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Quick painting of Luci.

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Dreamt aliens showed up and randomly chose me to read tarot for them. (And Humanity cried.) After some difficulty relating my human symbols to their culture, they decided the best thing to do was to translate the deck into their cultural archetypes and symbols.

“The tools should adjust to the circumstances as the circumstances adjust for no one.”

This caused the progenitor of all shitstorms on the Internet as the question of what makes a tarot deck truly tarotish was thrown around. On whose paradigm would the alien deck be based on? Their spirituality was nothing like most humans ever imagined. Though it had animism at its core, how that animism was expressed boggled the minds of those whose spirituality was rigidly structured. (Including mine, to my surprise.) Tarot, it was argued online, is intrinsically a human tool because it relied on human constructs to understand it.

The aliens asked what did all recognized tarot decks have in common. Another shitstorm overran the Internet. It was decided by the majority who answered (civilly), that a full tarot deck was composed of 78 cards. 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The Majors embodied archetypes and powers that work upon the querent while the Minors reflected common circumstances, actions, and decisions either leading to the query or possible outcomes of the query. (And still no one was happy with that.)

The aliens set about using their myths and their epic cycles to remake tarot to reflect their culture. The images made no sense to me, but the aliens could recite each myth referred to in each card on the spot. Happily they showed me a nine card spread based on how they navigated space as their version of the Celtic Cross.

Satisfied, they left earth with their new tool, leaving me with a gazillion angry posts in my inbox for not showing a preference for any one tarot system and a sense of inadequacy with my own cartomancy skills.

The dream has been fucking with me all day, so here you go.

lol so on twitter ive been talking about how i see pretty much any white male character with glasses as Simon but honestly this must be a character archetype or something cause once you add the glasses it becomes so easy to guess their personalities hahah christ

Also I’ve dedicated his blog is gonna have some serious shit posting about my comic so be prepared. I like to talkkkkk

anonymous asked:

hi pls hear me out I'm not asking for a description but what are things having to do with someone who is moon dominant? Or cancer dominant? I know they are both "emotional" but like what things do you relate them to?

Fluctuation is the main word when I think of the moon. The moon has it’s phases and cycles, it’s constantly changing…this is why moon dominants typically have unpredictable moods, even extreme fluctuations of weight in regards to physical appearance, they lose and gain weight erratically.  It’s also why Cancer’s key archetypal trait is spontaneity and often than not this trait is disregarded. They are spontaneous in action and emotion, as are moon dominants. 

anonymous asked:

im gemini dominant and i cant not flirt. its actually really uncool because im aromantic! yet i get everyone interested in me. i never catch myself in time. do you know any placements that would indicate this? or any particularly helpful mindfulness techniques...


The Gemini archetype itself can be very flirty, so this is an indication for sure.

Others could be Venus in Gemini, Sagittarius or Libra perhaps.

Venus in the first, tenth or eleventh. 

I guess a technique could be to try to be more aware of how you are coming across to others, and trying to find the line between friendly and flirty. 

But there are much worse traits to have, and Gemini are known for being able to strike up an easy conversation with almost anyone, in a way, it’s a bit of a talent.

:) x 

jazimina  asked:

Since you were asking everyone else: What is it that you enjoy specifically about writing each of your alts?


Well, every toon kinda fits an archetype of their own.

Dunnedin is my Indiana Jones type. He just evolved into it…originally, he was a merc who wrote books, then a professor, then an archaeologist, and now he’s the guy you send to hunt down Titanic artifacts and keep them out of people’s hands. I love writing that kind of adventure on him. It feeds my desire for pulpy adventure. And the romantic relationship with @jazimina just made him more interesting…and was my first dive into that kind of RP. 

Latilda was meant to be just  a reporter, but she became so much more with her SI:7 work, connection to the politics of the city, her friendships, her shadowy history, pursuit of power, and so much more.Want a date? She’ll go. Want to go on an adventure? She’s your gal. Wanna deal with politics and crime? Lat is in. Honestly, she’s versatile, snarky, complex, can get involved with a lot more than most people, and my most interesting toon to work with, and it lets me write with more people and explore more plots than I have on any other toon.

And running a newspaper is cool too. :)

Casyril, on the other hand, started out as just an attempt to make a family member and church RPer. (and was partially inspired by @sigridnaraan abandoning her post as an inquisitor….I wanted to help take up the mantle.) But as I’ve RPed her alongside people like @housesuncrest and Sable Sun (Who have brought so much depth to my character through our interactions), she’s become this emotionally complex being who fights to do good for people who hate her and what she is, and struggle with doubt and the shadows she has. (Something I have not really pursued with my uber-snarky professor and journalist.)

That complexity is a challenge to write, but I’m excited to build on it in coming days. 

Jaezly is just a hoot. She’s my little shit and my Horde alt. That’s about the only reason I write her; for comedic effect.

anonymous asked:

What do you mean he technically *is* Yog-Sothoth?

“In the face of that awful wonder, the quasi-Carter forgot the horror of destroyed individuality. It was an All-in-One and One-in-All of limitless being and self—not merely a thing of one Space-Time continuum, but allied to the ultimate animating essence of existence’s whole unbounded sweep—the last, utter sweep which has no confines and which outreaches fancy and mathematics alike. It was perhaps that which certain secret cults of earth have whispered of as YOG-SOTHOTH…” 

“Chief among such was this informing BEING itself … which indeed was Carter’s own archetype. The glutless zeal of Carter and all his forbears for forbidden cosmic secrets was a natural result of derivation from the SUPREME ARCHETYPE. On every world all great wizards, all great thinkers, all great artists, are facets of IT.”

Through the Gates of the Silver Key

tldr; Yog-Sothoth split itself up into different facets across the universe to accumulate knowledge. One of the split facets is Carter.

Aspects To Mercury: The Art of Communication

An interest in Mercury has sparked me tonight, so I would like to make a post about the aspects to it; how planets can modify and add to its power whether it be psychically modified by Neptune or artistically modified by Venus, Mercury gives us something very special. Our minds are gifts, each and every mind has its ways. With planetary aspects to Mercury, we get insight on how we put our element to work.
Note: I’m excluding the Sun from this post as I already put it here and the only major aspect it can make is the conjunction.

Mercury and Moon; the Expressive Mind

Mercury Conjunct Moon
The mind and emotions work together, although, one may dominate the other depending on the sign they are in (obviously if the moon is in a more complementary sign for it, it will dominate Mercury and vice versa). Speaking their emotions may be easy for them. Makes them witty and talkative, very expressive in the way they communicate, it is very easy to read their emotions based on the way they speak to you.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Moon
The mind and emotion are in complete harmony. The power of emotions can be put into thoughts, words, and writing very easily for this individual. This is an excellent placement for writers or any area that may require emotion into expressing ideas so things aren’t all robotic. Very perceptive and expressive. 

Mercury Square Moon
The complete opposite of the harmonious aspects. The mind and emotions are at conflict with each other. Emotions need to be controlled wherever Mercury is sitting in (check the house). Decisions may be based on emotions, needs to be more reasonable. Needs to stop switching between rational and irrational feelings. Easy attitude adjustment can fix this. On the positive side, carries unconditional love. 

Mercury Opposite Moon
Opposition usually represent outer forces. Opt to be the victim of gossip and criticism. Should also not be the cause of gossip and criticism themselves as it will create more karmic debt. Like the square, could have issues with being reasonable. Needs some attitude adjustments. Likely to be very nervous and restless too often. May likely possess some of the positive traits from the harmonious aspects making them good writers.

Mercury and Venus; the Artistic Mind

Note: Venus can only ever be 78 degrees apart from Mercury. We are always aware of the power of love in our mind, thus they cannot be separated too much. The only major aspects it can make are the conjunction and the sextile. It can make minor aspects semi-sextile (harmonious), quintile (harmonious), and semi-square (inharmonious), but the orbs on them would have to be extremely tight to be noticeable and I have not researched enough on those aspects to feel comfortable spreading too much information on them. You can get a basic idea that the semi-sextile is similar to sextile, but just a minor form of it and a semi-square is similar to the square, but a minor form of it. Quintiles symbolize awareness or lack there of; things we do without realizing. Aaaand I’ve rambled on, but maybe you guys learned something new.

Mercury Conjunct Venus
The mind is very refined and artistic. Soft and charming. Ideas and voice can be almost hypnotizing. Very friendly when unafflicted. Speaks beauty so effortlessly.

Mercury Sextile Venus
Great placement for musicians; it combines the mind with artistic abilities. Very artistic. Friendly, charming, and social, may come off a little fake though.

Mercury and Mars; the Passionate Mind

Mercury Conjunct Mars
Mental process is passionate, aggressive, and fiery (especially if the planets are in fiery signs). Can make the individual sharp tongued, sarcastic, and blunt. When discussing passion for something, the energy is likely to be extremely bold unless other placements can tone down this fiery force.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Mars
Put mind into action. Extremely passionate about their ideas and arguments. They love to argue. The mind seems to always be working. A new day is a new opportunity for these people. Maybe blunt and sarcastic. 

Mercury Square Mars
Hot-tempered, too blunt, and too sarcastic. Must stabilize their animal-like ways to fix aggression. Control the rudeness.

Mercury Opposite Mars

Unlike the square, these people are likely to encounter people like the square especially if the planets are tied to the seventh house; be sure to check all houses though, because, personal houses affect the individual internally whereas a very public house such as the tenth house has to do with aggressive outer forces trying to balance karma again. Great potential and ambition. Passion is still there like the harmonious aspects.

Mercury and Jupiter; the Good Spirited Mind

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter
Jupiter gives the mind some philosophical links. Very generous and jovial. Humorous, optimistic, and intelligent minded. Mind is kind of lazy, may need Mars to give it a push for bigger goals. The mind find interest in literature, art, and religion. Its good nature leads simpleness to the individual’s life, you could even say their life is easy, but it may just be because they hardly wish to act upon big opportunities. They are always quite content.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Jupiter
Very intelligent and wise despite the age the individual may be. Makes for a great teacher. Like the conjunction, strong interests in the areas of literature, art, and religion. May hold strong faith. Contagious optimism.

Mercury Square Jupiter
Good spirited and easy to speak to. The mind tends to procrastinate and be forgetful. Difficulty with rejecting and tend to be “yes-men.” Money smart. Superstition, but skeptical towards religion. If Jupiter lacks good aspects with other personal planets, judgement may be poor. Has a hard time keeping secrets if this aspect is prominent. Difficulty with pulling together mental resources quickly when being questioned or argued with.

Mercury Opposite Jupiter
How this aspect acts will really depend on what signs Mercury and Jupiter are in. It is mental activity versus all areas Jupiter manifests. May be seen as a difficult aspect in fixed signs as it creates stubbornness in the matters of truthfulness. Other than that, it can possess many of the traits the harmonious trine or sextile carries.

Mercury and Saturn; the Serious Mind

Mercury Conjunct Saturn
Very serious, unless Venus or Jupiter loosens the individual. If Saturn is something that is very prominent and persistent in the individual’s chart, they may be gloomy or pessimistic. Deep thinker. Tendency to loneliness if self-centred thoughts are expressed. Make good teachers as they are very orderly and strict. Through hard work, they will see great success. 

Mercury Trine/Sextile Saturn
Practical, intelligent, responsible, ambitious. Likely to have grown up well disciplined. Their minds are very good at absorbing knowledge. Great self control. A favourable aspect to have for good physical health as Saturn gives strength to bones. 

Mercury Square Saturn
A polar opposite to the trine/sextile. May not be so great where education is concerned. The mind is just not very good at absorbing knowledge like the harmonious aspect is. Squares are to teach us to be persistent. Where gaining knowledge is difficult, the individual needs to be patient and overcome this difficulty. Learn how to improve memory skills and studying habits. Avoid depressive thoughts of “I can’t do this” and stay away from bad habits.

Mercury Opposite Saturn
Brings lack of communication and issues from outer forces, especially family and relatives when aspected to the 3rd, 4th, or 7th house. Brings on feelings of being uncared for. Early life is generally unhappy and disrupted where education is concerned, but as they get older, intelligence and success should come their way. Feeling limited is only temporary. If Saturn is prominent in the individual’s chart, they are likely to be very serious and distrusting. 

Mercury and Uranus; the Genius Mind

Mercury Conjunct Uranus
Mercury and Uranus work together like PB & J. You could easily call an individual with this aspect a genius as they can easily come up with new concepts and ideas. Their minds think on a whole other level. Will and mind is strong.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Uranus
Originality and extraordinary intelligence. Inventive, keen, quick minded, especially in air signs. Excellent communicators. Independent and even a bit eccentric. 

Mercury Square Uranus
Although a square, does not lack intelligence. Probably just as original and intelligent as the conjunction, but attitude is somewhere else. Very independent, kind of snappy, sarcastic, and blunt. If lacks harmonious aspects to Venus, they may need to learn how to speech more gently. The independent mastermind, maybe too independent. 

Mercury Opposite Uranus
Needs to control their erratic tendencies as although they can gain some things for this individual, they can also bring sudden loss. By checking what houses are associated with this aspect, you can see where the spontaneous behaviour is being expressed. Nervous and impatient, still opt to be intelligent. 

Mercury and Neptune; the Dreamy Mind

Mercury conjunct Neptune
Of course with such a strong aspect to Neptune, the individual is going to have some difficulty with the reality of things. Fact and myth sometimes just blurs into a singular meaning. If lacks aspects to Saturn, likely to live more in the mythical land versus reality. Romantic and a wishful thinker. Sensitive and psychic. Needs to work on focus. Great aspect for musicians and poets.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Neptune
This quote best describes this placement better than I ever could, “Inspirational, poetic, and creative mind, Aptitude for psychic and mystical fields. Can benefit from dreams and visions. Practical idealist. Is able to use his inspirational powers constructively. Exquisite sensitivity toward the subtler aspects of life. Strong love of the sea and should live near it. Has the ability to contact higher planes of consciousness in sleep and in meditation and bring instruction through to the conscious mind.” - Astrology, A Cosmic Science

Mercury Square Neptune
Again, we are to learn from squares, they build strength. An individual with this aspect needs to learn to focus and take off the rose-filtered glasses. Needs to be more honest and direct. Thoughts need to be more clear. Psychic ability may be there, but also may cause difficulties. Deception brings on more deception; its the way karma works. May be as sneaky as a snake, but karma will get them eventually and it won’t be good. No more lies and unnecessary secretiveness. Truth brings truth.

Mercury Opposite Neptune
Great imagination, but may need to be reminded of what is real. Quite emotional, a lot of mental activity based on emotions. Should be careful of deceptive people; don’t put your guard down. Check what houses are associated with this aspect so you know where the deception could come from. 

Mercury and Pluto; the Perceptive Mind

Mercury Conjunct Pluto
The aspects brings that ability to bring the unconscious mind into thoughts and words. a great aspect for investigators or anything that requires careful research. You could say their mind is very penetrating, it can pierce through the unknown. The individual has to some degree, the power to manipulate. They are very perceptive and know exactly what to say to a person to trigger specific thoughts and emotions. Some individuals may use their ‘powers’ for negative purposes.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Pluto
Similar to the conjunction, but not likely to use their ability to obtain power like the conjunction might. This individual is logical and original. 

Mercury Square Pluto
Skeptical and impatient. May not be as perceptive as the harmonious aspects, so they need to slow down, especially when reading people’s gestures. The obsession for knowing the unknown for power-related reasons is common with this aspect.

Mercury Opposite Pluto
This individual can sometimes be oversensitive. Feels lonely ever when clearly not; lack of contentment in groups of friends. Constantly feeling of needing to self-improve to seek inner contentment. Needs to think carefully before making judgement or decisions. On the positive side, these people have great motivation to their desires. They will work for them.

Ok, Guys - We Need to Talk:

This is something that has been bothering me for a long time – probably since I’ve joined this kpop community – and I really want to get it across to some of you because honestly, it’s gotten out of hand at this point.


You can’t judge an idols’ personality based on what you see in interviews, variety shows, on stage, etc.

Did you know that some companies assign roles to members? They are literally given a persona/image that they have to portray to the public. There’s always a happy virus, a mood maker, a “bad boy”, and so on. They have to withstand these archetypes that they’re assigned to – however, that does not mean they are like this all of the time. If someone who is categorized as happy is shown being mad or upset, that’s okay. In case you haven’t noticed (or if you’re one of those people who put idols on pedestals) they’re human too. We, as humans, have a shit ton of emotions that are constantly brewing throughout our bodies and minds. If the so called “happy virus” is having a bad day, let them. Don’t bombard them with questions like “OMG! Are you okay?!” “Who hurt my oppa/unnie?!?!” “Is something wrong with him/her?!” Everyone has a bad day every now and again, it can’t all be sunshine and rainbows – that’s not realistic.

You don’t know their stories, you don’t know where they came from; you can’t judge someone based on what they choose to show to the world. Everyone has more than one layer; stop judging based on the surface.

Another thing that’s been bothering me a lot is the gross entitlement/claim that fans think they have over the idols.

In case you didn’t know, THEY DO NOT BELONG TO YOU. They are artists/performers. I understand that fans are the general reason why groups/idols are successful, but that does not mean you are entitled to dictate every single decision they make. Again, they are human beings! So many people lose track on the fine line between being a straight up fan and a crazed fangirl. I understand the passion behind the devotion for an idol, believe me I do, but there comes a time where you have to step back and realize that it’s not realistic. When an idol is seen with someone of the opposite gender, there’s instantly an uproar – and unfortunately, it’s mostly when it involves a male idol. They’re allowed to hang out with girls, you know. They can’t be surrounded by their members and staff all day every day; they deserve to go out and have fun with their friends and be able to actually act normal for once. Like it’s gotten to a point where there are people hating on the idols’ own family members – and that is NOT okay.

It’s also not okay for people to disregard these actions because they were “jealous”. Honestly, what gives you the right to be jealous? Are you dating them? No! Like, I’m sorry but this mentality has to stop. Jealousy/Possessive attitudes towards an idol is not healthy and it does, in fact, promote the thought that you have some sort of claim over them – which you don’t.

This probably sounds incredibly harsh but in all honesty, some of you deserve this wake-up call.

Now the last thing I want to talk about is the gross isolation/hate of a particular member from a group.

Realistically, everyone has a preference. There’s always going to be one member that people bias over another. HOWEVER – that DOES NOT give you the right to hate on the remaining members. Just because a particular member doesn’t fit your own personal taste doesn’t mean you have the right to hate on them for it. While you don’t stan someone, I can tell you that there are so many other people who do – and you best believe that they will 100% call you out on your bullshit too. When you stan a group, you stan the WHOLE group. Not just one member, all of them. You can absolutely stan a single person and not like the group, that’s your prerogative. But you cannot call yourself a fan of a group when you blatantly hate a single member; that’s not how it works.

And while we’re on this topic, I would also like to point out the wondrous life called shipping.

It’s perfectly okay to like the friendship between two members. Everyone dotes on someone sooner or later in their life, and it’s nice to see idols reaching out to other members or other idols. But lately it seems like the whole shipping thing has gotten out of hand.

Everyone has their set ship, I know I sure do, but what I’ve been noticing a lot lately is that there are people who are fans of a certain ship going out of their way to hate on another. The reason why I said this goes hand-in-hand with hating a member is because there are people who are, in fact, hating a certain member because they “interfere” with their ship – and that, in itself, is fucking disgusting. I’m trying really hard not to offend anyone with this but realistically speaking… I view shipping as a fictional thing. It’s fun to imagine it and it’s fun to write for the ships… But you have to come to realize the fine line between fiction and reality. Even if the two members were dating, how is that any of your business? What right do you have to make them “come out” and admit it? Like, honestly? It’s not okay, guys. Ship them in private, write all the fanfiction, draw your favorite ship; but DO NOT bombard them with questions asking if they’re really dating or attacking other members because they interfere or even other people because they don’t ship your otp.

There is a dangerous toxic mindset in the kpop fandom nowadays and it really needs to stop.

Chewing on it, I felt like there needs to be a term for the particular kind of slightly irreverent fantasy basically spawned by D&D. The kind that includes elves and dwarves and orcs, but also near-unique critters like tieflings, half-elves, half-orcs, and drow, which has different humanoids mingling together way more than more serious fantasy stories, that has embedded tropes about paladins and priestly healers and shapeshifting druids and the sorcerer/wizard distinction.

Preferably, the term would move away from the specific set of game mechanics that spawned the genre, so I’d rather avoid “D&D fantasy”.

“High fantasy” is a broad term that covers this genre, but also a bunch of others.

“Tolkienesque” isn’t quite right; that implies a certain gravitas and span of history that D&D has discarded, plus D&D orcs and so on have moved away from Tolkien’s mold.

But you know what creature best embodies the weird wonder of this type of fantasy?

The most archetypically D&D monster of them all: Fucking owlbears.

From now on, I pledge to refer to this particular genre of fantasy as “owlbear fantasy”, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.