I’m a Libra moon and we’re often labeled with stigma that makes us seem weak and dependent. You’ve heard it all before; indecisiveness (and two-faced as a result), mimicry (and easy influenced or passive as a result) an eager to please or to be well liked (and avoidance of conflict/confrontation as a result) and craving relationship (and emotional dependency on another to feel complete as a result). Sure, I can be these things at my worst, I am still growing. 

Let’s not forget however, that the Libra archetype is air and cardinal, meaning there’s logic here (air) as well as leadership qualities (cardinal). With the moon (emotion) under Libra, the feelings are filtered through logic and this allows leadership qualities to flourish without being held down by personal experiences, feelings and opinions. There is a loving nature here (Venus-ruled, values relationship and connection) but it is working through the mind rather than the heart and therefore there is more clarity to the emotions. Libra moon then uses this clarity and strives for equality and harmonious connection by bringing people together. There is a friendly charm, social and interpersonal intelligence, an urge to fight for what is right and cohesiveness to achieve union. At my best, I am like this. 

This is not to say emotions are faulty. Cancer (moon and emotion ruled) is cardinal through and through; esoterically, they lead the zodiac wheel, Cancer is where the soul meets the human vessel. Cancer is the World Mother and initiates through emotion and instinct. And so, what this is to say, is that Libra is not Cancer and Cancer is not Libra; their leadership characteristics manifest differently. Emotions will not work for Libra (rational, clear reason) nor will Logic work for Cancer (subconscious, instinct, feeling). 

Libra moon’s dark side comes from the instability and fluctuation of the scales, but like any scale, equilibrium is possible. Some refer to this as idealistic and in many ways, it is; idealism is a key archetypal trait of Libra moon and comes from the need to find balance within themselves and others. This idealism bestows a dreamy and artistic personality, and someone capable of seeing others in a universal and fair light.

Post Season One Character Analysis: Pearl

The mommiest of Steven’s ‘moms,’ Pearl is a lovable, snooty tooty fresh and fruity little string bean, and she’s also rife with grief, insecurity, and pain. She starts out the season as the know-it-all, stuck-up, careful-to-a-fault archetype and … well, she hasn’t changed that much in those regards. She’s still overbearing on occasion, and still tends to be overprotective of Steven, but she almost always has his best interests at heart. 

We can dive right into the meat of it - Pearl is undeniably in love with the late Rose Quartz. She is still grieving heavily over that loss, and she can’t be blamed - for a being that lives as long as she does, and for one that is nearly immortal, the loss of Rose came out of left-field and left her blind-sided. The ~12 years she’s had to get over Rose has been nothing but the blink of an eye for her, and that wound is still fresh. And raising Steven, taking up the role of mother for him, must be bittersweet - here she is, nurturing the life that Rose left behind, but he’s also a daily reminder of the love she lost to someone else. It’s difficult not to wonder whether Pearl resents Greg, and by extension Steven, for stripping Rose out of her life. 

A common theme throughout the course of the show seems to be insecurity. Pearl, as we saw in “Coach Steven,” has moments of self-doubt, too. At times she doesn’t see herself as capable enough, but as soon as she has someone on the sidelines cheering her on, she has reason to go on. Pearl’s problem is that she can’t find the strength within herself, and needs to look to others for that motivation.

Rose acted as Pearl’s guide and motivation, and without her, Pearl is lost - she doesn’t know up from down, doesn’t know what to do next, and isn’t sure what path to take. She’s lost her place without Rose there to lead her. Pearl was hopelessly devoted to Rose, and without her, she’s lost her purpose.

But Pearl is devoted to other things - she’s devoted to Steven, she’s devoted to her team, and she’s devoted to defending the planet Earth. But why is she devoted to these things? Does she see worth in them for what they are, or she devoted to them because of Rose? Is she a Crystal Gem because she agrees with the values of the team, or because she blindly followed Rose Quartz into a rebellion? Does she protect the Earth because she finds beauty in the organic life it nurtures, or because Rose saw beauty in all living things? Did she agree to raise Steven because she loved him (I’m positive she does now, obviously) or because he’s the last living piece of Rose? Does Pearl still live her life, doing and acting as she does, as tribute to Rose?

We know that Pearl still has a soft spot for Homeworld. She seems to miss the old life she lived there, and wonders how things have gone on without her, which raises questions about just what her role back on Homeworld was. Pearl, as we know, is the brainy one of the bunch - she takes interest in the arts and more “luxurious” endeavors that, in a rigid class-based or caste system, would only be typical of the elite. This, paired with small moments such as the hand ship’s laser going totally off-course and missing Pearl entirely, lead me to believe that Pearl was near the top of whatever sort of society Homeworld subscribes to. Pearls are usually worn and associated with high society, wealth, and affluence - if this is true, it’s no wonder that Pearl misses her life back on Homeworld.

I’m still not sure what to make of Jasper’s “lost, defective Pearl” line. How is she lost? Does she belong to someone, or is someone looking for her? If my theory that Pearl was someone of importance, I suspect the latter. And is she defective because she abandoned her Homeworld and took up arms against them, or because there’s something fundamentally broken about her? Both, maybe? I can’t make any real assumptions on the latter unless we meet another Pearl, but our Pearl seems fine to me with nothing to compare to.

At the end of the day, Pearl is doing the best she can - she loves Steven and she cares for him and his well-being. She’s still fighting for Earth, even if her motivations are a bit cloudy. Moving forward, I hope to see Pearl find motivations within herself, and take the steps to move past Rose. Because she may be neurotic and obsessive, and she may make mistakes from time to time, but this tiny little birb deserves happiness.

Here’s the thing, with that ending, my understanding is that they wanted to get across that the counterparts were always meant to be one being, and for Yuya, that was part of accepting himself in a way. 

It also sort of says that it’s alright if everything that was changed can’t be undone, but the characters learn to smile despite that. 

The problem with that, however, is that it’s not that they necessarily died, and everyone got to say their goodbyes and had time to accept it. It was sort of abrupt and they were sort of forced to accept it in a rush. So in that sense I do think that moral is a little sloppy, even if I do understand where they’re trying to go with it.

It also doesn’t help that these felt like they could have been fully developed characters had they been given a chance, so it is genuinely heartbreaking for viewers who have watched for so long and have gotten really attached to them. It’s not a matter of being butthurt about it, it’s the fact that these characters never even truly died. They’re just sort of gone. And even though many may be okay or even completely satisfied with this ending, taking away these characters the way they did is sort of a disservice to the fans.

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...did seb get his nose done?

Originally posted by teamcaptainstucky

I’m not an expert, but I don’t think so? in my opinion it’s probably just a combo of camera angles and shadows and The Aging Process taking him from fresh-faced twink with a bit of roundness and puppy fat to the haggard old man grown adult he is these days

who knows, though, because these profiles look a lil different, but again: the mystery of photography and post-processing

whatever. a mystery for the ages. I like his snoot either way, it’s a good nose. YOU GOT A GOOD FACE, PAL.

just as an aside, look at this photo I found while deep-diving into google images for “sebastian stan 2006″

that’s… a Look, seb. this whole situation is a Look. every woman in their late 20s-early 30s remembers dating one or more of these archetypes, and all of them were wildly disappointing.

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my hair looked extra good a few days ago and i took a pic and was like "whoa ive got porp hair" and felt like this divine being, it was rly good

im glad i could serve as a focal archetype to enhance the pleasure of your experience (◡‿◡✿)

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i remember you said you met this guy with all the personal planets in leo & i was wondering if he was like the leo archetype or something ????

WHAT!! YOU REMEMBER THAT?? OMG!! YOU A REAL ONE!! 🙌🏼 I deleted that like 20 years ago, that post is ancient.

But yessss, it was when I was in 8th Grade!! He was a:

Leo Sun
Leo Moon
Leo Mercury
Leo Venus
Leo Mars

But he was the sweetest, most amazing guy I have ever met. Everyone loved him, he was captain of the soccer time and he was actually really chill and very prideful you can tell. But wow, he really was a sweetheart! I remember I would be scared to speak to him and he had the warmest smile, he was really kind to me and a gentleman. He really was a gentleman. 😩 He would open the door for women, he would give up his seat for you, he would cheer and support people on and stand up for them as well. He was amazing omg!! And we both had the same name except his was obviously the male version of my name. 😭

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Curious, if some archetypes share some relationship, would you be willing to condense them into one archetype archive? Like say Evilswarm and Steelswarm, or BLS, Gaia, and Kuriboh having some intended synergy between them.

I mention any possible overlaps in playability but I wouldn’t exactly review them both at once

Jung's Story Archetypes
  • Aries: I want
  • Taurus: I acquire
  • Gemini: I think
  • Cancer: I feel
  • Leo: I do
  • Virgo: I arrange
  • Libra: I harmonize
  • Scorpio: I transform
  • Sagittarius: I understand
  • Capricorn: I identify
  • Aquarius: I dream
  • Pisces: I believe
Western Mythic/Literary Archetypes Associated with the Signs

Aries—Ares, Athena, Adam, Lilith, Samson, Lancelot, Xena

Taurus—Narcissus, Adonis, Io, Edenic Eve, Snow White, The Evil Queen, Isis, Theseus, Edenic Adam

Gemini—Hermes, Castor & Pollux, Cain & Abel, Puck, Eris, Juliet, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Enlightened Eve, Tinkerbell

Cancer—Greek Noah, Themis, Osiris, Selene, Heracles, Biblical Noah, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Derceto, The Fairy Godmother

Leo—Helios, Ra, Artemis, Hestia, Solomon, David, Morgain, Bathsheba, St. Genevieve, Tom Sawyer, Arthur Pendragon, Dorothy

Virgo—Prometheus, Hephaestus, Hermes, Demeter, Pandora, Cain, Mary Magdalene, Wendy

Libra—Apollo, Aphrodite, The Fates/Muses/Furies, Lucifer, Medea, Circe, Astraea, Ishtar

Scorpio—Hades, Satan, Persephone, The Sphinx, The Beast, Alice

Sagittarius—Zeus, Dionysus, Hera, Lady Godiva, Huckleberry Finn, Jane Eyre

Capricorn—Cronus, Pan, Rhea, Azazel, Moses, Titania, Mother Goose

Aquarius—Uranus, Ganymede, Hebe, Eos, John the Baptist, Merlin, Salome, St. Ambrose

Pisces—Eros, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Amphitrite, Jesus Christ, Mary, The Muses, Ondine, Uncle Tom

The Key To Understanding S4 of Sherlock is to Accept Mary as She Is…

I’ve seen a lot of people who say S4 doesn’t make sense to them. We’ve got a variety of theories trying to make the story fit some different storyline than what is being shown on screen.

I know some of that is fueled by inconsistencies in filming—possible continuity errors, changes in wording, things they find unrealistic. But it seems that one of the core issues for a lot of people is Mary. 

I can understand that. Why was she even brought into the story in the first place? Some adaptations skip her entirely. People wanted to keep the focus of the story on John and Sherlock. They didn’t want a trio. 

Those are perfectly fair objections. And I don’t blame people for being upset about the fact that she turned out to be an assassin and that she shot Sherlock, etc. I thought that some of the Mary-as-villain theories were really interesting and would have been fun in the story. 

But that’s not where the writers took things, and now some fans are having a hard time accepting that Mary could be all those things and still be loved by John and Sherlock. 

Yes, loved. The reaction to her death, if nothing else, makes it clear that both men loved her very much. They grieve her, deeply. Her memory becomes John’s inner voice, his conscience.

How can that be? How can the show portray her as kind, sweet, funny, insightful, and yet also portray her as selfish, ruthless, secretive, and a killer? 

Well, it’s called an antihero. And it’s something few female characters are allowed to be. 

More below the cut…

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Aries and Virgo are interestingly sensitive. Both signs handle this sensitivity differently. Virgo prevents such sensitivity by establishing plans and routines. Aries prevents such sensitivity by arguing and being assertive. It’s as if both signs are overwhelmed by the world, yet at the same time they appreciate the beauty of it. The beauty of the world keeps Aries exploring with curiosity. The beauty of the world motivates Virgo to serve and coexist with others within it.

Both signs are esoterically ruled by Mercury, a planet of quickness, but also a planet of youth. Youth is often tied to Gemini, but the youth of Virgo exists. Virgo, representing the virgin, experiences everything like it’s the first time. The first time is always the scariest time. You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know what you’ll see. This is why Virgo plans and organizes. This is why Virgo gets nervous when things don’t go according to plan. Virgo, like Aries, is overwhelmed and scared, but they will cover that fear with practicality. Aries covers their fear with confidence and impulse.

Both signs are able to cover their fears to do something great. They are both willing to go great lengths to cover up their fear with essential, needed skills. With this in mind, both signs use their fears to make themselves stronger.

evolutions of expressions

# 1 ~ aries ~ the dictator - ego centric and dominating. controls and refuses to acknowledge the needs and feelings of others, primitive, toddler-like
# 2 ~ the victorian ~ the champion, the pioneer, the winner, the triumphant discoverer, the valiant conqueror, can be reckless, combative, unrelenting
#3 ~ the defender - uses developed leadership skills to protect, ensure justice, and defend the innocent and vulnerable. inspires with vision

#1 ~ the glutton - identifies too closely with materials and money. no amount of zeros on the bank balance or possessions is enough
#2 ~ the investor - protects and preserves materials. eye for design and style. relishes. can be greedy/overly spendthrift/over indulgent.
#3 ~ the earth child - appreciates and beautifies the materials of the natural plain, lover of wine, woman, and song. creative vision. ensures organic resources. knows how and when to invest with finances

#1 ~ the gossip- uses the voice to spread rumors, vicious untruths, and words that will stir up drama.
#2 ~ the journalist ~ is the mercury messenger circulating the up to date information, the news anchor, and also the broadcasting or propaganda and unsourced fabrications, will write under direction
#3 ~ the academic ~ uses high intelligence to research, learn, and educate. dedicated to education, be through self or institution. the writer of the passion, whether it be tabloid or textbook

# 1 ~ the abandoned child - clings to people out of fear, reacts to situations with the screams of the exposed child, melancholic and reactive
# 2 ~ the martyr - expresses deep compassion and sympathy, the surrogate parent, dependent, may neglect own needs for other people, can feel victimised
# the source - is self sufficient and defines himself without heritage and family role, protective and powerful, tenacious, provides emotionally and physically, is the umbilical cord channel that connects loved ones to god through her, profound empathy 

# 1 ~ the cub - dependent, self absorbed, hysterical, attached to mother archetype, undeveloped, self conscious
# 2 ~ the lion - king of the jungle, predatory and protective, self regulating and self ruling, sustains loved ones, confident
# 3 ~ the sphinx - wise and advising, generous and proud, guardian of the young and creative visionary

# 1 ~ the critic - the inflamed eye that spot every blemish, consumed with order and hygiene, overly self conscious
# 2 ~ the servant - seeks to be of assistance to others. healing hands. identifies with perfectionism. hypochondriac and hysteria 
# 3~ the mastermind - fuses high level intelligence with rhythmic logic and crystal ideals. views imperfections as gold between the cracks. dedicated toward creating a perfect world for others

# the imitation - is distressed in solitude, requires other people to provide a sense of self, remains in destructive relationships, reflects others
#the lawyer - has awareness for every point of view and attempts to balance oppositions, can be chronically indecisive
# the judge - makes a decisive rule on every individual situation based on the precisely equal evaluation and analysis on what is fair, right, and equal. distributes everybody’s opinion and his own into a clear, moral and admirable standpoint

# 1 the scorpion ~ paranoid, self destructive, wrathful, and withdrawn. controlled by emotions and suspicions. controlling and power hungry, promiscuous, fanatical and pedantic
# 2 the eagle ~ has an empathy and intuitive psychological receptivity, identifies with darker impulses, justice seeking, fears loss of power and exposure, may dabble in black magick or darker sciences. can be the ‘hurt to heal’ expression like a surgeon who must make an incision to cure
# 3 the phoenix ~ the divine healer expressing the wisdom of water therapy and sorcery and medicines. ultra conscious of human suffering, uses occult power for good and holistic healing

#the glutton - gorges in excess, cannot control pleasure seeking ways, overly skeptical, believes own lies
#the philosopher - studies or summons interest in philosophical matters and travel, mental, spiritual, and physical. maybe too sterile with opening up himself to accept the beliefs of what he truly knows and studies
#the guru - distributes the highest wisdom of sagittarius… the quest for divine intimacy, mysticism, symbolism, theology, spiritual law, on pilgrimage, through book, or academics

#the tyrant - power hungry without remorse, wants to ascend up the ladder at any cost, chooses work over recreation, family, and values
#the laborer - dedicated and steady, hardworking and humbly ambitious, works on behalf of himself and others will ascend at his own pace. may be consumed by work
#the architect - has exhausted physical and mental talents and ascended toward his profound dreams. wants to establish a better, systemized world co-relating with the esoteric, is the provider, as a parent with his own child or acts as guardian of society and institution

#the rebel - deliberately acts to shock people, expresses individuality at the risk of professional or social reputation
#the activist - battles on behalf of causes that relate to their interests and passions, is very outspoken and effective, may partake in protest chaos for the sheer fun of it, can take on radical ideas
#the mother of humanity - the protector of all forms, from child to every animal, the one who fights on behalf of something bigger, the one who identifies with being one with everything. to guard the rainforest is to guard a part of themselves

#1 ~ the addict - lost in his need for escapism and salvation. cannot control the need to lose himself in toxins, alcohols, drugs, medications, sex, daydream, cinema, lies and deceives
#2 ~ the mystic ~ experiments/dabbles with different belief systems, conjures occult knowledge for good or evil, understands mysticism, may be melancholic or despondent, can be impressionable
#3 ~ the spirit guide - transports people on spiritual journeys, is equipped with mystical knowledge and power, uses intuition and forces of enchantment for good, distributes divine wisdom, is compassionate to all beings, feels at one with god

i was just playing around with some ideas, i intend to reflect more on this and extend it going into more detail. astrology is a lot of fun :)