The Carnival Job

Ok i should preface this by saying i am so head over heels for Eliot it aint funny. that being said i really dug this episode. and not JUST for Eliot.

there was a lot going on with the team in this. we get some great little Pardison moments and lets face it Parker2000 is wonderful. i love how upset Parker gets at the thought of Hardison trying to replace her. with a robot no less. and the way she puts it. complimenting him then threatening him. *happy sigh* plus the robo safe cracker is cute. like a little frog. but its interesting to see Parker feeling threatened both within the team and in her sort of mostly budding relationship with Hardison. then there is the hint of jealousy in the bar (“I cant believe you brought her here.”). but all it takes to set her world to rights is confirmation from Hardison that he is NOT in fact trying to replace her. what he IS doing is giving her the best gift he can think of. almost like getting her a puppy. and you just know she has races with Parker2000 to find out who is faster.

as for Nate i always think its neat to see him showing the reality of grief and not just being the untouchable mastermind. the way he immediately recognizes the signs of loss in the mark. brilliant. but of course he gets his mastermind moment when Molly is taken. assessing the situation and recalibrating their plans accordingly on the fly is his specialty but here its different. this kids life is on the line and thats no lie. i loved that he scrapped the plan and essentially said “fuck it all we bring her home and thats all that matters.” also when he says to Eliot “Do your worst.” he has a better (not perfect or complete) idea of just what he is unleashing and has no problem with it.

on a “shallow” note Sophie and Parker were rockin the skirts here. they looked amazing. and Sophie’s pretentious design consultant is inspired (in more ways than one seeing as how if im not mistaken this where Hardison’s line “shes got a right hook like a freight train” came from). but Sophie sees what Nate sees. and more (“thats not greed, its grief.”) and that comes from her experience with Nate. and even though she spends the kidnapping portion of the con on the sidelines corralling the mark that just showcases her ability to support without interfering. how she can be the backbone.

and last but far from least. Eliot. god i just love it when he gets to deal with kids. (i think Eliot would make a great Dad. but i wont get into that here.) and this kid is fabulous. at first in the briefing he thinks shes funny (you see his little grin when she is giving her Dad hell about her report). then he meets her and she socks it to him. i could not stop laughing during their introduction. how he doesnt know whether to laugh or be offended. you can see it written all over his face that he wants to call her a little shit. and the look he shoots Nate for sending him to the carnival. wooee. someone will be getting some payback. being the one who finally orders Parker to work with Parker2000. and then the moment. the switch. when he goes from Eliot the security guy to Eliot Spencer, Hitter/Retrieval Specialist. in other words the guy who is going to beat your ass. and save the girl. and i know it may be odd but seeing Eliot get his ass handed to him once in a while is comforting. even though in this case it required a carnival ride. and then there is The Moment. The Fight. good Lord. the house of mirrors scene. gawdamn. i want to dream about that. Roper looks so confused when Eliot comes up with his eyes closed and proceeds to dodge/block every strike. then its wham bam i just knocked your punk ass out. but really its the way he grabs Molly. like both relief and comfort. like even though he has a concussion and a few broken bones she is the best thing he has seen all day.

and lets not forget the the teams BAMF entrance. always remember the BAMF.