Archie and Jughead were supposed to go on a road trip together on the July 4th weekend but Archie bailed. So KJ and Cole decided to make up for it instead. 😆 And KJ has all the pics to proof that it happened. Now can we have the Riverdale Core Four on a road trip together too pleaseee… it ain’t a party if Betty and Veronica ain’t there. ;)

“Sugar Sugar” I created this piece for Gallery 1988’s “Archie” show opening this Friday night on Melrose in Los Angeles. This is based on the more modern run by Mark Waid which came out in 2015 - SO GOOD! Plus it was a lot of fun tapping into my old guitar playing days for inspiration as well. Check them out if you want any prints as it’s a limited edition run through Gallery1988 only.

Riverdale+High School Superlatives

Archie Andrews - Most likely to get away with anything

Betty Cooper - Most likely to brighten someone’s day

Veronica Lodge - Best dressed

Jughead Jones - Most likely to fight aliens

Cheryl Blossom - Most likely to make a million before she’s 30 

Kevin Keller - Most likely to win America’s Next Top Model

Josie McCoy - Most likely to make it as a professional musician 

Reggie Mantle - Worst case of senioritis

Josie and the Pussycats - Most likely to win America’s Got Talent

Beronica - Cutest couple that never was

Archie and Jughead - Best bromance

Archie and Betty - Most likely to live happily ever after

Geraldine Grundy - Most likely to commit identity theft and statutory rape