurs and Salt water

This week has been an awesome adventure. I’m sorry for not writing on Monday I was abducted by aliens and the process took up most of my night. 

After the abduction now when I get excited my neck grows 4 inches.


Only downside is my finger doesn’t glow. I feel cheated. Stupid aliens slacking at their job.

Asher’s new hobby

Seeing how fast he can un-ravel all of the toilet paper before someone notices and stops him. So far he’s been pretty successful. I’ve had to re-roll the toilet paper at least 4 or 5 times. I’m sure people that come over and use our bathroom see the toilet paper all loose and freak. 

Like WHAAAAAAAAA this toilet paper is so weird it looks like someone thought about using it than rolled it back up… I wonder if it’s safe. When they come out and I ask them ‘You didn’t use the toilet paper did you?’ Then look away and fade around the corner out of sight. Out of sight out of mind.

Smartest parking job ever.

You’ll always get out faster if you park further out like this. Smart move. This guy knows what he’s doing. He’s you’re one friend who leaves the same place you’re at, at the exact same time and always beats you home. Now you know why. It’s because he parks like this guy. I’m going to try and adopt this parking style at least once a week.

I had to make a trip to Santa Monica on Monday to deliver a painting I was commissioned to do for Red Bull. Any trip involving the ocean is a good trip. Big Thanks to Tom for hooking it up with the Red Bull Gig.

The painting before I took it to Cali.

Feel super honored and blessed to get to have my work hang in the office of such a creative and innovative company.

The drive from AZ to CA is pretty amazing. It’s the most amazingly straight road. It was getting pretty boring I had listened to the same NOW 10 CD at least 15 times and  The Spice Girls were getting a little old. So I made a pit stop.

Little did I know I would be chased by a T-Rex.


I hung out under the dino for a little bit and people watched. I saw from a distance. A herd of asian tourists. I waited patiently as they gathered up as a group in front of my new dino friend to take a picture. At that moment I ran through the group and screamed RUN DINOOOOOOOOOO. I tripped and fell while I was running away and they all laughed. I was embarrassed.

Red Bull and Pop Rocks don’t mix well together. I’m hyper now with a funky stomach itch.

While I was in Cali I picked up this killer coffee mug for Britt. $1.99 steal.  I think it’s actually a tea mug but whatever. Tea sucks.

I was only in Santa Monica for a few days. It’s crazy how different traveling is now. I still love going on adventures and it’s defiantly nice to have time to myself and reflect on life and where I’m headed but I realized on this trip how much I love being home with my family. I wish I could have brought Britta and Asher with me. I want to bring them along on my adventures. I hope in the future they can come with me on more trips. Life is sort and I want to explore it with the ones I love.


I went for a quick dunk in the ocean. I’m not a fan of drinking Salt Water.

Asher is only allowed to eat his aussie bites out back now. Kid’s don’t have a sense of crumbs. After Asher eats these aussie bites, it looks like theres a pile of sand under his chair. Just massive amount of crumbs. I’m not even sure if he even eats any of the aussie bite. Asher would make a great lost boy off the movie Hook. The scene where they are having a feast but theres actually no food. They just eat air. 

Asher is a air eater.

Best Coffee Shop in Santa Monica (Thanks Kelty)

DogTown Coffee where you feel out of place if you’re not vegan. 

BUT! it is totally worth the coffee. 

Been trying to teach Asher how to Hulu Hoop. I’m not very good at getting it going around my waste. Although I’m pretty epic at spinning it around my neck.

In and Out date with Britt last Sunday. 

Every time I order a burger from In and Out I get it Animal Style. Every time I order I do the same actions. I proceed to the counter to order, before I order I use both hands and form claws and make a little growing noise and order in a bear voice followed by, I want that animal style. While my claw hands are pretend scratching the cashier in mid air. I heard about ordering this way on a secret menu In and Out Blog. They say if you order like this they grill your cheese…and they were right. I got grilled cheese on my double double.

Asher has learned how to dip his french fries in ketchup.

He is pretty awesome.

Britt always orders her burger with pickle buns. I’m not a fan I like my buns pickeless.


I love dating my wife. She deserves the best dates. Maybe one day i’ll take her to the dinner puppet show she keeps asking to go to. Puppets just creep me out sometimes. 

Hit up Old Navy for some new t-shirts for Asher. 

Since when does Old Navy sell man thongs? They are so uncomfortable. I would never buy one. Now that I’m thinking about it someone might have just left it in the guy section. So maybe it wasn’t meant for men. I feel violated. I think I’m going to have to see a counselor.

 I think they only way I would ever see a counselor is 1. It was Yoda or 2. The counsler would have to paint him self green, stand on his knees so he is sort like Yoda and speak in Yoda’s voice the hole session.

Yoda is so wise. Who wouldn’t want him as a counselor? I only see the best. So its Yoda or nothin. Good thing I don’t go to a counselor or we would have issues.

I have the worst self control. I told my self I would only eat 5 blue berries today. I just finished my 10th blue berry. I feel so guilty.

I’m going to miss you ocean.

We are the chasers of the light.

Picked up this sweet pop up fort for Asher the other day. the graphic is kind of lame so I just told him to pretend it’s a space ship.

Finally made it to Red Bull HQ.

Probably one of the coolest offices I have been too. They have a giant ramp in the middle of the office.

They actually ride on the ramp. Oh. They also have a indy car and giant trampoline. If I worked there I’d play crack the egg on the trampoline till I puked. Then I would warm down on ping pong. 

The painting drop off was a success. Can’t wait to see what it looks like hung up in the office. Look forward to getting those photos…

Asher likes to be thrown onto giant volleyballs.

I get all kinds of weird looks from parents when I toss him on the big ball.

At least I’m not doing baby yoga.

The Sunday before I left I got to go on a epic morning motorcycle ride with Brad and Stefan. Stefan got a new bike (bike in the middle) it was fun to go out and ride with him. 

Brad rides barefoot. He’s a risky feller. He also carries a sling shot. DONT MESS!

New little mock up design I am working on for a SLOTH x Bigcat (Born a Lion) clothing company. BigCat is off the MTV Show Fantasy Factory. He is Rob D’s cousin and has a clothing company called ‘Born A Lion’. Lions rock so I’m super stoked to do this collaboration with him (Scott = BIGCAT). Going to be epic to see it on the MTV show. Also got to meet with him in Cali and am even more stoked on the collab because he’s a rad guy. 

I got to hang out with a lot of cool friends in Cali and I am so thankful I got to see them all. I even got to hang out with my friends Danny and Grace who I haven’t seen since we went to Australia 5 years ago. Friends and family are important to me. I’m blessed to have so many cool people in my life. 

Except that one guy… hahah jk

New Bikes to paint up for Sole Bicycles. I think i’m going to keep one though…

I’ve had such an awesome week. I just got home yesterday and it feels good to be home. My house elf forgot to cut my grass while I was away though. Just a little disappointed about that. 

I used Britta’s shower gel stuff this morning. I smell so good right now. Its like a woman has been hugging me all day. Feels good to smell beautiful. Although I do feel a little less manly at the moment. I think i’m going to head out back to rub some mud on my body.

Until Next time.

“Attract them by the way you live”


Cheese Burgers and Butt Burns

Today I discovered that my chair in my art studio hates me. I was just straight relaxing leaning back in it writing some emails and it freaking snapped and when I jumped up freaked out because It sounded like a elf dying, the broken part of the chair pinched me. There was blood everywhere and now i’m gassy.

I had to eat a cookie to make it feel better. Britt makes the best cookies ever. Whenever I am really nice she feeds them to me and I pretend to be the cookie monster. Role Play duh.

I’m tired. This week has been a rough adjustment. Going from ATL fried chicken to 4:44am alarm clocks and emails. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though. I love my life.

I miss the south. So many nice people. Everyone I saw there I just wanted to cuddle up to. Maybe even spoon. Nice people rock. Nice people that make good chicken are even better. If I am still alive in 90 years I’ll move to ATL.

I don’t think Asher likes the stuffed bunny puppet… I make such good bunny noises though… Whenever i’m in a elevator I make bunny noises and people actually start looking for bunnies. I have the bunny whisper. I also attract bunnies. There are at least 4 bunnies that come up to me every morning when I am out back drinking coffee. Maybe its the smell I release from my mouth. I have bunny morning breath. 

If you’re ever having a bad day. Just lay on a bunch of cheese burgers.

It’s official. ASHER Loves PB & J.

I plucked my nose hairs this morning. I cried. How do women pluck so much hair? I HATE it. I rather break a arm or swallow dirty lake water. Can you laser out your nose hair? 

Asher hasn’t really been a shoe kid until now… Britt brought home these Nike/Jesus walker sandals. They have a crocs feel with a cool FILA look. He loves them. I tried to take his new shoes off and he slapped me and then sneezed on me. I put him in time out and he just ran around in circles in his new shoes.

Both my legs just fell asleep. Help.

My mid week blogs are short like a house elf. I’m excited for this weekend. It’s going to be my 2nd fathers day. I’m really hoping Asher makes me breakfast in bed. Britt says she has something really special planned for me. I’m pretty sure it’s a water bed. Have you ever been in a water bed? They’re awesome! They are impossible to get out of so you just have to go back to bed. It’s the best excuse to be late to something. Just use the waterbed card. Everyone understands…

Life is so good. The grind is worth it. Keep hustlin.

AND Give Life a Meaning.

Love your life. It’s the only one you’ve got and Scientology is fake.

Chinese Lady & Dark Allies

“I would rather be ashes than dust!

I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot.

I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.

The function of man is to live, not to exist.

I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.

I shall use my time.”

- Jack London 

I remember when Britt and I were engaged or maybe it was a little bit before we got engaged. 

I remember I was driving on the highway listening to my favorite band at the time Slightly Stoopid. (reggae / surf rock) kind of music. I was thinking of all the things I wanted to still do. 

Places I wanted to travel. And I started to question if I was ready to get married. I remember calling Britt as I was driving and I was in kind of a panic mode. Telling her there were all these things I wanted to do still and the marriage thing was freaking me out. 

I didn’t want to give up my freedom. 

I had been tricked into believing that when you get married you have to stay at home and go to work and then come home and repeat it all over again.

Little did I know… HA

 I’ll never forget what Britt said to me.

Britt- Why can’t you still do all that stuff and be married?

I think God was speaking through her that day.

How was I so close minded to not think of that.

A light went off in my head 

She was so right. 

Adventure is better with your best friend than alone.

I remember getting home that day and I wrote down everything I wanted to do and wrote mission statement of how I was going to live my soon  to be married life. 

I wasn’t going to be the typical married man. 

I would keep my life on it’s toes. 

Britt and I would explore and experience life together.

Coming up on 5 years and 2 kids later I think I’ve done a ok job. 

There hasn’t been one time shes told me I couldn’t do something. Britt knows I have a passion to be spontaneous and go places. 

She really loves me. 

Marriage is a beautiful thing when both husband and wife are working as one.

I’m a pretty happy guy and if you were to ask me to pick anything in the world to have I wouldn’t be able to pick anything.

I have everything I want in life.

Anything else is just a added bonus.

so adventure on.

I hope my blog gives some inspiration to the young lovers out there. 

Don’t follow the crowd. 

Who wants to be a follower anyways. 

Whenever I follow large crowds. I end up in a crowded smelly room with no where to go and no good view.

When I follow my own path.Thats when I find the secret places no one has ever been with killer views.


Make your own path in life and don’t believe everything you hear.

Question everything and follow your heart.

To last weeks MR. Anonymous.

I’ve printed out your message and it now lives next to my computer. 

I want to thank you for the reminder. 

The inspiration. 

Reminding me of who I’m not. And inspiring me to keep being me.

Maybe you’ll come sign it one day.

This past week was a blast. My sister jess had a condo on Coronado island for the whole month of July and they couldn’t use it for the first week.

Since my sister is totally rad she asked us if we want to use it.

Free place to stay on the beach? I didn’t have to think twice.

We packed up and headed out

Actually right after I took this picture I knocked myself out with the trunk door of the jeep. 

The bump on my head is just now about gone 7 days later…

Our stuff kept falling out of the back so I pushed everything in really fast and quickly got out of the way while at the same time I was closing the trunk door super fast. The only thing that didnt move out of the way fast enough was my head. 

Reigh Britt’s cousin with 6 toes come with us too. 

Reigh Britt’s cousin is pretty awesome. 

What’s special about Reigh is that she doesn’t move her mouth when she talks and one of her feet has 6 toes.

And when she chews her food she doesn’t use her teeth. I’m not sure how she chews it. I watched her eat for hours yesterday I think she just might swallow her food whole. 

Like a snake.

We got to hit up the 4th of July parade on the island. This picture sums up how awesome it was.

Britt and Asher in their SLOTH ‘Merica T-shirts

I was rocking my star sun glasses a little Chinese lady gave me in a dark alley. She said if I wore them theres a chance the prophecy would be fulfilled. 

I asked her what prophecy.

and then we kind of just stared at each other. It was one of those silent awkward stares. 

A minute later she did this weird air hump thing and said goodbye in a forceful tone but the goodbye was really drawn out like gooooodddbyyyeeee.

So I wore the sun glasses.

I think the chineese lady was talking about the sour patch prophecy because later that day I walked out of CVS and a short nimble man handed me a pack of sour patch kids and said 

“because you need these”





There is something really special when you get to experience something totally new with your kid. 

Taking Asher to the ocean was such a awesome experience.

I really love being a dad. 

It’s my mission to keep giving my kids new life adventures. Even if its just building a secret fort in the desert by our house.

Adventure is everywhere. You just gotta open your eyes.

Reigh and I

In and Out faces

This is how you change a diaper on a road trip

You just hope to not get any poop on your seat.

Asher Just sloth’in it on the beach

One night in Coronado Britt and I got to go on a pretty sweet date. Rae was awesome and watched Asher. 

Just me and my girls.

Going on road trips with your best friend always makes for a epic trip.

Britt has to be one of the easiest people to travel with. I think thats why we make such a good team on the road. 

She makes my adventures better.

So I had the best desert in my life in pacific beach.

It was a place where you could customize your own ice cream sandwich. The cookies were all freshly made right in front of you and they had so many to choose from. 

They even had a pop tart cookie.

The place was called Baked Bear

If I was Richie Rich I would have a Baked Bear in my house.

Asher loved Baked Bear too.

I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. More than any other place. I’m not sure why. When I’m at the ocean I feel like I’m home. 

I’m really going to miss it.

I took Asher to Target today. We are going to attempt to potty train Asher in 3 days. And when I say we I should just say Britt because I know i’m going to be mostly working. And Britt has a potty whisper. She just knows.

Asher was pretty excited to get his new undies 

I’m just nervous a turd is going to sneak out of his diaper and find its way under my pillow.

I hate crappy pillows.

This little family trip was much needed. I got to unplug a bit from my typical life and just enjoy my family. I got to spend some quality time with some of Britts family Beck and Bruce. 

We got to spend a night with my cousin Phill and his family.

I really enjoy spending time with family.

I think I need to get better at it. Be more intentional about seeing and visiting people. 

I’m grateful I got to take my family on this trip this past week. It was a life recharge I was needing.


I love this selfie with the wife bc we went on holiday to skegness (romantic) and we won so many tickets and it was so awesome and I was so exited because I’ve never been to an arcade before :3
Look at how cute my wife is.
Idk I wanted to post this
Maybe I’m messing with @perrytheteenagegirl
Or maybe that is an excuse to show off the wife xD
Look at how cute she is everyone should follow her.
I can’t tag people bc mobile but she’s @yuilover2000

Bent Doughnuts & Beer

Every Saturday morning is doughnut day at our house. I let Britt sleep in as late as she wants and I wake up early and make coffee and take Asher to get doughnuts.

It always goes pretty well except for this last Saturday. This happened

The dude bent my doughnut. 

Every time I went to bite down on it i’d hit the side of my cheek. Who bends doughnuts?

Thats like the golden doughnut rule. Never bend a long jon doughnut. I almost died from  a bent doughnut two years ago at a bus stop in Wisconsin.

Some good words to live by

Whenever Britt is stressed you can find her out front doing this

She blows these editable bubbles and eats them. Its pretty epic to watch. Because she doesn’t really move  and so it just looks like shes eating the air.

That would be weird if she actually did that huh. No she was just blowing bubbles with asher yesterday. 

I love watching them play together.

Here is Asher and his best friend Cooper. Cooper is pretty special. He knows how to change ashers diaper. I like having him around. Hes like ashers kid baby sitter. The other day he made asher mac and cheese. You’re probably wondering how cooper could even reach the top of the stove to cook?

Cooper has long arms.

Asher loves to spend time with his Uncle Stefan. 

I am so thankful that Asher has two great uncles in his life. I know Asher will grow up looking up to them and I am glad it is Stefan and Tyler he has to look up too. I can’t wait to see all the awesome adventures he does with his uncles. 

This past week Tyler took Asher out for yogurt. You know he’s a good uncle when he works a long day at work and still really wants to take Asher out. Theres no doubt in my mind Tyler will be a great dad. 

Tyler sent Britt and I this picture while they were at yogurt hahah

Ashers face when eating a sour gummy worm

This is what it looks like when a wild monkey throws poop on your kids face at the park

That monkey wasnt actually a monkey and it wasnt actually poop. It was a little girl dressed in camo playing in the mud. Her camo hid her perfectly in the mud so no one would see her. But anytime someone went over by the mud lake she would hurl a glop of mud at you. Asher was in the line of fire. 

He’s not very good at spotting little girls wearing camo laying in the mud.

Our parks are crazy.

There also a older man that lives in a tree house near the big yellow slide at the park that calls him self the cat in the hat and only talks in similes. Its super confusing. I punched him once and he responded with some metaphor of playdoe and chickens. Freaking weird. 

I don’t ride the big slide at the park anymore because of the cat in the hat man. And because im afraid of plastic. Ever since the incident in 3rd grade.

Sometimes I doodle while drinking Red Bull and this is what happens.

On Sunday I was at my sisters house for one of her kids birthday parties and I was so excited because I got to meet Ron Weasly in baby form.

Is it true that red heads can light fires with their eyes?

My sister had a box of cake pops for all the kids at the birthday party which I thought was a awesome thing to have and creative. The only weird thing about the cake pops was its flavor.

Spicy Chicken made with real chicken pieces.

She says kinds only eat spicy stuff now. I didnt mind them. I did get a rash after eating one though. I always get rashes.

Im’a rash king yo.

All the kids opening their presents and Kurt my sisters husband in the red mario looking hat helping.

The struggles in life make you stronger, and the changes make you wise, and happiness as its own way of taking its sweet time. But it is sure worth it.

Yesterday I made asher a box house.

He kept saying ‘Get out! Get out! Ashers fart box’

Not sure I wanna hangout in a fart box anyways gezz.

So I was at the book store last week and this guy followed me around the whole time asking me if I had any beer on me.

I said no. I only bring beer in the shower with me and then he asked if I wanted to help him find beer at a different book store. 

I passed.

 I mean he was pretty cool but the way he whispered everything to me made me feel uncomfortable.

I came home from the hardware store on Saturday and got to see Britt and Asher playing with the homemade playdoe they made.

Asher kept trying to eat it but then he’d spit it out and make this weird cross eyed look. It was awesome.

Asher’s been walking a lot of blind dogs lately

Mike is Brittas parents dog. He recently became blind. Mike was the reason we got a dog. It’s sad to see mike blind now. But on a good note it makes it easier for asher to walk him. haha

This past weekend with Britt has been one of the funnest in a while. Being married to your best friend is pretty awesome. I hope my little girl is just like Britt.


If you’re feeling frightened about what comes next, don’t be. Embrace the uncertainty. I promise you wont be let down. 

- @timmyham