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Full, honest, and brutal opinion on FLW. Please?

HAHAHA! Sounds like you are not a fan.

In my opinion, Frank Lloyd Wright is a unique character in the history of architecture because he stands alone, he does not seem to belong to any major movement or ideal. He was a visionary seeking in his design that magical nexus where architecture and nature coexist in balance. I don’t count myself as one of those that consider him the greatest ever or a genius without equal but I do admire his tenacity and incredible ability to continually challenge himself and experiment with new and different design solutions. He could have coasted and done Prairie Style Houses all his life or copied Fallingwater twenty times, but he didn’t. All his projects were not successful, and some of the designs we love had major design flaws, but I admire the fact that he pushed the boundaries as he did. That is why I consider him one of the masters, he was a transitional architect with a wealth of projects, each unique and different. He created some projects that have become icons, rightly so, that continue to inspire architects a century after.

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