lifting the cracks into a smile

On one hand, Eli was happy that everything had smoothed over when it came to the air between him and Archer but on the other hand, he wasn’t. They fell back into their regular routine again, Archer spending every free minute of his time studying whilst Eli juggled work and college even though he was getting close to calling it quits with college since there was only so much he could do with paint and a canvas.

Letting out an audible sigh, the curly haired boy began to watch Archer as his eyes drank in the words on each page of the book he was reading. A fond smile came to his lips but he found himself bored again and unable to think of anything to cure this particular case of boredom so he decided he would annoy Archer until he paid attention to him, but it was proving to be futile as Archer was so immersed in his books he hardly even reacted to Eli jumping down from his seat on the breakfast bar. 

Padding up behind the darker haired boy, a playful smile came to Eli’s lips as he drew back onto his feet and proceeded to launch himself at the unsuspecting boy, his arms wrapping around Archer’s waist so that he’d be able to keep him in place as he tickled him, something which he hadn’t done to Archer in years. Resting his chin on Archer’s shoulder, Eli couldn’t stop a laugh escaping his own lips and began tickling him even more to try and get a reaction out of him while he still could.