archie the pit bull



Plllllease! I need your guys’ help. This is Archie, the pit bull whom I have mentioned before. He is in the humane society near my area, and I’ve just fallen in love with him. However, I received some devastating news on him today.

They are considering having him put to sleep. It is not final yet, but Archies life is definitely in danger here.

The thing is, Archie was adopted from the humane society not long ago, but was returned as he didn’t bark, and made a bag guard dog. He was returned because he didn’t bark. 

However, in an odd display from the sweetest dog I have ever met, he growled at someone that walked by his kennel. They are considering this a sign of aggression and are thinking about having him put to sleep. 

Archie does have time. He is sick, and going through treatment. When his treatment is done, the choice to have him put to sleep will be put on the table. Please, my fellow dog lovers, help me save little Archie to make him my own and get him out of the shelter for good. The little petition I’ve made up right here –> is for you to sign. If you don’t want to sign, that’s fine, just reblog this and your URL will be added to the petition once it is printed out.

I’m not going to do any stupid begging or “you are heartless if you don’t reblog this” crap, but if you sign or reblog Archie and I will be very greatful :)


That’s right! Thanks to the 456 signatures on our petition, Archie the pit bull has been saved! He is finally in a foster home to heal and receive the attention, training and love he deserves before his adopter is allowed to take him. He has a full, happy life ahead of him! 

Thank you to everybody that signed. Congrats, Tumblr, WE DID IT!