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Valar Morghulis ;) I was just wondering, do you have any A:tLA fic recs, specifically Zutara ones??? Thanks!

Valar Dohaeris 😉

Sure! Here are some more of the gems this fandom produces


  • Together at the Horizon by @dragon-hearted-girl;
    AU After a century, the Avatar has still not been reincarnated, allowing the Fire Nation to continue its conquest of the world. A young Airbender befriends a Waterbender and Firebender, both of whom are living with a terrible curse. Formerly titled “Tale of the Grey Wolf and Golden Hawk”

  • i didn’t know i was lonely (’til i saw your face) by @raisindeatre;
    The “I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in hospital” AU I never thought I’d write. Or: how one car crash, one dancing bear, many, many crossword puzzles and a spot of accidental cohabitation lead to… well, if it isn’t love, it’s certainly something.

  • Love Story by lynny17;
    A meeting of nations years after the war leads to an unexpected romance as a love story unfolds. 100-word drabble series. Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender This is in response to the LJ katara zuko winter drabble challenge.

  • Jasmine and Souchong by @archergwen;
    It’s the Midsummer Festival, and Zuko’s lone night manning his uncle’s tea shop does not go according to plan. ‘He wants to stay like this forever. Just her and an empty tea shop, sugar and smoke on her breath.’

  • The Stalking Series by @emletish-fish;

    - Stalking Zuko: Katara has developed a new hobby. At the Western Air Temple she takes to stalking Zuko. Much silliness and shenanigans follow. In chapter 20: Katara and Zuko return home to the others. Katara hates the F word and she comes to a decision regarding Zuko.
    - Not Stalking Zuko: Katara keeps a journal of all the shenanigans that the Gaang run into. Chapter 49: there is much talk about the future - now that the war is over and everything is changing. Hakoda and Zuko talk. Katara decides that some things in life are worth the risk.

    - Not Stalking Firelord Zuko: The immediate postwar period from Katara’s ranty POV. shenanigans abound. Chap 24:Song arrives in Ba Sing Se. Shenaniagns ensue.


  • Thicker Than Blood by @akaiikowrites;
    “You have to love all the facets of their soul, or your love is pointless.” A Story of the Girl Who Bends Blood and the Boy Who Loves Her. –Zutara; semi AU; giftfic for dancingqueensillystring-

  • Rounding the Edges by @sadladybug;
    It can take some grit and hard work to grind out the sharp edges, but the effort can produce something that shines. A Zutara oneshot in which Katara learns a few new things about Zuko, including the fact that he may be very difficult to live without. Featuring unexpected teamwork, tense training moments, and more than a few awkward conversations. Canon compliant(ish), Book Three beginning sometime between TSR and EIP.

  • Tremors by CuriosityRedux;
    She’s free to choose- if she goes back to the Poles, if she travels, if she stays in the Fire Nation just a little bit longer. She can choose to go back to the life she would have led if she’d never revived the Avatar, or she can choose to forge a new path. And she chooses him. Oneshot. Zutara.

  • Eye of the Storm by @cowlicklesschick;
    There is a moment of calm, where the wind dies down and the torrents ease and soften, where thoughts can be heard louder than words. It is a moment of relief, but also of fear and preparation, because there always another side to every storm, and the calm never lasts for long. Zutara B3 immediately following the Agni Kai.

  • Wooing Zuko by @cabbage-foam;
    Immediately postwar. During a trip to Ember Island to celebrate of the end of the war, Katara feels the need to affirm her sex appeal. Her target? Zuko.

Drabble Series:

  • Inside This Ancient Heart by @somuttersthesea;
    “She and Zuko, on the other hand—she feels like they’ve been old forever, even though they’re still young enough by most standards. The baby in her arms coos and she shifts her gently, cradling her head and smiling, only to see a gratifying, toothless smile beam from rounded cheeks in return.“A series of domestic drabbles written for Zutara Week 2016.

  • On Love and Lust by @theadamantdaughter;
    A collection of Zutara drabbles and one-shots. Some smut, some not. NSFW chapters will be labelled as such. Heed the warnings and enjoy.

  • A Little Bit of This, and a Little Bit of That by @kangaroo2010;
    No matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the circumstances, deep down, they always knew they were meant for each other. A series of short pieces, written for Zutara Month 2015.

  • you and I will not be shaken by @beifonc;
    In which Zuko is an awkward barista, Katara is obsessed with ‘vandalizing’ her customers’ food, and they bond over a love for instant noodles and microwavable food. In which Zuko rambles about space at ungodly hours, and Katara is desperate to shut him up.A series of Modern AU oneshots or my excuse to write drabble and not work on my WIPs.

  • 31 Kisses by @darkelf19;
    A clumsy Zutara story told through 31 kisses. Written for Official Zutara Month 2016 @ Tumblr. Officially Zutara, but it could pass as any ship. Each chapter will be a perfect 100 word drabble. Enjoy!


  • A Week to Know You Again by @elledix;
    After the first year of their engagement, Katara felt she and Zuko were already drifting apart. In the Fire Nation, their time always belonged to someone else. Now, in the South Pole for Suki and Sokka’s wedding, they hoped to find each other again.

  • The Business Trip by @thispieceofwork;
    Zuko’s been gone for two long months and Katara has needs. Takes places between Ch 10 of Confused and the Epilogue. Some PWP fun.

  • Agni’s Fever by @sohhng;
    She decides that she loves him for both the fire lilies and the brimstone on his breath. Oneshot. Zutara. ‘Zuko’s hands snag around her wrists. His body is a long line of tension, and now that he’s reared up on his knees to match her stance, she notices that his chest is as bare as it is soaked. “You can’t even begin to understand what’s happening to me.”“I’m trying to understand,” Katara grits. “Isn’t that what you wanted from me from the very beginning?”’

  • A Challenge Met by @sharkflip;
    Katara and Zuko meet and reconcile during Day of Black Sun, with the outcome expected in a story written for Zutarotica. AU for the Eclipse.

  • Love Amongst the Embers by @mmmisora;
    After the Ember Island Players’ performance, and with the help of a little rice wine, Zuko and Katara decide to rewrite an alternate ending to their story. Oneshot, Zuko/Katara. Rated M.

Hope this was useful!  I’ve got another fic rec list here, if you want to check that out :)

Happy Shipping!

Mini Fic Rec List

So until I can get an Korean adapter for my laptop, I can’t actually produce anything on this in the format I like, including my next fic rec list. Until then, I would like to just give a mini rec list of things I’ve been reading until I come out with my second official one. Remember to always review, no matter when a story was last updated, as many authors who haven’t updated in nearly ten years are coming back and saying it’s because of the encouragement you guys have been giving. These stories will all be added onto the second fic rec list too once I’ve got a working laptop. Anyway, here are some stories I’ve been keeping up with that you should too. As with before, the asterisks mean they’re a fav of mine. And as usual, check out other stuff from these authors as these often aren’t their only or best Zutara stories.

– THE BOTTOM OF A SWIMMING POOL *** by d-dulcet –

This fic is immediately post war, and while I like post war Zutara a lot, immediately after typically turns me off. However, this author is amazing and now I’m making an exception. This story is definitely going to be a slow build done well, with on point character depictions and interactions, poignant writing, wonderful pacing, and one of my favorite things, a realistic, mature, and in depth look at the issues of politics and prejudices. We see Katara staying to heal an injured Zuko, and while their bond strengthens every day, Katara must face and deal with the people around who view her as below them for being born in the Water Tribes. We see even the lowest servant show their obvious resentment of Katara and nobles with their thinly veiled disgust of her, all for being Water Tribe, and how even her position as the SWT’s Chief’s daughter or a war time hero does nothing to change this view (if anything, it almost hinders her living in the FN) I just love seeing Katara’s feelings through out this all. At first, we see her annoyance and righteous anger for this behavior build until she makes her mind known to these people who are meant to be considerate of her. We see her get confused and hurt, questioning herself and the worth of her bending, from little microaggressions from the Fire Nation nobles. And then we see her find validation in herself again and then a feeling of contentment from healing and hanging around with Zuko. Furthermore, Zuko’s relaxation and acknowledgment of her power is sweet and nice after seeing all the crap others were putting her through. I also like the little introspection we see in Zuko, in him realizing that while Katara may tease him, it never reaches a level of cruelty we see in others who were meant to be close to him. Really awesome fic,

and SHE MOVES WITH THE SEA *** by Void —

These are two companion fics that are grossly underrated. Written in a more poetic style, we see post war Zutara develop through some angst and fluff. They write so beautifully and like the previous fic, you feel the emotions the characters feel. Everything about this is perfect, definitely check them both out and give lots of love.


Not smut so chill this is actually a really cute short AU fic in which Katara discovers and saves a grumpy mermaid, all while trying to keep it a secret from others in her household. It’s really cute and the ending a bit bittersweet, depending on what you think. Adorable, definitely check it out.

– LEADING UP TO YOU by Olive-Tree-Hugger –

Trouble and unrest in the Northern Water Tribe leads Zuko and Katara to a battle between spirits and crazed men in power, resulting in the death of the blue spirit and more than political issues for Katara to face. And is the Blue Spirit really gone?! DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!!

– OUR FORTUNES TOGETHER *** by NomDeGuerre —

This fic is an arranged marriage fic that is super exciting with nice development. The first chapter has a bit of smut near the end which you can honestly skip and then after that, Zuko and Katara are immediately thrust into precarious situations and travel and meet certain new friends *wink wink* and have to face and Ozai who wants another war. I won’t go into much more detail than that as it would reveal too much and take away surprises the author placed in wonderfully. Super awesome story, featuring an adorable old!aang (who kinda reminds me of General Leia but with more candy) and a certain herbalist who is bound to have a family reunion. Zuko and Katara themselves are very in character. I love when stories show the characters flaws just as much as their good points, and this author does this which makes the developing relationship between the too feel that much more real. Zuko is super awkward and closes himself off constantly, feeling like he’s trapped Katara, who he’s beginning to develop feelings for, in a relationship with a monster, while Katara keeps trying to open him up and is worried that he doesn’t like her or want the relationship at all… Which leads to fun moments as they see how wrong they are. Definitely read this.


A Zutara and Taang fic in which Sokka gets into trouble with someone who turns him into a badger cat, starting a chain reaction that turns into an awesome creative story. Toph stumbles across this sassy, talking animal and sees an opportunity at adventure in running away and helping him turn back to human and find his friends. Zombies, Pirates, and Zutara moments come along quick in this. Definitely keep this fic in mind in your searches, especially for more creative plots.

– BACK FOR YOU by Reyn –

One shot, and due to a curse on the Fire Nation from the Water Tribes, the Fire Lord and a waterbender have to meet annually to prevent drought and coincidentally fall in love. Some complications fall into their lives which may or may not prevent them from being together. Very pretty, and a creative idea. Some suggestive material, nothing explicit.

– ASCENT by bexst –

Short chapters with what seems to be a depiction of a spar that is actually the development of Zuko’s and Katara’s relationship. Pretty cool. Size of fic means you can read and finish on toilet, so double cool.

– NAUTILUS by maddeve –

So unlike the previous fic, this story has huge chapters, but they’re interesting and full of good developments. Post war, Katara trying to figure things out and Zuko hoping she figures out how he feels about her. The author does a nice job of displaying where canon couples go wrong on some issues, along with brining up political and personal obstacles in everyone’s way. Really pretty, for the most part is in character, I can’t wait to see where their relationship goes.

– WELCOME HEAT by cowlicklesschick –

Modern AU, which I typically don’t like, but this one is cute and entertaining. Due to a dangerous accident while saving a certain med student, Zuko finds himself in a hospital trying to make it back when Katara comes to bring brownies to her savior. This leads to a ton of events that bring them closer. The whole Gaang is here too, featuring IrohMeddling™. Nice fic.

– EYES OF AGNI** by cannaduh –

I love how in character everyone is in this story - I can actually see them thinking and saying these things the author writes. I also am liking their OC’s and the little details they’ve included like the servants and guards always “correcting” katara for saying zuko instead of fire lord zuko. It’s funny and engaging, while also giving us an idea of the environment in this post-war world.

Besides the funny and on point dialogue, the pacing is always very good - they take time explaining the things that matter but they also don’t drag on certain parts by detailing everything in a scene. It’s perfect.

I also like the plot. I find they’re making this a naturally developing relationship with characteristics of Zuko’s and Katara’s relationship being addressed in a way that ATLA’s producers (notice how i didn’t say writers) chose to skip. I also like how they’re subtly showing the problems with the canon ships without outright attacking Mai and Aang. Instead of saying “oh Mai is an evil bitch” or “Aang is an immature asshole” like so many other fics do, they’re simply including things like Mai and Zuko not seeing eye to eye nor sharing priorities. They’re allowing us to see Mai is able to be polite but also off-putting, like at one point with Zuko and Mai not really communicating is very well done as this was something we really see in the show. I would like to see how they handle Aang some more. I’d imagine they’d display him as the same lovable guy from the show, but like with Mai, showing the characteristics that make him and Katara incompatible. Awesome development, sweet story line, no outright character bashing. Really nice stuff.


Katara suffering from Kataangst and basically deciding that what Bryke did to her wasn’t what she was going to let happen. Short fic, can read and finish on toilet while being proud of Katara.


This title is literal. For this, we have a series of AU fics that are all original, fun, and exciting. You’ve got several modern AU’s, like gangster Zutara and Domestic Living Zutara, along with Soulmates and letter exchange between the fire lord and master waterbender.

– SPIRITS*** by lady wisp – Super creative fic here in which Katara, the Southern Water Tribe’s “witch” for keeping contact with the spirits, is called upon by Zuko as she attempts to get help for the Southern Water Tribe in its war with the Northern Water Tribe. In order to receive help from this spirit, she must agree to help him find the avatar, something she’s never heard of before for being almost illicit in nature. There are all sorts of twists and turns, like what sort of spirit is Zuko if he is one, how did he get to that point what does he remember, and is he trustworthy, along with Katara’s discovery of different secrets and dealings related to the water tribes and outside nations (“what’s the fire nation? Bending? What’s that?”). Really creative, fun, and cool with in character interactions and fun development and, while it is not completely dark, there’s a level of suspense.


So there are a couple fics. This post will have been queued as I’m away and will be leaving tumblr for a few months. Enjoy these, and I’ll try to come back with an actual second fic list later (and if you haven’t seen the first one, it’s on my blog).

Also, you’re an author, please send me your stuff as I’ve lost a ton of stories I remember liking but I have no idea what the titles were and yours might’ve been one of those fics.

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‘I fell down on the bus and you were the first person I grabbed onto’ AU Zutara

Zuko is ever so grateful for Toph’s lessons on the cold bus ride -
he’s been training firebending with her;
picking up where Uncle left off
in adding earthbending techniques to his bending -
because when the bus suddenly slams to a stop
he remains standing, centering himself in his piece of floor,
letting gravity take him just far enough
into the bend of his knees
and the grip of his arm on the pole he stands firm –
not the the brunette next to him,
who reeks of waterbender
as she tries to react against inertia,
losing instead and crashing into Zuko,
her hands clutching at his shoulders even as she’s thrown into him -
but he can’t be mad when she looks up at him
with embarrassed eyes in a blue he never could have imagined -
she’d outshine any sapphire, any fire opal -
her mouth drops open and he can imagine the stammering apology
so he cuts her off with a smile,
wide and genuine and real,
and whispers a corny line with just enough self-awareness
she smiles back and laughs –
and months later when they’ve gotten into trouble again -
serves him right for loving a girl that befriended Aang
rather than moon after the Avatar -
he’s ever so grateful for Toph’s lessons
because the men chasing Katara expect fire to come from his fists,
not sprout from the ground after an earthbending-style kick -
“Alright, Sparky!” -
then he has his hand in hers -
“You don’t have to hold my hand when we run, Zuko!” -
and thinks about the kisses he’ll steal later on the bus ride home together

"What about the other Zutara fics?"

Okay guys I suck but I’ve got midterms and some places to visit and shit buuuuuuut if you’re desperate I would check out the author ***lewilder. They have always made great things and I honestly believe that they are THE BEST Zutara author. I’m serious, they’re my absolute favorite author. They have people in character, great interactions, fantastic plots, and beautiful writing, but not nearly enough reception or reviews so check them out. Their most recent thing was a sort of Katara-gets-taken-to-the-Fire-Nation story, but with a twist. It’s also in relation to last year’s Zutara week prompts which is really cool.

If you’re done with all of their stuff or want something shorter but full of happiness and angst and beauty in short chapters, check out the author Void. A more serious look at the politics and whatnot in post war ATLA and where Zuko’s and Katara’s relationship goes from there. Really beautiful.

If you want funny shit, another one of my absolute favorite stories is “Water Wench” by Meeknchic. It’s so funny and each time you read it you pick up another detail or innuendo you may have missed the first couple times and it’s so funny you will never be used to anything that pops up. Just know you’ll love Chang the trouble making shithead and Bato the disgusting drunk (you’ll understand when you read it)

NomDeGuerre’s another good author, with Our Fortune’s Together. It’s an arranged marriage fic, and there are like two M scenes the entire story so if you’re like me don’t really care about smut, it’s good because you can skip that and not miss out on the amazing plot where Zuko and Katara accidentally get sucked into a rebel group led by Aang sooooo good and really in character and well thought out.

Also, d-dulcet’s Bottom of the Swimming Pool is something that I’m consistently looking for updates on. A great handling of immediate post war ATLA and touches on topics such as prejudice politics racism etc really good seeing Zuko and especially Katara navigate such environments. They’re both in character, along with others in the story, and the plot is great so far. I personally know the person writing this and let me tell you they know their stuff

Here are some other stories and authors I have bookmarked for some reason, either for my “to read” list to see if I would like them or because I actually did liked them but either way here those are:

•"Nautilus" by maddeve
•"Welcome Heat" by cowlicklesschick
(They also have a tumblr and other stories on AO3 and – they’re really entertaining check out their stuff!)
•The author “archergwen”. Fun stories and if for nothing else, read for their interesting and unique plots to get inspiration and ideas!
•The author “NonsensicalLyrics”
•Alternate Uses for Bathtubs (not a smut story, it’s a Zuko as a mermaid story)
•Princess and the Badger-Cat by panaili, mainly a Toph and Sokka (transformed into a Badger Cat) centric story, but so good so interesting and unique basically them fighting off and finding witches to turn Sokka back into a human while preventing an evil pirate lord from raising an army of the dead. Really fun.

Annnnnnnd yeah, have fun! Also, for authors / stories you liked, if you want more, go to their fav stories and look for more Zutara

Anyway, bug me consistently after the next two weeks are over (I got midterms and then I need a week to have fun around the city a bit pls) and I’ll try to get up another OFFICIAL fic rec list

My absolute favorite story to this day is, again, by lewilder, and it’s called “Even So”. It’s an arranged marriage fic in which Katara doesn’t speak the language of the Fire Nation and Zuko doesn’t know Water Tribe and how it unfolds is just perfection. It is what I want to see in my fics.

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Avatar ended years ago! Stop being butthurt over your shitty ass ship not becoming canon! You butthurt cunt! I hope some fucking shoots your zutaran ass because you deserve to die! People like you old a grudge for years over it a continue to bash kataan! I HOPE YOU DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH! AND I HOPE THEY RAPE YOUR DISGUSTING ZUTARA CORPSE AFTER THAT FUCK YOU KATAANG RULES ZUTARA SUCKS YOU MOTHERFUCKER!

1st, I am so honored that my first piece of anon hate came about due to Zutara.

2nd, It’s “Kataang”

3rd, Had Bryke handled the ship better, built it more fully through the show (and not just as a one-sided crush through 2 seasons), I’d have fewer problems with it.

4th, I don’t really consider addressing the unhealthy elements of a relationship “bashing” it. If you do, then I hope you grow as a person, for one day you may end up in a relationship where being able to recognize problems and deal with them in a rational matter becomes %1000 times more important.

Finally, aren’t you really glad I am someone who does not suffer from suicidal thoughts? Aren’t you glad your words brought me nothing but masochistic glee? I don’t know why you want blood on your hands, and especially over something as trivial as an animated show, but calm the calamity that is your mammaries.

Now, I’m going to go read more fanfiction featuring Zutara, as I found a wonderful Modern AU where he’s a firefighter. My ability to enjoy something is not dependent on your opinion, nor is it dependent on what other people enjoy. If you want some Kataang fic recs, I’ll find you some. I think there was a one shot I saw a while ago while scrolling through AO3 where they play DND together.