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Petition to get Lucas Gilbertson to dub a few panels from the Mega Man comics

I mean, I don’t know about anyone else, but I would love to hear him speak a few of Zero’s lines from the comics…

Y’know, awesome bits from the likes of mentor Zero:

Or even better, irritated Zero:

Enraged Zero:

And my personal favorite, Zero asking all the right questions:

I genuinely think he would actually do it if brought to his attention.



I was taking a look into “The EURON Roboethics Roadmap”, a fascinating writeup of the benefits and problems with creating next generation robots.
On the “What is a Robot” section (the text in the pics is ripped from the paper), I couldn’t help but think of Mega Man and how closely it related to the different viewpoints.

I feel like the basic robots are a great example for the thought that robots are simple machines, along with the Reploids for robots being seen as a separate species. There’s a few clashes between the Robot Masters and moral agent one, since they clearly have some sort of mental state and sense of responsibility, but I still think it suits them.


I dunno X… I GUESS that’s a look of someone super shaken up. Or maybe a look of mild concern at best.

But maybe it’s just a sign of the times y’know? Axl’s got the taste of war as soon as he was created. Now that he’s had to cope with killing his friends all this time, he’s gotta do it again. I bet that was such an emotionally devastating and draining experience, that it’s all he can do to keep his composure. So instead of becoming blind by his emotions, Axl hides his unspeakable pain with a look of robotic callousness. However, it’s a pain X knows, and can read through Axl’s self-defensive veil like a billboard. And no look Axl can make will hide that fact from him.

Or someone didn’t read the script fully while penciling the issue.