Floyd County Productions, producers of the animated TV series “Archer” is currently hiring background painters!

Must have a working knowledge of environment painting, color theory, perspective, and Photoshop.

This is a FULL TIME, IN-HOUSE position here in Atlanta, GA. No intern or freelance positions available. Must either live in the Atlanta area or be able to relocate in the coming months.

Please direct all portfolios and emails to Diego Penuela, Background Art Director for S9 of Archer.

7x20 - Answers

1) “AD” has a mask of Melissa.

2) Spencer has a twin called Alex Drake.

3) Alex Drake didn’t know about Mary, Charlotte, or Spencer.

4) Wren met Alex Drake and told her about Spencer.

5) Alex Drake is “AD”.

6) Alex Drake was in one in the barn in 7x01.

7) Alex Drake was the one looking through the photos in 7x08.

8) Alex Drake was the one who kissed Toby in 7x10.

9) Alex Drake was the one with Wren at the airport.

10) Wren was in love with Alex.

11) Alex Drake killed Wren.

12) Wren is the father of Alison’s babies.

13) Mary didn’t know Alex was alive until a few weeks ago.

14) Dr Cochran got Mary Drake out of Radley.

15) Sydney only worked for “AD” that one time.

16) Sara thought that there was something important to find in the old Radley Sanitarium because of what Charlotte told her.

17) Jenna recruited Noel to find Alex.

18) Wren was in contact with Charlotte and told him about Alex. 

19) Charlotte met Archer on the trip to Paris.

20) Archer’s actions against Alison were separate from “AD”.

21) Charlotte and Alex met each other and became really close.

22) Wren was the one in the black hoodie that Mona saw.


Late night game of Jarl with the mother, her first time and she’s killing all my fighters. I felt guilty after getting a great fighter out right away so thinking it’s her first time playing I’ll let him die so she can get a feel of how the game works… 20 moves later she’s killed 8 of my fighters and I’ve got 3 of hers. Moral of the story, don’t trust mothers!

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Over the course of Enterprise, I created 100 episode-centric episodes. I put them all together just to see the progress from pilot to finale and I have to say I am rather proud of this body of work.

“Quickly men! Into formation!”

“Sir, what purpose does this formation serve? None of us is aiming with even a remote chance of hitting any possible enemies and we’re in serious danger of starting a forest fire.”

“Shut up Steve. It looks awesome.”

(Photo by @nicolasbruno on Instagram)