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So I've seen several fanarts of Archie teaching Maxie to swim. It's cute and funny and all, but imagine this: what if May or Brendan was there to film Archie teaching Maxie xD?

That is so mean of them to do! Heh heh.


It was May that thought to do it first, Brendan was quick to follow suit. The opportunity just seemed too good to ignore. There they saw a forty year old man, floundering with floaties and yelling foul names to a surprisingly patient ex-Aqua leader. 

“I don’t want to do this!” He bellowed, splashing and kicking in Archie’s supportive hold.

The camera focused in on Archie’s face, showing the signs that he was thinking very strongly of giving up on the task, “Max…” He let out a long sigh, “You need to learn.”

Maxie may have looked his age, but he certainly had no wish to act it. His face bore deep lines in a sort of pout and he grumbled incoherently before finally speaking clear, “I will just never go near the water! There! Problem solved!” His face flushed rapidly and Archie could read what the problem actually was.

“Yur embarrassed, I know. I’m not here to make fun.” He patted Maxie’s back, “I just want to help you.”

Maxie’s face relaxed slightly, though the color remained, “Fine… but let’s continue tomorrow. I’m tired of this!”

The two eventually men left, what they thought was a secluded strip of beach, to conclude the lesson another day. 

May and Brendan left, holding back giggles, to go over their footage.

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Ok so here’s what’s going on.

In light of the recent Jughead #4 promo released, I decided to go back through issues #1-3! Here’s what I found:

Jughead #1

“haha classic jug” ^

Jughead #2

“haha cla- oh wait” “.. he said it, HE SAID-” ^

Jughead #3

“Are they implying what I think they’re implying” ^

Jughead #4 



Submission from @voxsound

Yoyoyo! My task was the following:

“Something involving pokespe!Archie and Maxie. Could be hardenshipping, or just shenanigans. (Bonus points if archie is in his hoenn TV outfit (reference can be found in pokespe vol19 pg 27. Would have included the image but tumblr doesn’t allow linking.)”

I hope this is the kind of nonsense the requester was hoping for %D

Merry Christmas :D

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