archie's girls collection

*Story time* So, I dunno if you guys are aware of this but back in like 2013 MAC made a “Archie's​ Girl” makeup collection featuring Betty and Veronica, and I remember seeing the collection when I went to the mall and I was aware of what the Archie comics were and I remember debating so bad for so long wether to buy anything or not and long story short I ended up getting nothing and I regretted it for so long and apparently I forgot about it and randomly thought about it the other day lol sorry for this tbh idek what I’m doing but I’m so aggravated I didn’t get anything


MAC Archie’s Girls Collection

The top and second row are lipsticks inspired by Betty and The Bottom three are inspired by Veronica.

In order: Oh, Oh, Oh, Girl Next Door, Betty Bright

Daddy’s Little Girl, Ronnie Red, Boyfriend Stealer

This collection is available online now but all lipsticks are sold out ALREADY !!!! :( BUTTTTTTT the collection will be in stores February 7, 2013.