Okay, so I just found out that Archer has an unaired “original pilot” where they replaced Archer…with A FUCKING RAPTOR. The episode has the exact same plot as the first episode, but he’s a raptor. He doesn’t talk, he just makes raptor noises throughout the episode. It just might be singlehandedly best thing I’ve ever seen.

Edit: Since some of you reblogging this have mentioned finding it, you can see it here

In looking through the Sterling Archer tag on tumblr,

I found that a lot of people were unaware of the DVD extra in which Sterling is replaced with a raptor for the entire pilot episode.

Gifs and stills of this episode can be found here

And I trust you can all Google, so I will not post links to the many places you can find the episode to watch.

You can also buy the season one DVD set.

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Since WHEN did this exist? I mean I KNOW Archer is awesome….but this is off the deep-end…It’s Krieger weird.

Btw who would pay to see a mini-series starring our favorite Mad scientist who may or may not b a clone of hitler? (I’m talking about Krieger)