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Advice from an (Amateur) Archer on Writing About Archers and Archery

Admittedly, I don’t have the widest range of experience when it’s come to archery. I’ve only been shooting for a year now, and the time that I do take to shoot have long months between them. Still, I think it’s important to outline the basics for anyone who wants to write an archer in their book and wants to save themselves the embarrassment of having the archer do something that an archer would never do in a million years.

- Archers usually unstring their bow after battle. Unstringing a bow is exactly what it sounds like: removing the string from the bow’s limbs. Usually, archers then wrap the string around the now-straightened bow so they don’t lose it as easily. Archers unstring bows because everytime the limbs are bent by the string, there is a large amount of tension in the limbs. If the string is on too long and the bow has not been shot for a while, the limbs will start to wear down and lose their power, resulting in an archer needing to buy new limbs or an entirely new bow.

- Archers always retrieve their arrows after battle. Arrows are expensive and take a long time to make, so archers want to conserve as many arrows as possible. Sometimes they have a repair kit with them at the ready, in case they find an arrow with a loose arrowhead or broken fletching that can easily be repaired. 

- Training arrows are not the same as battle arrows. Training arrows have thinner shafts and usually blunted tips so they can easily be removed from targets. Thinner shafts break more easily, and the blunted tips – whilst they can pierce skin – usually won’t get very far in the flesh. They’re also easier to make. Battle arrows are thicker, and their heads are pointed at the tip and have two pointed ends at its sides. This arrowhead is designed to easily pierce through flesh, and is incredibly difficult to pull out because its two pointed ends snag onto flesh. If you want to pull it out, you’d have to tear the flesh away with it, which can lead to an even larger wound.

- Arrows are fatal, and one can incapacitate a soldier for the rest of his life. Arrows are not easily snapped off like you see in movies. The draw weight is too strong, and they can sometimes be as strong as bullets. They will pierce through bone and tendons, which do not easily heal. Furthermore, if you want to remove an arrow, you either have to go through surgery, parting the flesh away from the arrowhead so it doesn’t snag onto anything, or you have you push – not pull – it all the way through the body.

- Bows are not designed for hitting people with in close combat. The limbs are specifically made to flex. Imagine hitting someone with a flexing piece of wood. If you hit with the middle of the bow, it still does very little because there is no weight behind the bow, and so you might as well be hitting them with a pillow. It might be annoying to the opponent, but it won’t save you. Archers need a secondary blade in close combat. They cannot strike people with their bows and expect to win.

- Draw weight affects speed, range, and impact. Draw weight is measured in pounds, at least in America, and it is measured in how much weight must be pulled when you draw back the string. A high draw weight means stiffer, thicker limbs that can shoot further and hit harder. But, this is at the cost of speed. A low draw weight means thinner, more flexible limbs that can shoot smaller distances and have low impact, but can be shot faster. Before you acrobatic fanatics immediately seize the smaller bow for its speed, understand that a bow’s advantage is in its range. No one can hit an archer from 300 meters away with their spear or sword. The archer has complete dominance over the battlefield in this way, and their arrows can kill anyone who gets too close. Not hurt. Not annoy. Kill. And a higher draw weight means a better chance of piercing through specific armor, then flesh, then bone. A lower draw weight means less range and, even worse, a lower chance that the arrow would even pierce through armor if the arrow even hits its target. 

- Bows will always be outmatched in close combat against any other weapon. Bows take too long to draw and shoot, and at such close range, the opponent has an easier chance to dodge oncoming arrows. I already explained that the bows themselves cannot be used to take down a foe. 

- Bowmen on horseback are utterly terrifying. Archers usually can’t move from their spot because range is more important than mobility, and at such a long range, you usually don’t need to move from your spot anyways. Bowmen on horses, however, are closer to the battle, and worse, they are faster than almost anyone on the battlefield. Not only are they difficult to hit, you have no way of predicting where they will shoot next because they can circle around you in confusing ways. If you want an interesting archer character, I’d advise trying these guys out.

- Never underestimate armor and padding. Arrows will never be able to pierce through plate armor because its curved surface will always deflect oncoming arrows. Arrows can pierce through maille because maille is made out of metal rings that can be bent and can fall away. However, padding usually lies underneath, which is surprisingly durable and can stop an oncoming arrow, as well as absorb some of its impact. Because of this, make certain that the archer is focusing on gabs in the armor. To know this, you MUST study armor. Gabs usually lie where the joints are because soldiers need those gabs open so they can move. Typical gaps lie in the neck, the armpit, the inner-elbow, the knees, and the palm of the hand. Impact is also an archer’s friend. A war arrow shot by a hundred pound bow, hurtling at incredible speeds and gaining momentum the further it travels, can evoke serious damage. To be hit by one of these arrows will feel more like being hit by a horse than being hit by someone’s fist. 

An American Werewolf In Japan - Werewolf!McCree x Hanzo / Chapter 4: Turning

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The mission was long and hard. Turns out, Soldier had gotten wind of a hidden Talon base and jumped on the opportunity to check it out. Thing is, is that this base was possibly the so-called central hub for Talon’s notorious operations so he needed a lot of back up. Winston and Reinhardt thus followed up with the statement: Bring everyone there. Soldier agreed: Knowing that Talon can take out anyone of them if not in a huge group, so the whole Overwatch team left for the fight against Talon.

McCree was more accurate than Hanzo and Widowmaker combined due to his heightened reflexes. Deadeye was more accurate, fan of the hammer is more accurate, even stray bullets coming from Peacekeeper were more accurate. A few people noticed but shrugged it off thinking it was just McCree landing good shots today. But Hanzo noticed and kept that on his mind while he aimed for the other snipers unaware of the ninja’s presence.

The fight lasted about three days until Overwatch had to retreat, but not without Winston and Mei wiping Talon’s computers dry, Hanzo and Genji taking out about 90% of the snipers (not including Widowmaker sadly) and everyone else killing and or locking up about 85% of the mercenaries in the base, with McCree taking out the most.

While on the ship Hanzo decided to ask McCree what made him react faster on the field.

“Oh, that? I don know really sweet pea,” Jesse said causing Hanzo to blush at the sudden new nickname. “I guess I just got lucky today or somethin’.”

Hanzo nodded thinking everyone can have days where they aim better than the days before and decided to take this no longer further.

~One Week Later~

Bags of luggage were placed on the porch of the small summer house that belonged to none other than Hanzo Shimada. It was a small, traditional, one room house on the bottom of the hill that held Hanamura. The house had a pond in the back of it with water lilies and pads floating around with multi-color koi fish swimming happily. There was a small garden holding a few foreign vegetables, herbs and roots with a cherry tree behind the river, shading the archery range with a few arrows left inside of the small red circle.
It was a beautiful house on the outside with a lot of beautiful features. Nobody to bother you, barely anyone around, nobody can hear anyone scream.

However, on the inside when Hanzo opened the door, it was just as beautiful if not more beautiful than on the outside.

There was a dark blue couch enough for three people in front of a nice cherry wood coffee table, a matching chair next to the couch with its own smaller cherry wood table next to it. There were lanterns along the ceiling showing the dust that needed to be cleaned. Vases and statues littered the walls and floors, even some shelves on some bookcases filled to the brim with Japanese books. The floors were a very finely polished cherry wood while the walls were a light cream color with art decorating it finely.There were some scrolls here and there, but the main part was the dragon statue next to the front door that greeted everyone. It was blue like Hanzo’s dragons and it was beautifully crafted.

“This is a mighty fine place ya got here,” Jesse said with a smile.

Hanzo hummed in agreement and slipped out of his cybernetic boots.

“Take your boots off please,” Hanzo asked as he walked towards the bedroom.

Jesse followed the orders and quickly followed Hanzo. The bedroom was painted a cobalt blue with cherry wood borders and floors. The bed was about the size of a California King mattress and had dark slate sheets draping over the corners with plush matching pillows at the beginning. Above the bed held a wall mount for a bow and quiver about the size of Hanzo’s bow and quiver. There were paintings and such hung around the room with a few more filled bookcases along with some plants.

Hanzo placed his luggage down and looked back at McCree.

“I have to leave, I will be back late at night. Make yourself at home,” Hanzo said as he walked out of the room.

“Wait,” McCree said as leaned on the door, blocking Hanzo from leaving.
“What is it?”

The two just stared into each other’s eyes, not moving, not blinking, and just barely breathing. The smells of cigar smoke, whiskey, and coffee filled Hanzo’s nose as sake, mint, and a hint of sweet berries filled McCree’s. Slowly, Jesse started to lean down until their foreheads were touching and noses rubbing up against each other with eyes fluttering shut. Their lips brushed up against each other ever so lightly as Jesse’ warm breath warmed Hanzo’s cold lips. The cowboy pressed his lips onto the archer’s as his large hands planted on the archer’s jaw line, pulling him towards the kiss even more. The archer wrapped his hands around Jesse’s neck and tugged on his thick dark brown hair in sheer approval. The two men moaned into the kiss as Jesse pushed Hanzo up against the wall, kissing down the archer’s neck and sucked on his sweet spot while the archer kissed along the cowboy’s forehead and the top of his head.
As the two were about to get even rougher, Hanzo stopped Jesse.

“What’s wrong sweet pea?” Jesse asked.

“I have to attend this meeting. It is very important to Overwatch. I’m sorry but we can pick this up when I return,” he said as he fixed himself.

“I’d like that,” Jesse said as he watched Hanzo leave.

~That Night~

As Jesse was strolling around in the living room, he read -or tried his best to read- the covers of the books lining the bookshelves. He noticed a book with the words that caught his attention almost instantly, they were in in English, perfect for McCree to read. He slid the book out and ran his hand over the dusty leather cover. The Curse Of Lycanthropy. Flipping through the pages, he noticed that the pictures of that monster looked exactly like the monster that bit Jesse and scratched Hanzo. Jesse sat down and decided to read a bit of it.

Chapter One: The Curse

The lycanthrope, also known in some movie cultures as the werewolf or wolfman, is a large monster that terrorizes villages and kingdoms from possibly before the thirteenth century. A lycanthrope is a man that can transform into a hulking beast, capable of the slaughter of possible thousands, by the light of the full moon on its highest peak. You will turn in a tall, muscular, vicious monster with wolf features such as sharp fangs and claws, fur, ears, muzzle, tail, pads, etc.

To become a lycanthrope, you must either be bitten by one on a full moon or you must be born from a family with the curse in its blood. It is possible to turn into a lycanthrope by being cursed by a witch, but this is not as common.

To kill a werewolf, silver must be used and either shot in the heart or stabbed in the heart. Wolfsbane is another option but it will take longer to poison the beast. There are other methods that can be seen in further chapters (see

Chapter 4: Kill The Beast for more details and methods).

There is no cure for this curse.

Jesse was taken back by the words and bit his bottom lip.

“This is fake,” he muttered to himself as he closed the book. “This is all fake, there’s no such thing as werewolves.”

He stood up and took the book in hand, about to turn towards the bookshelf it belonged to until he stopped. His curiosity got the best of his and looked up at the window not far from where he was standing.

‘Full moon,’ Jesse thought as he looked at his watch. ‘10:39.’

Jesse shook his head and growled.

“This is all fake. There’s no such thing as wer-”

A sudden rush of nausea ran over Jesse as his chest started to squeeze tightly. He rubbed the area of his chest and took deep breaths. He shook his head and placed a hand on his head, clutching it at the sudden dizziness. He stumbled over a bit but managed to keep his balance thanks to the help of the coffee table.

Jesse dropped the book on the table, but it opened to a new chapter. He couldn’t help but skim over some of the words.

Chapter 3.1: Becoming The Beast When Bitten

The process of becoming the beast after being cursed is long and rough. This half of Chapter 3 will focus on being cursed from the bite, specifically on the night of your first full moon.

First, you will feel sick as if you had fallen ill. Nausea, dizziness, sweat, mouth foaming with a disgusting taste possibly. But then it will all worsen as the moon rises even higher in the sky. You will fall over, possibly vomit, your skin will feel as if you were set on fire. You will have this feeling like there is something inside of your chest trying to claw its way out, like a rabid and feral wolf. Then the actual process.

It is more painful when you are bitten than inheriting it through bloodlines. The process is long the first time, it will be painful. The first transformation is always intense. Fur will sprout out from your skin, your bones will crack and reform, your face will stretch into a muzzle, your ears will grow, you’ll get bigger, a tail will form from your lower back, your organs and muscles will rip and tear to shape into new forms. It is one of the most agonizing monster transformations that have been recorded.

And just on cue, foam started to bubble up in Jesse’s mouth. It tasted awful like lemons dipped in stomach acid. His chest got tighter as he struggled to breathe. He started panting and groaning in pain. His knees buckled under his weight and he fell to the floor. He started to burn up like he was set on fire. He yelled in pain as he pulled on his clothes, eventually ripping his shirt off as he fell onto his back. His body started thrashing as if he was having a horrible seizure as he felt his organs sloshing around. His bones started cracking and moving around as his muscles tore strand by strand as he slowly got more and more muscular. His pants got tighter and tighter until the seams snapped open and tore to shreds leaving him naked.

He looked down at his prosthetic arm to see it had fallen off when he dropped to the ground, and the other hand was changing. His veins were now painted black as his hand slowly grew longer and longer, his fingers cracking to become longer and longer. The skin around his palm become rough as he watched his tanned skin turn to what almost looked like the pads for a dog’s paw but it almost gave off that human appearance. His nails cracked and chipped upwards from the cuticle as a long and sharp claw came from underneath his original nail. That alone was agonizing as he howled in pain. It only got worse as the rest of his fingernails were replaced by long black claws, capable of ripping skin apart.

And he did that exactly. Something was growing underneath his skin, like ingrown hairs but in large abundance. He could see every single strand of hair through his skin and it made his skin crawl so he tore off that layer. Yep. It was fur. Dark brown, thick yet soft, fur replaced his skin as it started to trailed downwards to his legs and upwards to his face. His voice was turning into an awful symphony of animal snarls and growling as his bones cracked even more. His legs snapped below the knees causing him to yowl in pain. He watched as his boots popped off and his feet turned into large, furry feet almost resembling into wolf paws but a lot bigger and human like.

He needed help. Now. Hanzo was possibly coming home now. He looked up to see his vision fading in and out from normal to multiple shades of red. He saw his phone on the floor a few feet in front of him, it somehow fell out of his pocket without him knowing. He managed to crawl up to his phone and press Hanzo’s number. He cried out as the ringing blasted in his ears, so he dropped his phone to cover his growing ears. 

“Hello Jesse,” Hanzo said. That wasn’t Hanzo’s voice. It sounded like twenty or so disoriented and distorted voices wailing and blaring into poor Jesse’s ears. He couldn’t help but cry out again as his face crunched and grew into a long muzzle, his teeth cracking into long and slender fangs. “Jesse? What’s wrong?! What’s happening?” Hanzo panicked. Jesse roared as his spine cracked and something started protruding out from his lower back where his tailbone is. “Jesse!” Hanzo ordered.

“Help me,” Jesse wheezed out before his mind snapped.

There was a loud roar followed by a spine-chilling howl.

Hanzo quickly sped into the driveway in time to hear a loud crash. Inside, Hanzo saw shreds of Jesse’s clothes, skin, a crack phone, Jesse’s metal arms, and some of Jesse’s blood on the floor with a shattered window behind it all. Jesse’s serape was snagged in one of the protruding shards as Hanzo filled with worry.

He picked up the lone prosthetic and looked through the shattered glass to see dark brown fur left on some of the other shards.

“Jesse?” Hanzo whispered as his grip on the metal arm tightened.


Cosplays from 2015

Since last year my costumes have slowly been getting better, I found myself wanting to wear costumes more than once and not just throwing them in the back of a closet.

Hopefully i’ll be able to re-work and re-wear some of these in the new year as well as continue to get better.

Happy New Year, and happy cosplaying.

(click the photos for more information about the cosplays!)

Steve’s little Sister part 3

You are Steve Roger’s little sister. You grew up with him and Bucky in Brooklyn but after both their deaths in the war you were left alone. Skip forward seventy years and with the help of SHIELD you survived and are now reunited with your brother and best friend. The Avengers, however, don’t know you exist until one day Steve introduces you and things in the tower become very interesting. (eventual BuckyxReader) (post CACW)


Warnings: mentions of character deaths and a bit of reader insecurity but that’s it.

Word Count: 1571 (whoops, got a bit carried away)

Title: Steve’s little Sister (part 3)

Notes: Part 3 is here. I’m so glad you’re all liking this, I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it! I wish Bucky would dance with me, wouldn’t that be amazing…

Steve’s little Sister Masterlist

Part 2 | Part 4

The rest of the evening went smoothly. Stark avoided you as much as he could but you didn’t mind. With Steve and Bucky’s help you were introduced to the rest of the team along with some other officials Tony had invited. Clint welcomed you with open arms and introduced himself as the “lazy, hearing impaired archer.” Thor wrapped you in a hug, a massive bear hug which crushed you, and spun you around. “It is wonderful to meet a friend of Steve and James’. Any friend of theirs is a friend of mine” he cried out triumphantly and you couldn’t help but smile happily at the god. When he pulled out his flask of asgardian liquor Steve quickly pulled you away to meet some of the others.

Bruce was polite but shy and gave you a firm handshake which contrasted greatly to his demeanor and hinted at the Hulk within. Vision greeted you nicely but once he had scanned you (as he does everyone upon first introduction in case of threats or possible diseases) he became clearly confused at who you were. Colonel Rhodes greeted you politely but warmed up to you quickly when you laughed at his “boom, you looking for this?” story. Scott Lang also gave you a hug and a quick pat on the back clearly fidgeting under the watchful gaze of the two super soldiers behind you. IN addition, Steve also tried to introduce you to Pietro but the speedster wasn’t one for sitting still and Steve couldn’t gain his attention. (add anyone I’ve forgotten)

You fitted in quite well and everyone was greatly impressed when you remembered their names. Every time someone asked you how you knew Steve and Bucky you replied with a simple, “we’ve known each other a while,” and quickly moved the conversation on. Natasha insisted that you came out onto the floor and danced but you declined politely saying that you didn’t like to dance. That was an utter lie of course, you loved to dance back in the forties, but recently you’d never had the chance and struggled to decipher the dance moves that were popular in this new day and age.

Eventually giving up she and a few others moved out onto the floor, leaving just you Steve and Sam. You all eventually shifted over to the pool table and began playing a few rounds. Occasionally your gaze would wander out onto the floor and you would spot Bucky dancing with his new accessory. Each time you did, Steve would clear his throat and draw your attention back to the game. After a few rounds of pool (in which you and Steve thrashed Sam, making him very unhappy), a familiar song came on the speakers.

Your face lit up when you heard the song from you childhood and closed your eyes losing yourself in the memories the music brought back. You opened your eyes to see a similar predicament playing out on your brother’s face. You both smiled at each other but quickly Steve’s smile dropped and a guilty look plagued his face.

Worried you stepped closer to him and placed your arm on his forearm, “Stevie? What’s wrong?” you questioned.

“I’m sorry, y/n/n. I’m so sorry. I know you want to dance, I just…” Steve released a large sigh, his shoulders falling and you pulled Steve into a hug.

“Hey, it’s alright. I don’t care Steve. Sharing this moment with my brother is enough.” You answered and Steve could see the sincerity in your eyes but he could also see the sadness. He smiled at you weakly and you smiled back. You were both aware of the looks the team was giving you but neither of you pulled away from the hug.

You and Steve only stepped back when someone behind you cleared their throat. Just as you turned you saw Steve break out into a huge smile which confused you greatly. Then you saw Bucky. He was standing beside you, bowed at the waist with a single hand extended towards you. He was grinning at you with his signature smile that made your heart melt.

“Will you do the honour of dancing with me, doll?” he asked, his eyes never wavering from yours.

Doll. Doll. God what that word did to you. It made you go weak at the knees and made your heart skyrocket. You were the only one that Bucky called doll, every other dame he called darling or sweetheart but you were doll. You knew it meant nothing, but hey, dare to dream right.

Steve gave you a slight nudge and you realised you were still staring at Bucky. You broke out into a smile and took Bucky’s hand. “I’d love too,” you finally answered, reveling in how his face lit up at your answer. Bucky lead you out onto the basically empty floor (not many knew how to dance to 40s music) and you glanced back at Steve who gave you a not so subtle thumbs up.

On the floor Bucky pulled you to him and you danced like you hadn’t in awhile. You both moved around the floor with ease. After a little bit Bucky started spinning you just like he would have back when you were kids. He threw you over his shoulder, slid you along the floor and pulled you back up. The dance was fast and reminded you of how he used to dance with you before. You couldn’t help but look for the brunette Bucky brought with him and you found her sulking in a corner sending you death stares. The music ended and you and Bucky slowed down to a stop, neither of you wanting to take your eyes off each other. Eventually you pulled apart and looked around to see the dance floor empty and all eyes on the two of you.

Insecurity kicking in, you looked down and felt a blush staining your cheeks. Bucky rubbed your arm trying to comfort you but you were both shocked when the entire room burst into applause. You couldn’t help but smile as you sheepishly looked up at Bucky. It seemed that everyone was impressed at how well you and Bucky danced together.

The rest of the evening was uneventful in comparison to the dance and you spent it alongside Steve and Bucky. You happily noted that Bucky had dropped the brunette and instead chose to spend time with you and Steve. Faster than you thought it would the night came to a close and you found yourself sitting on an arm chair lounging with the team. Steve was sitting on the arm rest and Bucky was sitting on the floor by your feet, both giving you silent support for the conversation you all knew was coming,

“So,” drawled Natasha as she sipped on her drink, “how is it exactly that you know Steve and Bucky?”

“And on that note,” piped up Clint who twirled a drum stick in your direction, “how’d you learn to dance like that.”

Taking a deep breath you looked up at Steve who placed his hand on your forearm. He smiled at you reassuringly and you turned to face the team again.

“My name is y/n Sarah Rogers. I was born in the year 1921 on the 8th of September. I’m Steve’s little sister.”

You paused, allowing your statement to kick in. Looks of shock and confusion were worn by most and eyes were flickering between you and Steve. Knowing that you’d paused long enough, you continued your story.

“We grew up together in Brooklyn, the three of us were inseparable. Steve would get into fights he couldn’t handle, Bucky would finish the guys off and I’d patch them both up. That worked well until Bucky was drafted and Steve signed up for the war. They left me alone but I managed. Working three jobs to pay our rent kept me busy from worrying about them too much but when I heard they’d both been killed, well. I lost my motivation to keep going.”

You paused again, deep in thought. A sorrowful look was painted on your face and you absentmindedly played with the hem of your dress. It was clear to the team these memories were painful for you and so they waited for you to continue. So lost in thought, you didn’t notice the looks of absolute guilt plastered across both Steve and Bucky’s face.

“When I opened my door one morning to find Peggy Carter and Howard Stark they offered me a chance, a reason to keep going and I took it. The injected me with almost all of the blood they had taken from Steve and because our DNA is so close, the serum took to me as well. I look about the same as I did back then but it heightened my senses and slowed my ageing. At Howard’s death fears of HYDRA still existing spread and I was placed in cryo freeze. At the fall of SHIELD my storage container was lost. Nick Fury only found me recently otherwise I would have been here the moment I found out my brother was alive.”

You nodded, having finished your story and looked around at the wide eyes all looking at you.

“That’s how you knew my father,” Tony stated in breathy whisper his face in complete shock.

“yes,” you answered softly, “that’s how I knew Howard.”

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Owen wanted to spend any time he could with them before their flight out. They sat for a while, chatting about different things, getting to know each other better. When Sophie had arrived home from school, she’d dropped her bag excitedly & ran into the living room. Archer! Wrapping her arms around his neck as tight as she could, she nearly choked her oldest brother. For a few minutes she sat in his lap, his strong arms around her small frame, before settling into a spot on the soft rug. The two had always had a strong connection & she had missed her brother terribly while he was away.

You look like the bad guys in the movies, the child mused. 

Sophie, Owen hissed sternly. Apologize.

No, it’s fine. I get that all the time, Tobias shrugged, leaning closer to the young girl. I have no clue why. I do know that some people think I’m… “dramatic.” He rolled his eyes playfully, making air quotes with his fingers & earning a laugh from both Sophie & Archer. 

Sorry, Archer snorted. Sometimes Tobias was the coolest, most confident person he knew. Other times? Dramatic didn’t even begin to cover it. At the same time, his heart did flips as he watched his husband with his sister. He couldn’t help but picture Tobias in the future, with their own children. 

Owen kicked his son in the foot. You’re one to laugh, he teased. Archer had always taken after him in so many ways. His own mother pointed out that he was only having to go through what she went through, expect she had identical twins both fighting for attention. 

Turning towards his new son in law, Owen nodded. Sounds like you’ll fit right in here, Tobias. We do dramatic well in this family.

They expect him to break.

He can see it in their eyes, in the shift in weight, the subtle lean forward as they shuffle and sway towards him.

She is gone, with a smile and a touch that lasted forever, a lifetime lived in the space between heartbeats, before the fear and the pain and the blinding light that scorched the spot where she’d stood.


Her mother’s face is wet with tears, her father’s voice is gone. Yet they look to him and he can see that they are waiting for him to crumble and fall. Hands twitch and he knows they would catch him before he hit the ground.

The queen lets loose a tirade of profanity that would make the roughest of sailors blush, cursing villains and authors until she collapses with the words, “Not like this, I never wanted it like this,” and the archer wraps his arms around her and they both look to him.

She saved them, saved them all, sacrificed her own happiness for theirs.

And now she is gone.

The place in his chest aches, the spot on his cheek where she last touched him burns, and they are all waiting, wary and tense, anticipating the rage and the fire and the vengeance he will wreak in her name.

They expect him to break.


The word falls from his lips and he feels it settle on his shoulders, the weight he will bear, the burden he will carry, it will bow him, it will bend him, but he will weather this storm.

They all look to him and he stands over the spot where she last stood.

“She’s out there, somewhere. We will find her.”

A villain can be a hero, Emma taught him that. Happy endings may be lost, but they can also be found. As long as you still had one thing.


She was gone, but she’d left that behind and he felt it curl around the heart she’d once held in her hands.

He will not break.

Someday My Prince Will Come

Someday My Prince Will Come

Request:I found you through the Drabble game, and I was wondering if you could do a 7 with Bucky?

7:   “I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader   

You downed another shot of whiskey as you stared lasers into the back of the man you loved dancing with another girl.  Jealousy painfully sat in your stomach when she started laughing at something he said, bitterly thinking it should be you in his arms, not her.  But when the time came to ask Bucky to Tony’s party, you chickened out, leaving yourself dateless and with an aching heart.  

“If you keep staring, you may actually burn lasers into his back.”  You didn’t even notice Clint sitting down at the bar next to you, practically jumping a foot.  “God Clint, don’t scare me like that!”  Laughing, you put a hand over your chest, trying to mask your anguish.   Clint leaned against the bar, both of you staring out into the crowd of people on the dance floor.

“Looks like the fossil is having fun, for once”  Chuckling, you lifted your glass to your lips, hoping the alcohol would numb the pain.  The archer looked over towards you, a playful look shaping his face.  “But I think he’s with the wrong girl.”  You nearly choked on your drink when his words came out, Clint doubling over howling with laughter at your reaction.  “I have no clue what you’re talking about, old man.”  You huffed, hoping the old man would drop the topic.

“Oh c’mon, we’ve all seen the way you look at him, like he’s your prince charming.”  Rolling your eyes with a smirk, you looked over your shoulder.  “Well, this princess doesn’t need a prince.  I’m fine without him, better even. “  Your own heart betrayed you, thudding painfully at your lie.  Clint’s mask of silliness had washed away, replaced by a small melancholy smile.  

“There’s nothing wrong with being in love, Y/N.” The archer took your hands in his as he saw your cold demeanor crack.  Tears streamed down your face, probably ruining Natasha’s hard work.  “I hope one day,” Clint whispered, rubbing comforting little circles onto your knuckles,”…you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.”  You could only nod tearfully, too scared that if you opened your mouth, you wouldn’t stop sobbing. The archer wrapped his arms around your shaking form, while you silently sobbed into his shoulder.  “You’ll get a happy ending,”  He promised, watching how Bucky stared at the two of you, guilt and jealousy dulling his eyes.  “…soon.”  

16 Series That You Probably Aren’t Watching, But Should

Fargo - For those who appreciate crime dramas with a darker bent, FX’s well-crafted series based on the movie of the same name is worth a long look. The tone of the series is similar to that of the film, but the show has separated itself with more plot and terrific acting, especially Billy Bob Thornton, who is turning his Lorne Malvo into one of the most memorable characters of the year. The series also features Martin Freeman (of “The Hobbit” and “Sherlock” fame), Allison Tolman and Colin Hanks. Really, the entire cast is great.

Louie - Straight and (mostly) unfiltered from the mind of Louis C.K., this half hour comedy on FX follows the comedian as he plays an especially schlubby version of himself. (Or maybe that’s the real Louis C.K.) The closest comparison I can think of is Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” though Louis has a different brand of humor. The fourth season debuted this month. I have to say — I’m jealous of anyone who hasn’t yet started to binge-watch this show.

Justified - Based on a story by Elmore Leonard, who is one of my favorite authors, and starring Tim Olyphant, who was excellent in “Deadwood,” it’s no surprise that this FX show is near and dear to my heart. Olyphant plays Raylan Givens, a smooth-talking U.S. Marshal based near his hometown of Harlan. He has a complicated relationship with an old friend, Boyd Crowder (played brilliantly by Walton Goggins), which drives the show. It has been renewed for a sixth and final season.

The Americans - Yet another quality show airing on FX, this is a period drama set during the Reagan-era Cold War. It follows two Russian spies living in America and the FBI agent who is trying to stop them. It’s not always clear who you’re supposed to be rooting for, as there are plenty of flaws and misdeeds to go around.

Sherlock - Haven’t yet checked out this BBC import starting Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as a modern day Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson? What are you waiting for?

The Newsroom - People seem to either love or hate this Aaron Sorkin-led series, though if you liked The West Wing, it’s worth checking out.

Hannibal - Just renewed for its third season (on NBC), the series is a prequel of sorts to “Silence of the Lambs,” starring Hannibal Lecter as an as-yet discovered cannibal with a penchant for hosting dinner parties. Warning: this is not for the faint of heart — the imagery and violence is extremely graphic.

Sleepy Hollow - This series is so crazy that it actually works. Ichabod Crane comes back to life in modern day Sleepy Hollow, and with the help of a spunky local police detective, he has to save the world. It has sort of an “X-Files” vibe to it, only with more headless horsemen.

Treme - This HBO series just called it a wrap after four seasons. From David Simon, the creator of “The Wire,” it’s set in the colorful and vibrant Treme district in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It isn’t a crime drama per say, though there is crime and there is drama. There are a lot of laughs and tears as well.

Ray Donovan - The titular character (played by Liev Schreiber) is something of a fixer for a Los Angeles law firm. He’s an anti-hero with a good heart and a family that can’t seem to stay out of trouble. The second season begins soon on Showtime.

Orphan Black - This Canadian import is in its second season and airs on BBC America. It follows a ne’er-do-well who discovers that she’s a clone. Tatiana Maslany is a revelation in the lead role(s) — it’s amazing how she’s able to make each one of her multiple characters so distinct. I gave up on the series midway through the first season — too much to watch at the time — but picked it back up and I’m glad I did.

Broad City - The first season just wrapped up on Comedy Central. It stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson and credits Amy Poehler as an executive producer. This series follows Ilana and Abbi as they live (and sometimes work) in the Big Apple — it’s sort of a more outrageous version of “Girls,” but funnier. Jacobson has comedy chops in her own right, but she generally plays it mostly straight (or is it sane?), while Glazer’s hijinks get the girls into all sorts of strange situations. One of my favorite comedians — Hannibal Buress — is a series regular.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Airing on FXX, this series has been aptly described as “Friends” on crack. The first season is a bit uneven, but the series really hits its stride once Danny DeVito joins the cast. I still think that the the final episode in the fourth season — “The Nightman Cometh” — is one of the funniest half hours I’ve ever seen.

Veep - This hilarious HBO series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Vice President Selina Meyer is in the midst of its third season. The writing is sharp and the ensemble cast is terrific.

Archer - Just wrapping up its 5th season on FX, this crass (but witty) animated series follows the antics of a spy organization. The recent season (“Archer Vice”) was perhaps its best yet.

Rectify - The second season of this Southern Gothic begins in June on SundanceTV. It follows an ex-con who was released on DNA evidence after being convicted of the rape and murder of his then 16-year-old girlfriend. It has a deliberate pace, but it’s a well-crafted show.

A few more recommendations: Banshee, Bates Motel, Borgen, Luther and Masters of Sex

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Leokumi drabble about Takumi's nightmares.

FB: 2
Face: 1
Hair: 6
Hair Color: 27
Hair Clip: 2
FF: 6


The burning pain of being sliced open with the once broken divine blade, Yato. The tear streaked face of a sibling he once called traitor, and the peace of darkness that washed over him.

Takumi bolted upright in his bed, brown eyes wide and unfocused as he looked around the room in rapid flicks. The second born prince breathed out a sigh of relief upon remembering where he was. Earlier that day, the Hoshidian royal family had chosen to visit their Nohrian counterparts by request, more by plead, of Pura. Ryoma and the others had only planned to stay a few hours, but a sudden and violent rainstorm had stopped that plan cold. Takumi pushed back the covers, there was no way he was going back to sleep after a nightmare like that.

‘This one felt too real…’ He thought as he left his room and made bare footed tracks towards the only one in Nohr that understood him best.

A single knock on Prince Leo’s door drove out a simple tired sounding response “Yes?”

“Prince Leo? May I come in?”

“You may. The door is unlocked.”

Upon opening the door, Takumi was greeted by a bed head and drowsy eyed Leo.

“I apologize for waking you up so early.”

Leo waved him off “There’s only one reason as to why you’d be up at this time of night.” he patted the spot next to him “C'mon.”

Hesitantly, Takumi settled himself in the bed with Leo. The two lay facing one another; yet neither of them spoke. Suddenly, Leo wrapped his arms around Takumi’s waist and brought their bodies closer; the silver haired archer flinched before wrapping his arms around his bed mate.

“You want to talk about it?” Leo mumbled into the crook of Takumi’s neck.

The prince fought down a shiver “Not really.”

Leo grunted in acknowledgement and tighten his hold. Takumi buried his face into the blond’s shoulder and closed his eyes as Leo’s quiet breathing lulled him into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning arrived with a worried Sakura and a calm Pura searching for Takumi.

“D-do you think he left?” Sakura stammered as they neared Leo’s room.

“Nonsense. What would be the reason for leaving in the dead of night?” The ruby eyed princess knocked lightly on her brother’s door “Leo?” She open the door “Have you seen…” She trailed off with a smile on her face “Nevermind.”

“Is something wrong?”

“No.” Pura lead her little sister away “Takumi’s fine and he’ll join us whenever they wake up.”


On the bed, Leo and Takumi slept soundly, limbs tangled around one another, bodies pressed up against the other. On the archer’s face sat a content smile.

“Please don’t leave” & “I promise.”

I’ve had a couple of prompts for both so here goes…

It was getting late when he’d finally managed to convince her (with the help of her son and thank god for that boy) that a few hours of restful sleep would do them so much better than endless exhaustive hours poring over books with heavy, tired eyes. She’d relented only begrudgingly, straightening herself up and wincing at the discomfort in her lower back that came with spending hours bent over countless spell books spread haphazardly across her desk, rubbing her palms over her face before walking over to Henry, still sitting upon the sofa watching her in concern, and lowering herself into a crouch in order to look at him properly. It was a mere head tilt, as her eyes studied his face that had him falling forward and into her ready embrace. She swayed a little on her feet with the added weight of him but managed to throw a hand out behind her to catch her balance and keep him snug against her with her other arm, pushing up to hold him fully against her as he cried the tears he hadn’t allowed himself to.

She wished he were Roland’s age again, so very small, innocent and completely oblivious to the heartache of reality, that she could wash his pain down and away with a simple forgetting potion but the time had long since gone for those types of things. Her boy was becoming a man before her very eyes, so grown up and long before his time and it was something she would never forgive herself for. Regret was something she never felt when it came to Henry’s adoption for a life in the foster system was not one she would have wanted her boy to have experienced, not by a long shot but it was her own past and the long line of enemies that came with it that she regretted with all of her battered heart. “I’m sorry,” she whispered heavily into his hair, her own tears soaking the strands as he shook his head against her, his forehead shifting against the crook of her neck.

“It’s not your fault Mom,” he told her, his voice breaking in his sorrow as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders tighter, holding them both together as they simply cried.

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