archie marries valerie


Archie Andrews and Valerie Brown in the Archie Comics’ “Archie Marries Valerie” comic book arc!

K.J. Apa and Hayleau Law star as Archie and Valerie in The CW’s new drama series, Riverdale. *Pilot Episode: S1E1*

Series Premiere January 26th!

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anonymous asked:

You seem pretty familiar with Archie lore. Where do you recommend starting on the comics/When did the current run start?

hey pal! the way i started reading archie was that growing my mom would buy me a double digest every time we went grocery shopping so i’d pick up a random one each week w no particular order to them lol. but if you want a good starting point here are some more recent ones:

  • jughead (2015)
    • this is part of the new riverdale run and it’s probably the most popular archie comic right now? or at least on tumblr. this is the one where jughead’s confirmed as asexual and the majority of the posts you see on here about the comics are most likely about this series. also it’s so funny and ridiculous and i love it so much omg
  • archie (2015)
    • this series kicked off the new riverdale verse and it’s so good??? archie’s a bit dumb but that’s kinda expected, and all ya favs feature pretty prominently here too. a lot more dramatic than jughead, it’s lit
  • reggie and me (2016)
    • aight this is also from the new riverdale verse, but its newer than archie and jughead so there’s only two chapters out right now. read this if you wanna focus more on riverdale’s favorite asshat 
  • betty and veronica (2016)
    • i tragically haven’t read any of the new b&v comics (they’re at the top of my comic stack tho, i’ve just been busy!) but same concept as jughead, archie, and reggie and me: new riverdale, new me. can’t say much about it other than read it bc betty and veronica deserve all your love. 
  • afterlife with archie
    • god, after life with archie is so good. i was a bit skeptical about it at first bc it’s a horror series and i didn’t think that would mix well with archie but holy crap….. it’s so so so so good. hot dog and jughead become zombies and brings on the start of the zombie apocalypse. it sounded awful to me at first but like, there are parts that genuinely freaked me out. bit different than the traditional archie gang we know, but worth a read.

that should give you a pretty good start into the archie comics world. like i said these are all fairly recent but you should give some of the older comics a go if you find that you like them! some honorable mentions worth checking out are veronica #202 (bc it introduces kevin and like, who wouldn’t wanna see him), archie marries veronica/archie marries betty, life with archie: the married life, archie marries valerie (hoe marries so many ppl smh), and like…… anything involving jughead, to be honest.

once you become more familiar with that universe, you’d honestly be just find picking up any random digest/double digest and delving in lmao. there’s hella stories out there and they’re all (for the most part) v good!! 

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm asking because I never read the Archie comics but I hear b*rchie stans say that it's canon in the comics yet I also hear that Archie always chooses Veronica, so how's that work?

Hey Anon,

It’s complicated to explain. 

The thing with the comics (and the digests in particular) is that there is very little continuity. Most stories are stand alone, while some stories run for a couple of issues and then the story retcons or changes completely. It’s kind of like the Simpsons. Each episode is a capsule that may occasionally call back to what happened in previous episodes, but in general, no prior viewing of the series is required to understand. Essentially, it all depends on whoever is writing at the time, and because Archie Comics plays so fast and loose with its storylines, canon is whatever storylines and incarnations of the characters you prefer.

That being said, it IS true that in the vast majority of the comics, Archie chooses Veronica. Although there aren’t as many, in some stories, he does choose Betty (usually with prodding from Jughead or help from Veronica herself, but occasionally out of his own volition). And then in some stories, he chooses neither Betty or Veronica and chases after some other girl (usually Cheryl or Midge) leaving our two leading ladies high and dry.  

The ‘Archie Marries ______’ storyline back in 2010 was hyped as the penultimate story where Archie finally makes his choice between Betty and Veronica. Initially, Archie Comics published “Archie Marries Veronica” which was technically the ‘canon’ choice, but after fan backlash, it was revealed that it was ‘all just a dream’ and that this issue was part of a series that explored the hypothetical ‘happily ever after’ scenarios for the characters (that unfortunately, weren’t so happy after all). The follow-up to “Archie Marries Veronica” was  “Archie Marries Betty,” and then there was a spin-off, “Archie Marries Valerie” and “Life with Archie.” 

So technically Archie never really made a “true canon” choice between Betty or Veronica after all.  Since the “Married”  issues have wrapped up, the digests have gone back to status quo and the love triangle between Betty, Veronica and Archie is still very much in play. 

In the rebooted series (New Riverdale), there is a bit more of a continuous story arc. The story starts in the aftermath of Betty and Archie’s break-up, which is a mystery to everyone, and Archie feels an instant attraction to and gets with Veronica shortly after she arrives in town. As far as I’m aware, Archie and Veronica are still a thing in the most recent issues.  But who knows? The fate of New Riverdale is very much up in the air; it hasn’t been selling very well and apart from the Archie and the Josie and the Pussycat issues, all the other issues (including Jughead’s) have been cancelled. The last I’ve heard, Archie Comics is looking to go back to the digest format.

To sum up: 

There is no real canon in the comics. There are multiple canons and multiple incarnations of the characters and even, multiple universes

Riverdale is a self-contained universe and apart from the names and general appearance of the characters, the characters themselves don’t resemble their comicbook counterparts.  Although Riverdale may occasionally wink at or draw inspiration from the digests, there is no guarantee that what happened in any of the digests will happen on the show, so really, what is or isn’t ‘canon’ (in the loosest sense of the word) in the comics is kind of moot. 

I hope that explains things? 

From Archie #653

I know I always talk shit about Archie, the character, and how he doesn’t deserve Betty or Veronica, but I can’t help but love Archie/Valerie. I love that she is older, more mature, and can keep Archie in his place. I mostly get the feeling Archie is written with Betty and/or Veronica out of tradition rather than any genuine chemistry they have as characters. Valerie is probably too good for Archie but Dan Parent writes them extremely well together. Archie Marries Valerie was way better than Archie Marries Veronica/Betty.