• Fred: Imagine if someone handed you a box of all the items you have lost throughout your life.
  • Betty: Wow, my Childhood innocence .
  • Jughead: and my will to live! I haven't seen this in years.
  • Archie: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Veronica: Mental stability, my old friend!
  • Fred: Kids, could you lighten up a little?
  • Veronica: Hey, Daddy? Can you pass the salt?
  • *Betty and Hiram both reach for it*
  • Betty: ....
  • Veronica: ....
  • Hiram: ....
  • Narcissa: ....
  • Kevin: *snorts*

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¿Cuáles son tus pensamientos acerca de la mezquita de Córdoba? p.d. Tienes un blog genial


La Mezquita de Córdoba, junto con el Alhambra, son probablemente los dos tesoros arquitectónicos mas importantes de Andalucía. Hay poco que yo pueda decir u opinar acerca de este monumento que no haya sido dicho ya. Yo solo he tenido la oportunidad de estudiarlo en libros e imágenes, pero esta en mi lista, algún día llegaré a verlo en persona.

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Bonjour! I am struggling to find some interesting individual housing projects/villa built on a slope, inclined site. Do you have any interesting references? Thanks Archy :)

So many. Check previous responses to this question here, here + here.

House in Yatsugatake Kidosaki Architects Studio


Betty: “And here is…”

Cheryl: “What Betty wanted to say is: here is the Queen B of Riverdale High, leader of the Vixens and the very own Cheryl Blossom. Hello, Honey. I will take it from here, Betty.”