archie savage

Jughead's Flaws
  • Jughead: I have flaws. I think I'm just too cocky for my own good.
  • Archie: I don't think you're co-
  • Jughead: You could say, I'm ACE at being ARrOgant.
  • Archie: Well, I-
  • Jughead: I can also be a real savage.
  • Archie:
  • Jughead: I really burn people, I really pass that ACEtic acid AROund.
  • Archie: Wait, isn't that just vinegar-
  • Jughead: I eat way too much as well. I just stuff my fACE with macAROni all the time.
  • Archie: Why are you talking like-
  • Jughead: And brACE yourself when around me, Archie, because sometimes I just feel like I'm a human pAROdy of a tumblr blog.
  • Archie:
  • Jughead: Everyone should just call me "the disgrACE" instead.
  • Archie:
  • Jughead:
  • Archie: What the hell are you-
  • Jughead: I'm aroace.